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At the scene, Rong Bingshao was wearing a black jacket and sitting with his legs crossed.

‘Hmph, Little Steele, just obediently get second or third place.

The first place belongs to China.

We will always be the overlords.

How can I let the US get first place But even though I made a half-complete product for you, this half-complete product is still much better than your current technology.

You should be grateful to me!

Rong Bingshao had handed over only part of his artificial intelligence research to the American Academy of Science.

He was unwilling to hand over the completed version, which would produce an artificial intelligence system similar to Dr.


If not for the fact that he needed to use his status as an American hero to restrain Jordan, Rong Bingshao would not hand over even a single line of information.

Soon, a cute robot walked to the center of the stage.

It was the artificial intelligence system “Little Steele” that Jordan had personally designed.

The audience cheered at the sight of Little Steele.

After all, this was Americas home ground.

No matter how good or bad their artificial intelligence was, the applause would always be the loudest.

It was just like the basketball match between the US and China during the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Even though the Chinese knew that the difference between the two teams was too wide and their team lagged by at least a few dozen points, the Chinese audience still cheered for their nations basketball team with the greatest enthusiasm.

However, when Rong Bingshao saw Little Steele, he leaned forward in surprise.

“Thats not right.

This isnt the one I designed.”

The artificial intelligence robot that walked onto the stage was not the one designed by Rong Bingshao, but by Jordan.

Rong Bingshao looked at Yule.

“Director Chancey, what happened Why doesLittle Steele look different”

Yule replied perfunctorily, “Really Little Steele has always looked like this.”

Rong Bingshao was very puzzled.

Actually, he hadnt been keeping an eye on this project for the past few days.

Instead, he had been working on other technologies.

“Maybe they altered its appearance.”

Rong Bingshao didnt pay much attention to it because it didnt matter what it looked like.

The most important thing was the artificial intelligence technology inside it.

Little Steele picked up a fountain pen and wrote on a piece of paper.

Rong Bingshao was stunned.

“How is it writing The Little Steele I developed doesnt know how to write at all!”

Writing was a complicated action.

It was not something that could be done casually.

Little Steele wrote on the paper: I can do everything that they can.

Barry White said, “Our countrys artificial intelligence robot, Little Steele, wrote:I can do everything that they can.

This means that America knows all the artificial intelligence technologies from the other 19 countries!”

Director Callum said, “I dont doubt that at all! Look, Little Steele personally wrote that line.

Its not news that robots can write.

Some can even write simultaneously with both hands.

But to be able to write so beautifully like Little Steele is definitely rare! How did it do it! Does our artificial intelligence have such a strong learning ability”

Barry White responded.

“Thats true.

Look at the words.

Such exquisite penmanship.

I dont think ordinary people can even produce such penmanship without practicing for three to five years!”

Little Steeles writing ability shocked everyone in the industry.

This indeed reflected its powerful learning ability!

Little Steele actually learned its penmanship from Seb Lester, a famous American hand lettering artist.

Jordan had specially invited him to teach Little Steele penmanship.

In just a few days, Little Steeles penmanship had reached 70% to 80% of Seb Lesters.

If it was an ordinary human, he would probably have to study for seven to eight years to achieve that level of penmanship, but Little Steele only took a few days.

Little Steele was worried that some foreigners wouldnt understand English, so it wrote a Chinese version since the biggest contender was the Chinese contingent.

Its Chinese characters were also very beautiful.

Jordan had invited celebrated Chinese calligraphy artist Tian Yingzhang to teach Little Steele.

Those Chinese characters written by Little Steele were akin to art.

Seeing those beautiful Chinese characters, all the Chinese at present and on the Internet were shocked!

“Oh my god! Americas artificial intelligence robot can actually write such beautiful Chinese characters! How did it do it!”

“This is unbelievable! What a powerful heaven-defying ability! Just this alone is enough to give full marks!”

Little Steeles appearance stunned the entire world.

However, this was not its only function.

Little Steele picked up a board.

It set up a small stand and started to offer physiognomy services.

Barry White chuckled.

“Haha, is Little Steele adept at physiognomy This is really creative.”

Director Callum said, “I wonder if it can really read facial features, or is it just a gimmick.”

At this moment, the Chinese research team couldnt sit still anymore.

An expert called Jie Keqiang stood up and walked towards Little Steele.

Barry White pointed out.

“Jie Keqiang has walked over.

It looks like he wants to personally verify our artificial intelligence robot and see if it really knows physiognomy.”

After Jie Keqiang sat down, he looked at Little Steele disdainfully.

“Read my face.

I want to know if Americas artificial intelligence is really that powerful and can quickly analyze a persons personality.”

Little Steele immediately did a facial analysis of Jie Keqiang.

It started to analyze Jie Keqiang.

Soon, Little Steele finished analyzing the data.

“Age: 40 to 45 years old.

Stays up late all year round and is in poor health.

Suffers from…”

Little Steele listed out all of Jie Keqiangs illnesses.

Jie Keqiang was shocked.

This robot could tell what illnesses he had just by looking at his face.

This was too amazing!

Little Steele continued.

“The probability of you having an affair…”

“What the hell!”

Jie Keqiang was stunned.

Why the hell was this robot predicting the chances of him having an affair Which f*cking programmer designed this!

Barry White and Director Callum felt very awkward.

The host and his special guest were silent for a few seconds, not knowing what to say.

Little Steele: “Probability of having an affair: 0.”

Jie Keqiang laughed, and many people applauded him.

What a good man!

However, Little Steele went on to offer the reason: “Hes extremely afraid of his wife and enjoys being beaten up by her at home.

Therefore, the probability of him cheating is 0.”

“What the f*ck!”

Jie Keqiangs expression turned ugly.

This artificial intelligence robot was too powerful.

It could even tell his fetish from his face! He didnt dare to sit there any longer.

He hurriedly got up and left.

The crowd burst into laughter.

“Hahaha, this man looks quite domineering.

But he likes to be beaten up by his wife.”

“No wonder the probability is 0.

So hes afraid of his wife.


Rong Bingshao clenched his fists in confusion:How can this be How can Americas artificial intelligence be so powerful I didnt even provide the complete version.

Why does it have such a powerful ability!


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