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It was not the fall season in Stanstead now but golden leaves were scattered everywhere.

There was a hint of bleakness amongst the charm of this scenery.

After being slashed by Jordan, Rong Bingshao no longer had the ability to resist.

He knelt on the ground and looked up at Jordan.

He had just mentioned his grandfathers name to intimidate Jordan when he suddenly heard his voice.

A few fighter jets flew over from afar.

Some kind of technology was used to project a voice.

“Dont kill him!”

It was Rong Huangdes voice.

Rong Huangde had come to save Rong Huangde.

He wasnt the only one.

Geng Anli was also here.

“Jordan, dont!”

Geng Anli also intervened.

She saw that Jordan was just about to kill Rong Bingshao, so she immediately called out to stop him.

Rong Bingshao smiled.

Grandpa was here to save him.

He was saved!

However, in the next second, Jordan killed him!

Jordan did hear Rong Huangde and Geng Anli, but he did not hesitate to kill Rong Bingshao!

No one could stop him!

“Oh, sh*t…”

Dragon saw Jordan kill Rong Bingshao while Rong Huangde charged over with his most elite soldiers.

He was worried that Rong Huangde would kill Jordan to avenge his grandson.

He immediately called for reinforcements.

“Requesting reinforcements! Everyone, come to Stanstead now!”

The Rong and Geng family planes landed.

Rong Huangde and Geng Anli alighted from their respective planes.

Rong Huangde rushed over to Rong Bingshaos body.

When he saw his grandsons tragic state, tears streamed down his face and he cried.


Rong Huangde let out an anguished wail.

The people on Jordans side couldnt help feeling a little nervous.

They wondered if Rong Huangde would immediately attack Jordan.

Jordans men were already standing in front of Jordan to protect him!

Earlier, Geng Anli had failed to stop Jordan.

Now, she was afraid that Rong Huangde would take revenge on him.

For Geng Anli, both sides were her friends.

One was an elder she respected very much, and the other was her bosom friend.

She didnt want anything to happen to either of them.

Geng Anli persuaded, “Uncle Rong, Jordan must have lost control of his emotions, thats why he killed your grandson.

You must not start a war with him because of this.

Otherwise, the world will be in chaos.

If we lose a Deity, it will be a huge loss!”

However, Rong Huangde was not in a hurry to seek revenge on Jordan.

He picked up Rong Bingshaos body and walked toward the plane.

Lee Su-ji couldnt stand it anymore.

She chased after Rong Huangde and asked, “Master, do you want to kill Jordan and avenge Young Master Bingshao”

But Rong Huangde didnt answer.

Geng Anli hurriedly said, “Enough, Su-ji! Do you want the world to fall into chaos Our families agreed to let Rong Bingshao and Jordan fight one-on-one.

It was a fair outcome.

No one is allowed to take revenge!”

Lee Su-ji glanced at Geng Anli in disdain before glaring at Jordan.

“Jordan, dont think that just because youre a Deity, you can do whatever you want.

You killed the future successor of our family.

We wont let this matter rest! Lets go!”

Although Lee Su-ji really wanted to fight Jordan here, she had to obey orders.

Since Rong Huangde did not say anything, they would have to postpone this matter to another day.

After Rong Huangde left, Geng Anli walked up to Jordan and whispered, “Jordan, although youre a Deity, the Rong family is still in control of the world.

After calming down, find a time to apologize to Uncle Rong.

Ill mediate between you two.”

With that, Geng Anli left quickly with the Rong family.

The two families arrived and left in a hurry, quickly disappearing into the sea of clouds.

After all of them left, a black kitten jumped onto Jordans shoulder with a note in its mouth.

Jordan pulled the note out of the cats mouth.

There was a line written on it.

It was from Shaun.

‘Im in the small wooden house in front of you.

Come and have a drink.

Jordan walked over and realized that Shaun was already sitting on a small wooden chair in the simple living room.

There was a table in front of him that looked like it was about to fall apart.

There were a few dishes of food on the table.

Shaun picked up a bottle of wine and poured a glass for Jordan.

“Jordan, come and have a drink.

I didnt expect this small town to have a decent wine selection.”

Jordan walked over and sat down.

The two of them picked up their glasses and downed them in one go.


Shaun sighed even before Jordan did.

He looked even more depressed than Jordan.

Jordan had killed Rong Bingshao and completely severed ties with the Rong family.

Of course, Shaun was frustrated.

Shaun planned to go to Cocodrie 30 years ago with Jordan and Rong Huangde.

He would then join forces with his father and family to kill them.

Thereafter, he would return and become the master of the world.

Now that Jordan and Rong Huangdes relationship had completely broken down, there was no way they would cooperate.

Shaun would have no chance to carry out his big plan.


Shaun poured himself another glass and drank it all.

Shaun blamed himself in his heart:If I had known earlier, I wouldnt have slept with Victoria but saved her.

But it was my wife whom I slept with.

Its only proper!

Shaun felt that he was partly to blame for what had happened.

After a long time, Shaun finally asked, “Jordan, Victoria is still unconscious.

If you want to save her, you have to go through the Rong familys Time Gate and return to the past.

That is the only way.

But now that youve killed Rong Huangdes grandson, Im afraid he wont help you anymore.”

However, Jordan looked very confident as he calmly took a small sip of wine.

“If he doesnt cooperate with me, he will never be able to find out the secret of the Deity and the source of your Handley familys methods.

I believe that Rong Huangde is a man who puts his own interests first.”

Shaun looked delighted.

“Youre a Deity.

If you say youll work together again, then you will! Haha, thats great.

Jordan, lets prepare to go to China after we finish our drinks, okay”

“Why are we going to China” Jordan asked.

Shaun said, “To attend Rong Bingshaos funeral!”

Rong Bingshaos body was transported onto the Rong familys plane.

There were AI robot doctors on the plane, as well as top-notch human doctors and medical equipment.

They were all urgently trying to revive Rong Bingshao.

His neck had been slashed wide open.

An ordinary person would definitely be dead.

But for the Rong family, there was still hope!


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