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Rachel answered, “Im doing some work at Starbucks.

Hows it Do you have good news”


Hailey answered gleefully, “Yes, Im expecting!”


“Really!! Thats great… Ah!”


Rachel was excited and elated that her best friend was pregnant.


However, she suddenly exclaimed in horror.


A man in the Starbucks joint that she was at suddenly spilled the cup of coffee that he was holding onto Rachels left shoulder by accident.


Rachel was furious at first and looked up in annoyance, only to realize that it was a tall and dashing young hunk.

Thus, her anger vanished immediately.


“Whats wrong Rachel” Hailey asked worriedly after hearing her exclamation.


Rachel said into the phone, “Oh, its nothing, someone accidentally spilled coffee onto me.

Ill talk to you later.”


After hanging up the phone, the young hunk apologized to Rachel politely, “Im really sorry about that, Beautiful.

Let me wipe that for you.”


The young hunk took out a piece of tissue paper and wiped Rachels clothes with it.


Rachel sized up the young man whom she guessed was three to five years younger than her.

He had a fresh and clean appearance, as well as excellent body proportions.

He was totally Rachels cup of tea.


Rachel said, “Cutie, my outfit is Gucci.

Even if you wipe it clean, I cant wear it again.”


The young man said, “Why dont I buy you a new set How much will it cost”


Rachel chuckled and said, “Its so tacky to talk about money.

Are you alone Sit down.”


The young man obediently took a seat opposite Rachel.


Rachel continued to ask, “Handsome, what is your name”


He answered with a coy smile, “Cayden Huxley.”



During dinnertime at the Camdens.


Jordan arrived at the villa, and the Camdens greeted him enthusiastically as soon as he entered.


“Jordan, youre here.”


Elle was also behaving herself.


Jordan smiled, pinched Elles chubby cheeks, and said, “Are you finally willing to stop flirting with me and treat me as your cousin-in-law instead”


Elle had been vying with Hailey over Jordan and would write love letters to him every time they met.


Elle let out a long sigh and said, “Everything has been set in stone.

I dont have a chance anymore.”


“Everything has been set in stone”


Jordan thought Elle had repeated something wrong, but Hailey broke the good news when he walked towards the table to his surprise.


“Hubby, youre going to be a father!”


Hailey said to Jordan gleefully.


The Camdens cheered joyfully and congratulated Jordan.


Jordan was on cloud nine too.

He hugged Hailey and gave her a kiss, extremely overjoyed that he was about to move on to the next phase of life!


Sylvie greeted Jordan enthusiastically and said with a beaming smile, “Jordan, you have to think of a name for the baby.

Otherwise, you can ask your grandfather too.

Hes so cultured.

He must have many suggestions!”


“Also, many people want to let their children marry your baby in the future after hearing that Hailey is expecting! I have a classmate…”


Before Sylvie could finish, Benedict rebuked, “The grandchildren of those classmates of yours are not worthy of being married to our grandson.

Youre so senseless!”


Sylvie retorted, “Some of my classmates are rich too, alright”


The two of them often bickered, so Jordan and Hailey just treated their quibbles as jokes.


During dinner, Jordan suddenly asked, “How is the Hailey Residences project going It would be great if it can be completed before our baby is born.”


Hailey said, “Its going very well, but I dont like the foreign architect we hired previously.

Communicating with him is too troublesome.

I think we should hire a local instead.

Hubby, youre fine with that, right”


The foreign architect was an internationally renowned architect whom Jordan had specially hired for Hailey.


Jordan laughed and said, “Of course, I am.

Youre in charge of that project.

You can hire whoever you want.”



Hailey received a call from Rachel at 2 pm the following day.


“Where are you, honey” Rachel asked.


Hailey answered, “Im in the Queens Palace.”


“Queens Palace” was Haileys nickname for Hailey Residences because it was named after her.


Rachel said, “Wait for me there.

Ill be right there.”


Soon, a limited-edition Aston Martin One-77 pulled over at the construction site of Hailey Residences.


As soon as it arrived, Hailey realized that the workers and staff on site were all staring at it.


The sports car was obviously so incredible that it attracted everyones attention.


Hailey quickly walked over when she saw her best friend, Rachel, getting out of the passenger seat.


At this moment, Hailey also noticed a young, tall, and dashing man getting out of the drivers seat.


Hailey asked curiously, “Rachel, who is this”


Rachel smiled and said, “He is a famous local architect I found for you, Cayden Huxley!”


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