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Jordan was a little surprised to hear the word “Chief”.

Not “boss” or “leader” or “master”.

Instead, it was “chief”.

“What chief Tribal chief” Jordan asked.

Park Sora realized that she had accidentally exposed the fact that the head of their organization was addressed as “Chief”.

Her arrogant expression instantly disappeared and she became silent.

Jordan said softly, “If you dont tell me, Ill ask the person who is coming to save you.”

With that, Jordan placed Park Sora on a chair and found a place to hide.

Park Soras body stiffened.

She sat there and couldnt move.

She could only talk.

Jordan also instructed the guard standing outside to withdraw about half of their men from the grounds.

He was worried that the person from the organization would not be able to infiltrate, so he decided to reduce the difficulty for this mysterious guest.

After all, people from this organization were probably not bad folks.

For example, the man from earlier had saved Victoria from being raped.

As for Park Sora, although she was mischievous and willful, she could be considered a good person.

Just like that, time passed by.

The entire house and the entire street outside became quieter and quieter.



A figure broke through the window!

“Hes here!”

It was a woman.

She was wearing a mask and a hat to hide her face.

She looked very mysterious.

“Sister, how are you I received your distress signal and came to save you!”

Park Sora sat there stiffly with a grim expression.

She said to the woman who had come to save her, “Sister, leave quickly! Its a trap!”

Before she could finish speaking, Jordan had already appeared behind the woman.

The woman immediately turned around in a fluster.

She wanted to attack Jordan, however, Jordan was so fast and had already planned this beforehand.

She had no chance to attack.


Jordan punched the other party in the stomach.

When Jordan saw that she was a woman, he did not kill her.

Instead, he grabbed her neck and pressed her against the wall.

After subduing her, Jordan took off her hat and mask, wanting to see her face.

Jordan was shocked.


The woman who had come to rescue Park Sora was Jesses wife, Yumi!

Yumi was very elegant.

Jordan heard from his brother that she had been a model for a period of time before she married into the Steele family.

She had deep-set eyes and beautiful facial features.

Yumi was also shocked to see Jordan.

“Jor… Jordan”

The situation became very awkward.

Yumi didnt want to see Jordan under such circumstances as it exposed her identity.

Over the past few years, Jordans image of Yumi was that of a very refined and proper sister-in-law.

But now, she had transformed into a female assassin.

Jordan didnt want to see Yumi at this time either.

He did have plans to find her and ask about her background.

But now, Jordan hoped that it would be a stranger.

This way, he could use cruel methods to force out who their chief was.

Jordan had previously overheard Lee Su-ji say that Yumi was also a member of this organization.

So he was actually not that surprised that she had come to save Park Sora.

But Jordan was curious about one thing.

“Yumi, did you just call her sister”

Over the years, Yumi had a good relationship with Jordan.

They were family and had a conflict.

Yumi said awkwardly, “Oh, yes.

I heard that shes your fathers daughter.

Doesnt that make her our younger sister Im not wrong, right”

Jordan looked at Yumi.

“Arent you and my brother divorced You called her sister because youre from the same organization, right”

Yumi avoided eye contact.

“Organization What organization I dont know what you are talking about.”

As Yumi spoke, she walked toward Park Sora.

Park Sora couldnt turn around.

“Elder Sister Yumi, I didnt tell him about our organization.

Dont tell him either.”

Hearing that Park Sora did not reveal their secret, Yumi felt relieved.

Jordan continued to ask Yumi, “Arent you the successor of the Nine Chrysanthemum Faction Why are you involved with this Hexagon Organization You married Jesse and into our Steele family.

What are your intentions All these years, have you ever done anything to hurt my family”

Yumi was shocked.

“How do you know about the Nine Chrysanthemum Faction!”

Jordan was frank.

“Ive seen your mother before.

Your mother is called Uehara Yumi, right Is she still alive”

Yumi was surprised again.

“Oh my god, Jordan, Ive always treated you as a little brother.

I didnt expect you to become so powerful during this period of time.

You actually know everything.

Youre much more powerful than your brother.

If I had known earlier, I would have married you back then.”

Yumi gave a charming smile.

But Jordan maintained his serious expression.

“Stop joking.

You havent answered my question.

Why are you, a member of the Nine Chrysanthemum Faction, willing to join this organization Or are you in this organization as an undercover agent too To kill the chief”

Yumi immediately became serious.

“Idiot! Dont doubt my loyalty to the Chief! Theres nothing special about the Nine Chrysanthemum Faction.

Im indeed the successor of the Nine Chrysanthemum Faction, but Im also loyal to our Chief.

In this world, no one is greater and more noble than our Chief.

Not you, not Rong Bailun, not even Rong Huangde.

And Shaun is not even worth mentioning!”

Jordan was a little surprised that Yumi held such a high opinion of their Chief.

It was clear that she believed that the most respected person in the world was not Jordan, who was a Deity, or the Rong family, who ruled the world.

But the Chief of this mysterious organization

Jordan became even more curious about this Chief.

What kind of ability did he have to make the arrogant Park Sora of a secret family willingly submit to him

He could even make the successor of the Nine Chrysanthemum Faction, Yumi, willingly become his subordinate

Jordan grabbed Yumis wrist and asked seriously, “Tell me, who is your Chief! Do I know him Also, what is your organization doing Why did someone take Victoria away Was it your Chief who took Victoria away!”

Yumi looked like she was in pain.

“Stop it! Youre hurting me!”

However, Jordan refused to let go of her wrist.

“Tell me! I wont show mercy just because you used to be my sister-in-law!”

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