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Lota nodded happily.

“Okay, Jordan!”

Jordan looked at Lotas obedient manner.

He liked it very much.

Who wouldnt like an innocent girl who had just become an adult and was willing to give everything to you

The more romantic relationships a woman experienced, the less she would be willing to sacrifice for her next man.

It was the same for men.

Therefore, there was no such thing as pure love between men and women after a certain age.

Neither party was willing to sacrifice foolishly.

They were just playing games to get what they wanted from the other person.

Jordan held Lotas hand and said, “Alright, lets go.”

“Mmm… I dont want to go.” Lota acted coquettishly.

Jordan was surprised.

Lota didnt want to leave just now because she wanted to become Jordans woman and make up for her previous regret.

Now that the deed was already done, why didnt she want to leave

Lota said, “I want to stay in this room with you for a while longer.

I like the atmosphere in this room very much!”

In the past, Lota had thought that Shaun was a pervert with ulterior motives.

He actually designed this kind of room.

But now, she was especially grateful to Shaun for his meticulous design.

Staying in such a romantic room with the man she liked was the greatest enjoyment in the world.

With a beauty by his side, Jordan naturally liked this room too.

However, unlike women who only cared about enjoying themselves, men did not lose their rationality so easily.

They knew how to get their priorities straight.

Jordan said, “What if Shaun comes in later We should leave this place first.

Its safer!”

Lota said, “What are you afraid of Arent you a Deity Jordan Cant you just predict when he will come in I want to stay with you for a while longer.

Jordan, please.”

Jordan had no choice but to oblige this “little vixen”.

Soon, it was dawn.

Geng Anli especially took a private plane to the castle to attend the wedding.


Geng, welcome to my wedding.

You must have a few more drinks today, haha!”

Shaun had already changed into a tuxedo.

Geng Anli shook Shauns hand and said in surprise, “I didnt expect you to be the one to marry Lota.

Are you doing this on behalf of your late son”

Shaun smiled.

“Haha, Anli, you are allowed to sleep with young men but I cant marry little girls We are the same.”

Geng Anli recalled that in the past few years, she wasnt much better than him in terms of her private life.

She smiled awkwardly and didnt say anything else.

“Sigh, Chairman Rong and Lota are getting married today.

Logically speaking, the eight families should gather together to celebrate such a moment.

Its a pity that the eight great families only exist in name now.

Other than our three families and the Steeles, the heads of the other four families have either died or retreated.

By the way, where is Deity Jordan I know you two have grown very close, like brothers.

I didnt expect you two to be so close that he is willing to give up his woman to you.”

Everyone knew that “Rong Bailun” had a good relationship with Jordan.

The two of them often held secret discussions and operations.

Geng Anli tried to participate several times, but they didnt include her.

Shaun sighed.

“Sigh, Anli, let me tell you some unfortunate news.

Deity Jordan, the man you once liked, is dead!”

Geng Anli was shocked.

“What did you say Jordan is dead How did he die”

Shaun shook his head.

“He and my father fought a very cruel battle because of Bingshao.

In the end, they both died.

Sigh, one is my best friend while the other is my father.

Their deaths make my heart ache! Before Jordan died, when he was on the verge of death, he held my hand and told me to marry Lota.

He knew that I was the only one in the world who had the ability to take care of her.

“Actually, putting aside my fondness for Lota, my marriage to her today is also to fulfill Deity Jordans dying wish!”

Geng Anli was feeling a little upset, but she quickly held back her sadness and said, “Anyway, congratulations.

Wheres the bride”

Shaun smiled sinisterly.

Lota had been locked in the special room for the entire night.

She had probably been corroded by the aphrodisiacal atmosphere and couldnt take it anymore.

If Shaun entered the room now, Lota would definitely not reject him.

“Madam Geng, please take a seat first.

My wedding today will be different from your usual traditional wedding.

Ive decided to consummate my marriage to Lota first before coming out to hold the wedding.

It might take a long time.”

With that, Shaun happily walked toward Lotas room.

‘Lota, I groomed you for 18 years just to have you today!

Shaun excitedly pushed the door open.

He walked in happily, only to realize that there was no sign of Lota!

“Wheres Lota Wheres Lota! Lee Su-ji!”

Lee Su-ji immediately came in.

When she saw that the room was empty, she panicked.

She quickly questioned the guards, but they didnt know what was going on.

They said that they didnt see anyone come out.

Lee Su-ji immediately knelt on the ground.

“Im sorry, Master.

It looks like Lota escaped.

She might have an invisibility cloak, so our men didnt see her!”


Although Lee Su-ji knelt down and apologized, Shaun still slapped her in anger!

Shaun spat furiously, “Why would she have an invisibility cloak! Did you give it to her!”

Lee Su-ji looked up at him and said, “Im loyal to Master.

I will never betray you!”

“Hmph! You wouldnt dare!”

Shaun examined the room.

He suddenly realized that there were traces of blood on the luxurious bed! He immediately went to have a closer look.

“Damn it, this is Lotas… Ah! Someone broke into the castle and saved Lota! He even took her virginity! Who was it!! Who was it!!”

Shaun was about to go crazy.

He thought that nothing would go wrong now that the “marriage-wrecking maniac” Jordan had died.

He never expected that there would be someone else who would ruin his wedding!

Not only did this person ruin Shauns wedding, but he also snatched away his bride and her chastity!

Lee Su-ji was also curious.

“Could it be the man who saved Victoria in the capital”

Shaun was furious.

“It must be him, it must be that b*stard! I keep feeling that I know him and that we have a grudge between us.

He must be the one who took away Lotas chastity.

Ah, this b*stard.

Who is he Why cant I remember!!”

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