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Americas artificial intelligence robot, “Little Steele”, displayed its calligraphy and physiognomy abilities, shocking the live audience and the entire world.

Although these two abilities seemed ordinary, those in the industry knew what it meant to let artificial intelligence learn these abilities.

After Jie Keqiang returned to his seat, he felt very embarrassed.

The entire world now knew that he was afraid of his wife and liked to be beaten up by her.

Hence, Jie Keqiang instructed the two people who had acted as criminals in Chinas presentation to attack Little Steele!

Soon, everyone saw the armed criminals appear again.

Barry White was surprised.

“Eh Arent those the actors who just performed on behalf of China Why are they on stage again”

Director Callum said, “I didnt hear anything about the US collaborating with China.”

The two actors walked over and started attacking Little Steele!

Barry White said, “Oh, I understand.

They want to test Little Steeles ability to react to dangerous situations! If Little Steele cant subdue them, it will prove that in terms of handling critical situations, its not as good as China.

Then it wont get more points than China.”

Seeing this, Jordan gave a relaxed smile.

Little Steele could deal with 20 ordinary armed criminals, let alone two!

Little Steele immediately sensed the approaching danger and released a special gas that placed the armed criminals in a daze.

Thunderous applause greeted this scene!

Barry White shouted, “Full marks! Definitely full marks! Little Steele really knows all the abilities of the other artificial intelligence systems.

It is even smarter than them!”

Director Callum said, “Who would have thought that our countrys artificial intelligence technology would be the number one in the world now!”

Netizens worldwide were in a stupor.

‘Oh my god, Americas artificial intelligence technology is too powerful.

Such amazing learning ability!

‘The great United States of America! They have become number one in the world again.

The rest have stagnated!

‘All of this is because of that American scientist, Canine Steele.

Im really curious where he learned his skills.

At this moment, the internet was filled with praises for Canine Steele.

However, Rong Bingshaos expression was very grim.

‘Damn it… how could this be! Who created this Little Steele Why is it even more powerful than our Rong familys artificial intelligence system!


T didnt know how to read faces.

Jordan had also improved its learning abilities in all aspects.

Therefore, Little Steele was even better than the previous Dr.


As expected, Little Steele was given full marks by all 20 countries.

The US had won first place in the artificial intelligence competition!

Rong Bingshao was invited to give his acceptance speech.

However, when he reached the stage, he did not even give a small smile.

He only said perfunctorily, “Thank you, everyone.

I will continue to work hard.”

He was a Chinese citizen.

Now that the US had won first place, how could he be happy!

At this moment, Jordan shot Yule a look.

It was time for this charade to be over!

Jordan had already obtained enough information from Rong Bingshao related to the other technology fields.

Rong Bingshao was no longer useful.

He could die!

With all the ducks in a row, Yule walked onto the stage and said, “Everyone, I have something important to announce.

I have discovered that Mr.

Canine Steele is not American, but a Chinese citizen!”

The scene was instantly in an uproar, especially the Chinese delegation.

They were shocked.

They couldnt believe that it was a compatriot who had defeated them!

Rong Bingshao, who had just walked off the stage, was also stunned.

“Damn it, what nonsense are you spouting!”

He did not understand why Yule would expose him in front of the entire world.

Of course, it was Jordan who arranged it.

Yule continued, “Mr.

Canine Steeles real name is actually Rong Bingshao.

He is a Chinese citizen through and through.

A Chinese citizen took the trouble to come to the US and contribute such high-end technology to our country.

What kind of spirit is this This is a selfless spirit! Hes like Henry Norman Bethune! Let us give our warmest applause to Rong Bingshao!”

There was thunderous applause.

“Oh my god, Canine Steele is actually a Chinese citizen He didnt help his own country but especially came to help us”

“Hahaha… Rong Bingshao is too generous.

Hahaha, the Chinese citizens will probably curse him to death.


“Thank you Rong Bingshao, for the artificial intelligence robot Little Steele!”

Rong Bingshao stood rooted to the ground.

He never expected his identity to be exposed in public.

“No, Im American.

Im not a Chinese citizen!”

Rong Bingshao wanted to deny it.

If he didnt, he would be a traitor! However, Jordan had already expected this and immediately sent Dragon over.

Dragon was even stronger than Jordan so it was extremely easy for him to deal with Rong Bingshao.

He subdued Rong Bingshao and got the other staff to quickly splash makeup remover on him.

Soon, Rong Bingshaos true appearance emerged.

His complexion, eyes and hair all morphed into that of a standard Chinese boy.

Rong Bingshao had his true colors revealed!

“Wow, hes really a foreigner!”

“F*ck, hes not even American.

I dont like him anymore!”

Rong Bingshao was exposed.

The media reporters kept taking photos of him.

“No photos! No video recording!”

Rong Bingshao quickly fled the scene.

However, it was already too late.

On websites around the world, photos of Rong Bingshaos true form had already gone viral.

Netizens from China were heartbroken and threatened to kill Rong Bingshao.

‘A million dollar reward to kill this traitor! He actually gave his technology to the US.

Hes not worthy to be a Chinese citizen!

‘Lets find where he lives and if he has any relatives.

China will never tolerate such a traitor!


Half an hour later, Rong Bingshao, who was hiding in his hotel room, received a call from Rong Huangde.

Rong Huangde reprimanded him.

“Bingshao, what the hell did you do! Why did you give all the artificial intelligence technology to the Americans! Do you know how much of a threat they are to our family and China! The whole of China is cursing you and our Rong family! Even the president called.

Im too ashamed to explain to him!”

Rong Bingshao was also crying in fear.

“Grandpa, I didnt.

I didnt hand over all the technology.

I only handed out a small portion.

I dont know how they developed the rest in such a short time.

I swear, Grandpa…”


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