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Rong Bingshao felt extremely aggrieved!

He had been humiliated by Jordan, but he couldnt say anything to his fans and the media.

Tell the truth

No one would believe him!

With the publics understanding of current medical technology, it was impossible for them to believe that Rong Bingshao could recover so perfectly.

In addition, how could Rong Bingshao publicly admit such a humiliating incident

As such, he could only suffer in silence.

Only then did Rong Bingshao realize how terrifying Jordan was.

Even if he had the upper hand and used his identity as Canine Steele to restrain Jordan, the latter would still find a way to torture him!

He was indeed a Deity!

Rong Bingshao said, “Dr.

T represents the highest level of artificial intelligence.

The US doesnt deserve it! I will never help you build it!”

Jordan smiled.

“If you cant win this competition, you will no longer be an American hero.

The people of America will no longer love you so much.

When that time comes, it will be easy for me to kill you!”


Rong Bingshao was furious.

So this was Jordans plan.

He was forcing Rong Bingshao to maintain his image as a hero!

“Hmph, Ill definitely find a way to satisfy both sides!”

After another hour, Rong Bingshao and Emily walked out of the airport exit together.

This time, Rong Bingshao did not hold Emilys hand.

Firstly, he was a little afraid after being tortured by Jordan.

Secondly, Rong Bingshao felt that Emily was dirty!

Faced with a group of fanatical fans, Rong Bingshao forced a smile and didnt tell anyone what had happened on the plane.

There was no way to prove such a thing.

He would only embarrass himself.

Soon, with everyone sending them off, the two of them got into a Mercedes-Benz V260.

In the car, Rong Bingshao looked at Emily in disgust.

“You b*tch, you agreed to be my girlfriend in front of so many of my fans, only to turn around and sleep with Jordan! After Im done with this competition, Ill teach you a lesson that very night! By then, even your dear Jordan wont be able to save you!”

As long as Rong Bingshao could help America win, he could spend the night with Emily as his official girlfriend.

By then, even if Jordan wanted to stop him, he couldnt as that would be going against everyone.

Emily was no longer afraid of Rong Bingshao.

She chuckled.

“Canine, youve just suffered a serious injury.

You should rest more.

Dont mess around.

Safety first!”

Rong Bingshao could tell that Emilys words were filled with mockery and disdain!

“You… you dare to look down on me!”

Rong Bingshao was so angry that he wanted to hit her!

At that moment, Rong Bingshao felt an unprecedented wave of humiliation.

He couldnt refute it because Emily was right!

Back in the science laboratory, Rong Bingshao received a call from Rong Huangde.

“Child, I heard about the 20-Nation competition.

Artificial intelligence technology will play a critical role in the future.

Whoever holds the most advanced artificial intelligence technology will be the strongest in the future.

Remember, you cant give all the technology to America.

You cant let them get first place.

Otherwise, we wont be able to answer to China.”

“Grandpa, dont worry.

Im not that stupid.

I wont tell them everything.

Ill only tell them a portion so that they can get into the top three,” said Rong Bingshao.

Rong Huangde asked, “But if you dont give them everything, will they suspect your loyalty”

Rong Bingshao smiled.

“Artificial intelligence isnt the only technology theyre interested in.

I wont be idle during this period of time.

Ill keep providing them with new technologies in other fields, but also only in parts.

This way, they wont suspect me and cant raise any objections, hehe.”

The next day.

Jordan had once again dreamed of slapping Victoria.

When a dream repeatedly appeared, Jordan knew that this scene would soon become reality.

“Oh my god, I really hit Victoria… why”

Jordan really couldnt think of any reason why he would hit her.

He wanted to know the reason, so he continued to use his prediction ability.

However, instead of predicting something related to Victoria, he predicted something else.

In the vision, poisonous gas was spreading and everyone covered their mouths, ears and noses.

Even so, they were still in extreme pain as they fell to the ground.

“Its poisonous gas! It must be released by that b*stard, Rong Bingshao!”

Nevertheless, there was a continuous drizzle of rain and the people on the ground gradually regained their strength and stood up.

After opening his eyes, Jordan carefully analyzed his vision.

“Rong Bingshao must have released that poisonous gas from anger and become a traitor!”

Jordan already had a detailed plan for what to do next.

He knew that Rong Bingshao would definitely not provide all of the technology for the 20-Nation artificial intelligence competition.

He might only bring out enough for the US to get into the top three.

Although the public would not be satisfied with this result, they would still accept it and believe that there would be future opportunities for improvement.

However, Jordan had already developed an advanced artificial intelligence system.

Jordan had already informed Yule that he would send “Little Steele” to participate in the competition.

Little Steele would definitely be the champion.

This was because its functions were even more powerful than “Dr.


After Little Steele won the championship, all the credit would go to Rong Bingshao.

Jordan wanted him to become an American hero.

Following that, Jordan would expose Rong Bingshaos identity and tell the world that he was actually a Chinese citizen!

At that time, Rong Bingshao would be termed a traitor by China!

“The poisonous gas must have been released in the US after Rong Bingshao was scolded by his fellow Chinese countrymen.

However, the rain in the sky seems to have the effect of purifying the poisonous gas…”

Jordan thought for a moment.

Jordan had come up with the concept of cleansing the air with rain just a few months ago!

For example, the Rong and Geng families weather weapons were mainly offensive.

For example, they could produce tornadoes, lightning, acid rain and so on.

However, Jordan felt that this was too one-sided.

Weather weapons could have many uses.

Not only could they be used to attack, but they could also be used to treat injuries!

Jordan guessed that the rain that could cleanse the poisonous gas must be a new weather weapon he would develop in the near future!

He immediately made a call.

“Summon all the weather weapons experts over.

We must study something new and show the world!”


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