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Jordan felt very awkward.

The people around him were all his closest subordinates!

Emily was Jordans wifes younger sister.

How could Jordan do this kind of thing with her in front of his subordinates! As the boss, he had to preserve a righteous image and dignity.

Only then could he make his subordinates admire him and follow him loyally!

However, the others were very tactful.

When they saw this scene, they immediately turned around and sat quietly, not looking in their direction.

But given that the seats on the plane were so close, even if the others didnt look, it would still be very awkward.

Some people even whispered.

“Why dont we parachute down from here”

In order to give their master some privacy, their subordinates were going to try all means.

Another person whispered back.

“Lets take some sleeping pills.

Everyone, quickly take some sleeping pills.”

As soldiers who carried out missions all year round and as a subordinate of a Deity Jordan, they naturally had all kinds of drugs with them.

However, the sleeping pills were usually for enemies.

This was the first time they would consume it themselves.

“How many sleeping pills should we take Is half an hour enough” Someone asked softly.

“Are you an idiot or are you insulting our master! How is half an hour enough! Take enough for two hours!”

This was an ordinary commercial plane.

Going by standard travel times, it would take about three hours to reach the capital.

If it was the Steele family plane, they would have arrived in less than an hour.

Everyone took out their sleeping pills and prepared to put them in their mouths.

When Jordan saw this, he hurriedly pushed Emily away and shouted at his subordinates, “Hey, what are you doing Dont take it!”

Jordans subordinates were usually very obedient but they were now “rebelling”.

They decisively put the sleeping pills into their mouths.

Soon, everyone closed their eyes and fell asleep in their seats.

Emily was surprised to see this.

“Jordan, what happened to them Did they commit suicide”

Jordan explained, “They took sleeping pills and will sleep for two hours before waking up.”

Emily smiled sweetly.

“Hehe, your subordinates are so smart.

They are doing this to not disturb us.

Dont tell me they often encounter such situations” She teased Jordan.

Jordan immediately said, “What nonsense are you spouting Im not a playboy like Jamie.

Emily, you… must control yourself.”

Emily looked at him innocently and begged.

“This is the last time, okay”


Jordan sighed.

Emily was so impetuous!

The last time was in the Buick GL8.

This time, it was on a plane!

Why was she so obsessed with transportation!

Two hours later.

On the plane, not only were the subordinates who had taken the pills sleeping, but Jordan and Emily had also fallen asleep.

Emily was leaning on Jordans shoulder.

When Jordan looked at her side profile, he realized that she looked very much like Victoria.

He gradually fell asleep as he thought about this.

Jordan dreamed of Victoria again!

To be honest, ever since Jordan dreamed of Victoria being shot, he had instinctively been afraid of dreaming.

He was especially afraid of dreams with Victoria inside.

Whenever Victoria appeared in his dreams, he would immediately wake up.

But now, he had slowly accepted Victorias situation and knew how to save her.

In addition, Jordan and Emily slept together just now, so he was more relaxed.

As a result, Jordan was less stressed in this dream.

It must be said that Emily could indeed make Jordan happy and relaxed.

This was something that Victoria could not do.

Although Victoria was peerlessly beautiful, ever since the two of them met, her aura as a female CEO, her complicated connections, and her distinguished suitors had given Jordan a lot of pressure.

Jordan dreamed of Victoria again!

Victoria was still as beautiful as ever, but she didnt look very happy.

She seemed a little impatient, anxious and helpless.

She looked like she wanted to vent some of her emotions.

In the dream, Jordan felt her walking toward him step by step, as if she wanted his comfort.

However, Jordan did not pull her into his arms.

Instead, he slapped her!


This sudden slap woke Jordan from his sleep.

“Master, youre awake!”

After Jordan opened his eyes, his subordinate, who had also just woken up, greeted him.

Jordan took a deep breath and glanced at Emily, who was still sleeping on his shoulder.

He recalled his dream.

Jorda was a Deity.

He was different from ordinary people.

His dreams were predictions.

They would become reality!

Jordan was puzzled.

“Victoria woke up I saved her Or was the dream showing an interaction I had with her after I traveled back in time”

Just now, Jordan dreamed that Victoria had appeared in front of him, alive and kicking.

This did not mean that Victoria would be saved.

It was also possible that the scene was from when Jordan traveled back in time and interacted with Victoria from the past.

“But be it in the past or the future, I will never hit Victoria! From Victorias expression at that time, she looked very helpless and needed my comfort.

But why did I push her away and reject her

“Its fine if I pushed her away and rejected her, but why did I slap her How could I slap Victoria! I would never slap Victoria!”

Jordan felt that his dream was too ridiculous.

He loved Victoria so much that he couldnt wait to dote on her.

How could he hit her!

At this moment, a subordinate walked over with Rong Bingshao.

Rong Bingshao looked completely different from how he was two hours ago.

His face was covered in tears and snot.

It seemed like this little kid had cried a lot during that period.

The subordinate said, “Master, Rong Bingshao has already been fully repaired.

No one will be able to tell.”

Jordan nodded.

Rong Bingshao was so angry that he shouted at Jordan, “Jordan, I curse your ancestors! I will definitely repay you tenfold or even a hundredfold for what you did to me!”

Rong Bingshao had been cursing Jordan the entire time, even before he saw him again.

His voice was already hoarse.

Seeing Jordan and Emilys furtive behavior with each other and their messy clothes, he was shocked.

“B*stard! What happened between you and Emily! Shes my girlfriend.

How dare you touch my woman!”

Jordan slapped him.

“Rascal, youre still too young to play with me! Didnt you want to be a hero in America Didnt you want to contribute to our scientific cause Alright, Ill fulfill your wish.

When we get off the plane later, produce an artificial intelligence system like your late Dr.


Do you hear me”


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