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Yesterday, Cayden had deliberately shown up at the Starbucks joint where Rachel was and spilled coffee on her for the sake of getting to know Rachel.


Ever since he heard the voice recording that Tyler let him listen to, Cayden had been lusting over Hailey and even swore that he would get his hands on her.


Hence, Tyler helped him come up with the idea of using Haileys best friend, Rachel, to get close to her!


Cayden slept with Rachel last night.


He even forced Rachel to help him woo Hailey by threatening her with her husbands career!


Rachel didnt want to ruin the relationship between Hailey and Jordan.

Still, for the sake of preventing her husband from getting implicated, she had no choice but to comply.


“Cayden, this is Hailey Camden, the deputy project director of Hailey Residences.”


Rachel introduced.


When Cayden saw Hailey, he was awestruck, and he couldnt take his eyes off her at all.


He exclaimed exaggeratedly, “Oh my gosh! Is this real You must be a goddess! How can there be such a beautiful woman in the world”


Cayden was indeed stunned by Haileys beauty when he saw her in the flesh.

Still, he was deliberately giving Hailey a compliment to please her.


Hailey felt a little shy after getting complimented.


Hearing that he was an architect, she hurriedly said, “Mr.

Huxley, youre too kind.

Im just an ordinary woman.”


With her sharp eyesight, Hailey could tell at a glance that Caydens car was exorbitant.


She asked, “Mr.

Huxley, does this car belong to you It must be costly, huh Why dont you park it elsewhere Construction works are going on around here.

You dont want anything to scratch your car.”


Cayden patted the beautiful front end of his Aston Martin and said with a smile, “Its alright.

It doesnt matter even if it gets smashed.

I have many of such cars.”


Rachel was afraid that Hailey might not know the exact price of that car.

Still, she too knew that it wouldnt be appropriate for Cayden to reveal the cost of his car himself because that would make him seem like a showoff.


Hence, Rachel said, “Hailey, can you tell which model this car is Its a limited-edition Aston Martin One-77, one of the only 77 units ever made and available in the world.

It has a price tag of about $3.5 million, just a little more expensive than your husbands Maybach!”


“What $3.5 million More expensive than my husbands car”


Haileys jaw dropped.

She had always thought that Jordans Maybach was the most expensive luxury car in the world.

Still, she didnt expect Caydens car to be about $2 million more expensive than Jordans Maybach!


‘He owns a car that costs a whopping $3.5 million… What kind of status does he have


When Hailey looked at Cayden again, she found him much more dashing and pleasing to the eye than before.


Hailey asked, “Mr.

Huxley, are you an architect You seem a little too young to be one.”


Cayden took out a sketch from his car and handed it to Hailey before saying, “Miss Camden, just call me Cayden.

This is the blueprint Ive drawn for Hailey Residences.”


After looking at the sketch, Hailey exclaimed approvingly with joy, “I like this design.

Its better than what the foreign architect came up with previously!”


Needless to say, the design didnt belong to Cayden but a famous architect he hired.


Of course, Cayden had also studied architectural design and thus, had considerable knowledge of matters related to the industry.


Rachel said, “Cayden started learning architectural design from a famous master when he was young.

I know youre looking for an architect lately.

Hows this one I found you”


Hailey was delighted with the designs, but after taking a look at Caydens expensive car, she said, “Im just afraid that I cant afford to hire him.”


Cayden smiled and said, “Miss Camden, as long as youre satisfied with my design, you can pay me whatever amount you want.

Its my honor to serve a goddess like you!”


Cayden was clearly different from the majority of wealthy and handsome men.

Yet, he kept calling Hailey a “goddess,” which was very much to her pleasure.


Hailey didnt continue being wishy-washy.

After all, it wasnt easy to find an architect whose designs she liked.

Hence, she took the initiative to extend her hand towards him.

“Welcome on board!”


Cayden shook Haileys hand, but he refused to let go for a long time.


Hailey felt somewhat awkward, and Cayden let go of her hand only after Rachel coughed a little.


“Uh, I wont disturb you two any longer.

Go cooperate well.

Hailey, do take good care of him.”


Rachel was about to leave after saying that.


“Hey, wait a minute!”


Hailey walked up to her and pulled her to the side.

She whispered, “Who exactly is this guy Is he your new boyfriend Where did you find him Hes so handsome and rich!”


Rachel said, “Id like to sleep with him, but he doesnt fancy me.

Hed only sleep with a gorgeous girl like you!”


“Hailey, youre pregnant with Jordans child anyway.

Why dont you consider Cayden”


Hailey looked at the tall, dashing, and wealthy Cayden, who kept showering her with compliments.

She wavered!


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