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Shaun ranted angrily and was about to smack himself in the head.

It was as if he wanted to jolt his brain into remembering that persons identity.

Lee Su-ji hurriedly reached out to stop him.

“Master, please dont hurt yourself like this! You might have lost some of your memories after the mind-transplant procedure.

Its useless even if you beat yourself up like this!”

Shaun calmed down and asked, “Is that so Actually, I really feel that sometimes, some of my memories seem to be missing… Forget it.

No matter who that man is, Im certain that he must be directly related to Uehara Yumi and the Immortal Lake barrier! Therefore, Uehara Yumi is still the key.

Find her.

You must find her or her daughter, Yumi Kaner.”


Meanwhile, on Jungfrau in Switzerland.

A plane landed on the magnificent snow mountain.

A few people alighted from the plane.

They were Randall, Victoria, Yumi, and Park Sora.

Randall was wearing thin clothes but didnt feel cold on the snow mountain at all.

Meanwhile, Victoria and Yumi were wearing thicker clothes.

Victoria was wearing a ski jacket because Randall had said that he would take her skiing here.

Stepping on the snow and looking into the distance, Randall said to Yumi, who was following behind him.

“Yumi, Shaun has been searching for your mother and you all over the world.

He must have seen your mother in the past and thinks that she was the one who created the Immortal Lake barrier.

This is an opportunity for us.

Now that Shaun is preparing for his wedding, you can deliberately approach him and pretend to be caught by his men.”

“After that, lure him into that special room and let him kiss you.

He will definitely faint.

Once he faints, send us a signal.

Well rush in immediately and take his life while hes unconscious!”

Yumi was very respectful toward Randall.

“Yes, Chief!”

Randall said in a very dignified manner, “Okay, its getting late.

The wedding should be starting soon.

Go and prepare now.

Remember, wear something sexy.

Your looks are far too different from Lotas.

If you dont deliberately seduce him, Im afraid he wont like you.”

Instead of feeling offended, Yumi replied respectfully, “Yes Chief.

Im wearing black silk inside.

Do you want to take a look”

Randall replied with a straight face, “Theres no need.

You can head down the mountain.”


“Wait a minute.

Elder Sister Yumi, Ill accompany you down.”

Park Sora followed Yumi.

Yumi turned around and glanced at Randall.

She didnt dare to bring Park Sora along without his permission.

Randall knew that the two girls got along well, so he agreed.

“Sora, we dont need you for this mission.

After accompanying Yumi down the mountain, you have to come back and meet us, understand”

Park Sora replied obediently, “Okay, got it.

Goodbye, Chief.”

After the two of them left, Randall set aside his dignified posture and smiled gently at Victoria.

He even held her hand and said, “Do you want me to teach you how to ski”

Victoria smiled.

“I address you as Uncle but do you think Im a child Our age gap is not that wide, I am just a few years behind you in skiing.”

Randall smiled.

“From your tone, it sounds like you want to compete with me”

Victoria said, “Lets compete then.

I might not lose to you.”

Victoria had always liked to ski.

She would go skiing resorts in Japan or Europe almost every year.

Randall was very happy.

“Alright, I like this kind of headstrong woman!”

He immediately called for someone to bring over two sets of skis.

Victoria looked very professional as she asked, “Are you wearing this to ski”

Randall smiled and nodded.

“Thats right.

You probably havent seen someone wearing short sleeves when skiing, right In order to give you a brand new experience, I deliberately wore this.

Lets begin!”

Randall had no intention of showing mercy to the fairer sex.

Before Victoria could react, he had already started.

Victoria was unwilling to fall behind.

She had always been competitive and did not want to lose to men.

So she kept chasing after him.

Looking at Randalls athletic and dashing movements in the snow, Victoria couldnt help sighing in her heart.

‘This man is so handsome! Why are the Steele family members so outstanding…

Meanwhile, Yumi and Park Sora were on a train heading down the mountain.

The train passed through the 7122-meter-long tunnel on Mont Aiguille and would arrive at Kleine Scheidegg station.

Park Sora accompanied Yumi to that station.

As Randall had already sent people to seal off this place, there were no tourists on the train.

Instead, it was filled with their people.

In the car, Yumi and Park Sora looked at the beautiful scenery of Jungfrau as they chatted.

Park Sora asked, “Why do you think the Chief didnt let us tell Victoria that Jordan isnt dead Victoria looks like she will still cry if she hears Jordans name!”

Before they met Victoria, Randall had specially instructed them not to mention seeing Jordan.

As Randalls subordinates, they naturally didnt dare to disobey.

Park Sora was puzzled before suddenly giving a wicked smile.

“Haha, do you think the Chief has taken a liking to Victoria Is he going to snatch Jordans woman Thats great.

I really want to see Jordans woman being snatched away by someone else.

Hmph, he deserves it for interfering with Jamie and me.”

Yumi said seriously, “The Chief has always put the interests of the world first.

He wont turn against his nephew for a woman.

Im guessing that Victoria is not an ordinary person.

She should be a mutant too!”

Park Sora was surprised.

“Oh, right.

Chief seems to have something that can test if a person is a mutant.

Whats it called”

“Immortal Water,” Yumi said.

Park Sora asked, “Immortal Water”

Yumi patted Park Soras head.

“Its water extracted from the Immortal Lake.

The Chief believes that there are immortals in the lake, so he called it the Immortal Water.

With this Immortal Water, a person doesnt have to jump into the lake to know if he is a mutant.

He just needs to put his hand in the Immortal Water as a test!

“The talents of different people are divided into several levels according to color.

From low to high, they are green, silver, black, purple and gold.”

Park Sora said excitedly, “Yes, yes, I know that.

The Chief told me that I tested as silver! Yumi, youre green, right When I awaken my abilities at the Immortal Lake, Ill be stronger than you in the future.”

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