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“A barrier”

Shaun was in disbelief.

Who had set up this barrier

Who had the ability to set up such a barrier

One had to know that the Rong family represented the worlds top technological power.

But even the researchers from the Rong family couldnt figure this out.

They had never seen such technology before!

Standing at the side, Lee Su-ji was also amazed.

They all thought that the Rong family was already the most powerful in the world.

Now, they realized that the world was wide and there would always be someone out there who was better!

Shaun was very unhappy.

He instructed Lee Su-ji.

“Blast it open with your weapons! I dont believe this barrier can withstand cannons and rockets!”


Lee Su-ji immediately ordered the subordinates to use laser cannons to attack the barrier.


A powerful laser cannon shot over.

However, the laser cannon did not cause any damage to the barrier.

“Use missiles!” Shaun roared.

Lee Su-ji ordered the subordinates to launch missiles.

After the missiles hit, there was a huge sonic boom.

Even then the barrier remained fine.

Instead, the people and things in the surrounding suffered a huge backlash.

One of the Rong family planes fell apart!

“Damn it! This barrier is so difficult to deal with!”

Shaun couldnt help feeling a little troubled.

He grabbed the scientific expert and asked, “How long will it take to find a way to break through the barrier”

The expert was very nervous and uncertain.

“Its hard to say.

Just researching what it is might take a year or two.

Perhaps 10 years, or even longer.

It would have been easier with Deity Jordans help.

Three years or even just a few months.”

Shaun sighed and thought to himself:Damn it.

If I had known this would happen, I wouldnt have killed Jordan so fast.

This barrier doesnt look like advanced technology.

If its technology, it cant be so many years ahead of the Rong family.

It might be an immortal technique!

At this thought, Shaun suddenly thought of someone.

Uehara Yumi!

‘Could it be that woman, Uehara Yumi Decades ago, Uehara Yumi had been investigating the origin of the Handley familys spells.

Although she was chased away by Jordan in 1978, she couldnt have given up on digging into the secrets of our family.

She was the first to explore the secrets of the Immortal Lake, even earlier than Rong Huangde.

Perhaps she already discovered this Immortal Lake and was the one who created the current barrier!

After some analysis, Shaun believed that it was definitely Uehara Yumi who put up this barrier.

From what he knew, Uehara Yumi had very powerful spell abilities.

With the help of the Immortal Lake, it was not impossible for her to create such a powerful barrier.

‘Sigh, my father and uncle were indeed just small-town folks.

They dont have the ability to see the big picture.

After knowing about a place like this Immortal Lake, why did they return to their small town to hide You were the first to discover it.

You should occupy this place.

If our Handley family had occupied this place first, Uehara Yumi wouldnt have gotten the chance!

After confirming that it was Uehara Yumi, Shaun immediately ordered Lee Su-ji, “Su-ji, pass down my orders.

Search the entire world for Uehara Yumi and her daughter Yumi Kaner.

Also, interrogate Jesse and ask him if he has any contact with Yumi Kaner.”

Now, the only way to break through the barrier was to find Uehara Yumi or Yumi Kaner.

Lee Su-ji quickly passed down the order.

Lee Su-ji said, “Master, what are your plans next Do you want to wait here for news”

Shaun shook his head.

Whether it was Uehara Yumi or her daughter, it would probably take a long time to find them.

“Let our familys researchers study here and see how to break through this barrier.

As for me, hehe, I dont have anything special to do now anyway.

I might as well go to Switzerland and get married!”

“Married” Lee Su-ji was taken aback.

Shaun smiled.

“My dear Lota, my heart has been itching for her for a long time.

Fortunately, due to my wrong teachings, nothing physical happened between her and Jordan.

Hahaha, whats mine is still mine.

Ill go to Switzerland to marry Lota and wait for your good news there!

“Im going now!”

Shaun immediately took a plane and left Mount Denali.

He assigned many people to remain and guard this place.

At this point in time, Lauren called Jordan.

She had been using Sakura to spy on Shauns situation.

“Lauren, hows it going on your side Shaun should have reached Mr.

Jordan already, right” Jordan asked.

“Yes, Shaun arrived at Immortal Lake, but he didnt go in.

There seems to be some kind of barrier around the lake that no one can breach.

He tried to bombard it with cannons and missiles, but it didnt work.

Just now, Shaun ordered his people to search the entire world for Uehara Yumi and Yumi.

This barrier might have been set up by Uehara Yumi! I didnt expect her to know the Handley familys secret and control this place.”

Hearing this, Jordan said, “No, its not Uehara Yumi.

Its my uncle, Randall.”

Lauren was shocked.

“What Your uncle”

Jordan said, “Yes, I saw Yumi just now.

It seems that shes my uncles subordinate now.

Even Park Sora has joined him.

Also, my uncle was the mysterious man who saved Victoria in the capital.

Im guessing that my uncle has established a huge faction, so he should be the one controlling this Immortal Lake.”

When Lauren heard this, she heaved a sigh of relief for Jordan.

“Oh my god, so Uncle isnt dead.

Thats great! So Uncle saved Victoria.

Hubby, you can rest easy now.

Did you try to contact Victoria and your uncle”

Jordan said, “Victoria doesnt have her phone with her.

I already sent her a message.

As for my uncle, I really dont know how to contact him.”

Lauren paused for a moment and suddenly said, “Oh yes, dont worry about anything else for now.

Go to Switzerland to save Lota first! Shaun just said that hes going to Switzerland to marry Lota.

Hes already set off!”


Jordan became very anxious when he heard that.

His heart naturally ached for Lota.

“That dog is still lusting after Lota! Lauren, continue to stay in Mount Denali and observe the situation there.

If the barrier is opened, dont enter first.

Tell me the situation first and Ill give you a prediction before making a decision.

Ill go to Switzerland to save Lota now.

After that, Ill meet you at Mount Denali!”

Jordan already let Shaun hurt Victoria.

He would never let Shaun hurt another woman who loved him!

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