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Park Sora knew that Jordan was a Deity and deliberately mocked him.

Many people felt that since Jordan was a Deity, he should know everything.

He should be stronger than others in every way.

However, Jordan knew that his abilities were limited.

It was impossible for him to know everything.

He could only predict some things, not everything.

As for Jordans abilities, he relied on his many years of martial arts training, his combat ability and the help of the serum.

So when dealing with someone like Shaun, it was actually a challenge for Jordan.

However, Jordan had a nagging feeling that he had yet to fully develop his Deity abilities.

In the future, he would definitely be stronger than he was now.

Jordan didnt get angry.

He said humbly, “I really dont know much about this organization.

You said that it isnt called the Hexagon Organization.

Whats its name Why did you join it”

Park Sora replied arrogantly, “Why should I tell you Why should I tell the person who killed my mother”

Jordan sighed.

Park Sora still had a prejudice against him and was unwilling to tell him.

“Sora, to be honest, my girlfriend Victoria, was captured by a bad person just now.

It was someone from your organization who risked his life to save her.

I really want to know who saved my girlfriend.

That person, that man.

You know him, right”

Park Soras eyes flickered.

“I dont!”

However, a smile appeared on Jordans face.

When he looked into Park Soras eyes, he was certain that she definitely knew who that man was!

Jordan continued smiling.

“Sora, I dont think your mother ever told you that not only am I a Deity, I am also a master of psychology.

Youre just a little girl.

I can tell when youre lying.

I advise you to tell me the truth.”

Park Sora gritted her teeth stubbornly.

“So what if I dont tell you the truth Do you dare to kill me Come on, my mother died in your hands anyway.

Kill your first loves daughter too! I dont want to live alone in this world!”

Only then did Jordan remember that Park Sora had killed Cheon Ji-hoon.

“Did you kill Cheon Ji-hoon Why did you say that you were alone Even if you dont want to acknowledge me as your father and live with me, you still have your adoptive father.”


At the mention of Cheon Ji-hoons name, Park Sora immediately became furious.

“Hes not worthy to be my father! This b*stard with a beasts heart.

Every time my mother isnt around, he bullies me.

He deserves to die!”

“Bully you”

Jordan was confused.

Park Sora said, “He… he molested me.

After Mom died, he became even more unscrupulous.”

Jordan didnt expect Cheon Ji-hoon to be such a person.

The thought alone made his blood boil! “That damned b*stard dared to treat you like this.

Sora, you did the right thing.

Such a man isnt worthy to be your adoptive father.

He deserves to be killed!”

Park Sora said, “Youre not a good person either!”

Jordan was exasperated.

Since he couldnt convince her, he could only use force.

Taking a pill out, Jordan stuffed it into Park Soras mouth.

After taking the pill, Park Sora panicked and asked, “What did you give me!”

Jordan said, “Its a drug that can stiffen a persons body.

No matter what I do to you later, you wont be able to move or resist.”

“Why… why did you give me such a drug!”

Park Sora could already feel her body slowly stiffening.

Jordan said, “Youre right.

Like your adoptive father, Im not a good person.

Since Im not a good person, of course I have to do something bad.”

“You b*stard!”

Park Sora wanted to reach out to hit Jordan, but she realized that she could not move.

Jordan approached her body.

Park Sora was shocked.

Indeed, it was true that Jordan was also a pervert who molested young girls like her adoptive father, Cheon Ji-hoon.

“Jordan, I didnt expect you to be such a person! How could you do this to me! Im your younger sister! Im your fathers daughter!”

Jordan examined Park Soras long hair and neck and did not find anything special.

He replied, “Didnt you deny being a member of the Steele family”

Jordan continued to examine her.

Park Sora was still extremely nervous.

“Didnt you say that you and my mother are lovers You romanced my mother and now you have designs on me.

Arent you too shameless Youre a Deity.

If word gets out, what will others say about you Also, Im your second brothers woman.

Have you forgotten How can you snatch your second brothers woman!”

Jordan smiled and continued to scare her.

“Ill tell you some unfortunate news.

My second brother was castrated and is no longer a normal man.

He asked me to take care of you in the future.”


Hearing that something had happened to Jamie, Park Sora became very anxious.

It seemed like this girl really liked Jamie.

“How did that happen to Jamie! Which b*stard did it! Was it you! You must have done it on purpose to stop us from being together!”

Park Sora was furious.

At this moment, Jordan found what he wanted to find on Park Sora.

A red button.

Park Sora was shocked.

“So youre not trying to take advantage of me, but looking for something!”

Jordan tapped Park Soras forehead with his finger.

“Of course.

As rude as you are to me, I wont do anything despicable to you.

You people from secret organizations usually have some device on you.

If something happens to you, you can contact the people in the organization to save you.

“This thing is what you use to contact people from the organization, right”

Park Sora was shocked.

“No, Jordan, dont press it.

This button is not…”

Jordan looked at Park Soras desperate denial and was even more certain that this button was used to contact the organization.

Therefore, he immediately pressed the button.

He then placed the button back into Park Soras pocket.

Jordan said, “Im sorry, Sora.

I have to use you to lure one of your accomplices here.

I have to know who the head of your Hexagon Organization is and who the man who saved my girlfriend is.

I cant force a confession out of you, but if its a stranger, I can use any method to make him tell me everything.

The person who is coming to save you, he better tell the truth.

Otherwise, I wont be polite to him.”

Park Sora cursed at Jordan.

“Youre despicable and shameless! Youre a Deity, but you actually used such a method.

If you have the ability, why dont you predict it Guess who our chief is!”

Jordan was shocked.


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