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Victoria was a woman too.

She knew that since Hailey had agreed to check into a hotel with him, it was impossible for them to have not done anything intimate.


Victoria was apprehensive about the rumors that were being spread around now.


Hailey, who had a guilty conscience, said diffidently, “Of… of course!”


Victoria said with disdain, “It better be the case.

If Jordan finds out that youve lied to him, you will not only lose him again, even Hailey Residences, the real estate project thats named after you, will be scrapped!”




Hailey was livid, but her guilty conscience deprived her of the guts to retort loudly.


Hailey panted heavily in exasperation and pointed at Victoria.

“Victoria Clarke! Youd better not provoke me! Dont forget, you still owe me a slap!”


Hailey was a very vindictive person.

After Victoria slapped her in the underground parking lot the other day, she cried for a long time.


Victoria sneered and said, “You should thank me for slapping you at that time.

Think about how offensive your words were!”


“You said that you didnt discipline Jordan well in the past three years even though youve been making him kneel down to wash your feet every single day.

If I hadnt slapped you then, God knows what nastier things you would have said!”


Victoria genuinely meant what she said.


Although Jordan and Hailey were now in a seemingly loving marriage, it didnt mean that those things in the past had never happened.


Perhaps, Jordan might recall them when they get into arguments in the future.


Hailey didnt say anything else because she realized that she couldnt outargue Victoria!


Hence, Hailey walked out of the office, and before she left, she said, “I like this office very much.

Please move somewhere else, Miss Clarke!”




Victoria was furious.

She cursed in her head,A vile wench like you will never be able to conceive Jordans child!



Fifteen days later, in Rose Garden Villa.


It was past nine in the morning, and Hailey finally woke up slowly.


Hailey had been waking up after 9 am the past few days, perhaps because she was exhausted from trying to get pregnant or because she didnt want to go to work anymore since she was now married to the president of Ace Corporation.

Hence, she slept in and woke up whenever she wished to.


Hailey then used yet another pregnancy test kit, a routine she had gotten used to.


Hailey suddenly exclaimed in joy.


“Ah! Mom! Im pregnant!”


Hailey ran downstairs excitedly, knowing that her mother would come over every morning to prepare breakfast for her and Jordan.


“Whats wrong, my dear daughter What happened”


Hearing Haileys exclamation, Sylvie was quite worried at first.


Hailey showed the test kit to Sylvie.

“There are two lines.

Doesnt that mean that Im pregnant”


Sylvie, who had been in her position before, was pleasantly surprised.

“Yes, yes, yes, its positive.

Hailey, youre finally pregnant with Jordans child!”


Hailey hugged Sylvie in exhilaration and exclaimed, “Haha, once I give birth to the baby, Jordans grandfather will definitely approve of me!”


Sylvie chuckled and said, “Thats for sure! Who knows The Steeles assets might all end up belonging to my grandchild! Hailey, call Jordan right now but dont tell him youre pregnant yet.

Ask him to meet us at your grandmothers place for dinner tonight.

Well break the news to him during dinner.”


“Okay!” Hailey immediately dialed Jordans phone number.


However, Jordan was in a conference at the office, so he didnt pick up.


Hailey had long expected that, so she decided to text him.

“Hubby, come over to Grandmas for dinner tonight! I have a surprise for you!”


Afterward, Hailey called Rachel to inform her of the good news.


“Hello, Rachel, where are you”


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