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“Jordans sister-in-law is also a mutant What superpowers does she have”

In Victorias impression, Jordans sister-in-law, Yumi, had always been a gentle and virtuous woman who looked weak and delicate.

She didnt expect her to be a mutant with extraordinary abilities.

Alexander didnt expect Lucas to turn him down.

After being stunned for a moment, he said, “Lucas, cant you do me a favor Ive already driven to your doorstep, and its not nice for you to refuse to come out, right Besides, I want to introduce some friends to you.

I believe youll be interested!”

Lucas initially wanted to turn him down, but when he heard Alexander sayyoull be interested, his interest was really aroused.

Although he still didnt know what Alexander had up his sleeve, he wasnt afraid of anything.

“Alright, wait for me.

Ill be out soon,” Lucas said.

“Okay, Ill wait for you outside.” Alexander hung up.

Cheyenne was sitting next to Lucas, so she had naturally heard their conversation.

She asked, “Are you going out”

Lucas kissed Cheyennes forehead and said, “Yeah, Im going out to take a look.

Just stay at home and get some rest.

Ill get Jordan to come over with Maddy to accompany you.”

Cheyenne was just about to decline, but at the thought that Lucas would be worried about her safety if she was home alone, she nodded and said, “Alright.”

Lucas called Jordan and was relieved to hear that he would come over soon.

After stepping out of the door, Lucas saw a black Lamborghini parked by the road.

Alexander was leaning against it and looking at the lights in the distance.

Seeing Lucas come out, Alexander smiled and greeted him.

“Lucas, surely you wont blame me for coming uninvited, will you”

Lucas glanced at him and said indifferently, “For one, I dont like people investigating my affairs.”

Alexander was stunned for a moment and hurriedly explained, “Uh… Lucas, dont get the wrong idea.

I didnt investigate you.

Your villa was developed by the Steels, and the price is incredibly high, so… I already knew that you lived here before I met you.”

Lucas raised his brows but didnt pursue the matter.

He changed the subject and asked, “Where are you taking me”


Meanwhile, Shaun had already led the Rong family elite troops to the vicinity of Mount Denali.

Lee Su-ji reported.

“Master, there are guards ahead.”

Shaun looked at the thermal map and realized that there werent many guards.

Their military strength was average.

Shaun thought for a moment.

“Although this place belongs to the US, I guess the country doesnt know about the existence of the Immortal Lake yet.

Otherwise, they wouldnt have so few guards.

Lets keep it quiet so we dont alert the others.

Send assassins to finish them off and replace them with our men.”


After settling the matter, Shaun continued forward and arrived at the Immortal Lake, also known as Wonder Lake.

However, Shauns plane was blocked before it could reach the lake.

“Whats going on Why have we stopped Continue flying forward.

We havent reached the Immortal Lake yet!” Shaun shouted.

Lee Su-ji said, “Master, there seems to be an invisible barrier ahead.

Our plane cant fly through!”


Shaun was surprised.


After the plane landed, Shaun alighted and tried to walk into the Immortal Lake.

However, when he reached a certain point, although there was clearly no physical obstruction in front of him, he just couldnt cross it!

“Strange, whats going on Get a military expert to study this immediately!”

Soon, military and scientific experts from the Rong family immediately started probing the area.

Half an hour later, a scientific expert reported.

“Sir, a very mysterious barrier has been set up around the lake.

We tried to use drones, animals and microchips, but we couldnt penetrate it.

At our current level, we cant understand the structure and technology of this barrier!”

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