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Jordan coughed.

Fortunately, he didnt have an ordinary body.

Otherwise, he would have been severely injured.

He looked at the burning car and realized that there was no one inside.

“This fellow is really cautious.

He was afraid that someone would follow and investigate him, so he planted a bomb in the car.”

Jordan couldnt help sighing.

This mysterious man was really an expert among experts.

Be it the timing of his attack in the building, his reaction speed, or tying up loose ends, they were all handled very well.

However, the more powerful this man was, the more worried Jordan was for Victoria!

“Victoria, who took you away Im so worried about you!”

The moment something happened to Victoria, Jordan became worried about her safety again.

Victoria was an ordinary person.

Why would the Hexagon Organization save her Jordan guessed that this was very likely related to him!

“Perhaps the Hexagon Organization has already targeted me and the people around me.

I have to figure out what the Hexagon Organization is first!”

He was not in a hurry to go to Mount Denali because Jordan knew Shaun very well, and knew that he was a very cautious person.

Even though Shaun had gone to Mount Denali, he wouldnt go straight to the lake.

The lake was a place filled with mysteries.

It could give people special abilities, but it was also dangerous.

One might die there if one was careless.

It had not been easy for Shaun to obtain the position of “Lord of the World”.

Jordan guessed that he would not dare to enter the lake for at least three days.

He would use all sorts of methods to analyze and test it first.

In addition, there were various forces at Mount Denali.

It would take Shaun some time to occupy that place.

Therefore, Jordan wanted to investigate the Hexagon Organization first.

Jordan ordered Little Steele.

“Help me find clues about the Hexagon Organization.

Search the latest news across the entire world.”

Jordan provided Little Steele with the image of the dart from the mysterious person.

Little Steele: “Big data search in progress…

“Ding! Identification of the same dart pattern on Twitter and KBS!”

Jordan was thrilled.

“Play the news!”

Little Steele immediately played the news on KBS.

“The latest news is that Cheon Ji-hoon was assassinated at his home.

The police are trying their best to find the murderer…”

Jordan saw the image of Cheon Ji-hoons death on the news.

There was a hexagonal dart on his neck, exactly the same as the one the mysterious man had thrown earlier.

“Cheon Ji-hoon Isnt that Madams husband Park Soras adoptive father”

Jordan had been to South Korea and knew about Cheon Ji-hoon.

He had also interacted with him before.

Previously, when Park Sora went missing, Jordan had spoken to him.

Now, Park Sora was missing and Cheon Ji-hoon had been killed.

He wondered if there was a connection.

“Why did the Hexagon Organization kill Cheon Ji-hoon Was Park Sora captured by them”

Jordan still felt guilty for killing Park Anya with his own hands.

He had promised himself that he would take good care of Park Anyas daughter, Park Sora!

If Park Sora was captured by the Hexagon Organization, Jordan would definitely find a way to save her!

Jordan immediately asked Little Steele, “How long ago was this”

Little Steele answered, “Two minutes ago.”

Reported on the news two minutes ago, which meant that this incident had just happened.

The murderer must still be at the scene.

He couldnt have gone far!

Jordan immediately called Salvatore.

“Salvatore, do we still have men in South Korea Why was Cheon Ji-hoon killed”

After the Park family fell, Jordan assigned a portion of his men to defend South Korea.

It could be considered as taking over the Park familys power there.

The place where Park Sora and Cheon Ji-hoon lived was guarded by many bodyguards.

Salvatore said, “Yes, everyone is here.

I asked earlier, but our people are fine.

I didnt see anyone suspicious enter, but the murderer quietly killed Cheon Ji-hoon.”

Jordan thought for a moment and said, “Lock down the house and the nearby streets.

The murderer should still be in that house! You must guard it tightly.

Dont let even a fly escape.

Ill rush over immediately!”

Salvatore replied, “Yes!”

Jordan quickly took a plane to South Korea.

An hour later, Jordan landed at Cheon Ji-hoons house.

A subordinate sent by the Steele family hurriedly knelt in front of Jordan.

“Greetings, Master! We failed to protect the Park family.

Please punish us, Master!”

Jordan had no intention of punishing anyone.

“Get up and tell me about the situation here.”

The subordinate said, “According to your instructions, we immediately carried out a full lockdown.

Weve also informed the police here to limit the number of cars and airport flights.

We wont allow them to fly out either.”

Jordan nodded.

“Yes, the murderer is in this house!”

Jordan was a Deity.

He could sense that the murderer had not left this place at all.

“A member of the Hexagon Organization.

Alright, Ill teach you a lesson! Release the smoke bomb immediately!”


Soon, red gas filled the scene.

Not only would this irritating smoke bomb obscure ones sight, but it would also make them sneeze.

A sneeze would expose the target.

Meanwhile, Jordan was wearing a mask as he walked forward without any difficulty.

He started to search the rooms one by one.

Jordan soon found Park Soras room.

He still remembered that the first time he came here, he was here to capture Jamie.

Back then, he had barged into the room and saw an inappropriate sight.

Now that he thought about it, it was such a ridiculous situation.


Jordan suddenly heard someone sneezing!

“Hes here!”

The murderer was in this room.

Jordan had come in alone.

He had arranged for his subordinates to wait outside.

Moving forward, Jordan approached step by step.

Just as he was about to open the door, someone suddenly rushed out.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

A figure quickly jumped out of the room and immediately threw two darts at Jordan!

Thud! Thud!

Jordan reacted quickly and dodged.

The dart hit the wooden pillar.

He glanced at the dart.

It was indeed a dart from the Hexagon Organization!

“Someone from the Hexagon Organization!”

At the thought that Victoria was still being controlled by the people from the Hexagon Organization, Jordan couldnt wait to capture this person and interrogate him about the organization.

Therefore, Jordan quickly chased after the figure.

The person was wearing a black hoodie and looked a little thin and short from the back.

Even so, Jordan did not let his guard down.

He used all his strength to rush over and knock the other party to the ground!


A gentle female voice cried out in pain.

“A woman”

The woman had fallen to the ground and was spitting up blood.

Jordan quickly turned her over.

He was instantly stunned.

“Park Sora”

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