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Chapter 1374: Magnetic Field DisturbancesTranslator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Zhuo Yun checked the text message and forwarded the picture received from Huo Yao to his subordinate, instructing him to buy the Chinese herbs.

His boss was undoubtedly important, but his future wife was equally important.

After taking care of Huo Yaos request, Zhuo Yun pulled up an empty chair and sat down.

He looked at the screen in front of him, monitoring the GPS tracker as he tried to test the signal every now and then.

Time passed second by second until two hours had gone by.

The GPS tracker slowly approached their encampment.

It was completely dark outside.


Zhuo Yuns mike had been silent all this time, but he could suddenly hear a connection.

Zhuo Yun promptly looked relieved.

He stood up from the seat in an instant.

He kept tapping on his mike as he walked out of the encampment and told some of his men to follow him with torches.

They quickly walked up to the edge of the primeval forest.

When they got to a previously marked spot, they halted without daring to go further.

After waiting for a few minutes, Zhuo Yuns mike finally made a connection.

He hurriedly asked.

“Boss, are you nearly out Im already waiting for you at the exit.”

“Uh huh,” acknowledged a deep, husky voice.

Zhuo Yun heaved a sigh of relief after hearing back from Min Yu.

He stopped talking and waited quietly at the marked spot.

Before long, a few people quickly walked out of the forest.

Min Yu was at the lead and his imposing aura could be sensed even in the dark.

Yang Yi along with three other men followed behind him.

Each of Min Yus men was carrying someone on their backs.

It was none other than the members of the archaeological expedition team.

Zhuo Yun promptly went over.

He glanced at the man Yang Yi was carrying on his back before noticing that Prof Min had passed out.

He asked worriedly.

“Is Prof Min hurt”

“Uh huh.” Min Yu narrowed his eyes.

“We have to get back soon.”

Zhuo Yun nodded and told his men to help carry the members of the archaeological expedition.

Since the members of the expedition team were badly injured, they wasted no time and quickly went to the airplane landing strip.

Before long, the plane headed for the capital.


After getting on the flight, Zhuo Yun went to check on the archaeological expedition teams injuries.

When Zhuo Yun was done, he went over to the cabin in front and looked at Min Yu, who was leaning against the couch.

“Boss, are you hurt”

Min Yu raised his hand and waved.

He had been out searching for the archaeological expedition team for over ten hours since yesterday, so he looked exhausted.

Zhuo Yun parted his lips.

He wanted to find out more about what happened in the forest.

He was puzzled about the archaeological expedition teams severe injuries.

The moment he caught the look on his bosss face, he went quiet.

He opened the door gently and went to the rest area in the cabin behind.

“Where did you find them anyway Why are they in such bad shape” Zhuo Yun walked up beside Yang Yi, who was busy attending to his own wounds.

Yang Yi tore the gauze down to size and wrapped it around his wrist.

He had suffered severe abrasion on it.

He bandaged the wound tightly with a calm look on his face as though it did not hurt at all.

He finally replied.

“We found them in a cave on a cliff.”

Zhuo Yun looked at him knowingly.

No wonder the archaeological expedition team had suffered from a lot of cuts and falls.

He paused before he continued.

“How was the situation there We used the most advanced communication systems, and even had our own cell tower.

Then, why did we lose the signal the moment you entered the forest”

Yang Yi also found it to be inconceivable.

“It was hard to find our direction while we were in there.

It was no different from a virgin forest.

As for the signal connectivity problems, there were probably some magnetic field disturbances in there.”

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