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Park Sora was able to join the Mutant Tribe not only because she came from a secret family with a noble status.

Before this, Randall had secretly sent Yumi to test her.

Her result was the silver level.

This result was already enough to defeat 99% of the people.


However, they had no idea how powerful Shaun was.

He had killed Rong Huangde and almost killed Jordan!

In the castle.

Shaun was drinking tea with Geng Anli in the hall when Lee Su-ji rushed in in a panic.

“Master, we caught a woman sneaking around near the castle.

Guess who it is”

Shaun was annoyed.

“My bride has already run away.

Do you think Im still in the mood to play riddles with you”

Lee Su-ji smiled.

“I believe this news will definitely make Master feel better.

Master, weve successfully captured Yumi Kaner!”

Shaun immediately got up excitedly.

“What did you say Yumi Kaner Uehara Yumis daughter, Yumi Kaner She actually sent herself right to our doorstep”

Lee Su-ji smiled and nodded.

Shaun laughed loudly.

“Hahahaha, it really didnt take much effort! I thought it would take at least a few months to capture this mother-daughter duo.

The heavens are treating me well.

Bring her up quickly.

I want to interrogate her myself!”


Geng Anli asked curiously, “Bailun, why did you capture Yumi Isnt she Jesses wife And I heard that theyre divorced.”

Shaun replied, “Anli, you dont know this but Yumi Kaner is from the Nine Chrysanthemum Faction.

Have you heard of the Nine Chrysanthemum Faction Its a very powerful and sinister organization in Japan.

Yumi Kaner is a descendant of the Nine Chrysanthemum Faction.

Shes very dangerous.

I have to capture her and control her.”

This was the first time Geng Anli had heard about the Nine Chrysanthemum Faction.

“Thank you for your efforts, Chairman Rong.”

Soon, Yumi was brought up.

She was wearing a very sexy white top, a short black skirt, and black silk high heels.

She did look rather alluring.

However, Yumi was not a naturally seductive woman.

She was the more virtuous type, so the outfit looked a little mismatched on her.

When Shaun saw Yumi, he couldnt help laughing.

“Yumi, you are trying to be a spy in this outfit Hahaha, didnt your mother teach you what to wear when spying on the enemy”

Yumi glanced at Shaun and then at Geng Anli beside him.

Suddenly, Yumis gaze flickered.


The person restraining Yumi suddenly fell to the ground.

Taking this opportunity, she quickly escaped.

Surprisingly, Yumi did not flee to the outside.

Instead, she fled deeper into the castle.

“Chase after her! Take her down immediately!”

Lee Su-ji didnt expect Yumi to be so powerful.

She immediately issued the order.

Shaun smiled faintly and said, “No need.

You guys can leave.

I can settle it myself!”

The grudge between the Handley family and the Nine Chrysanthemum Faction had started in the previous generation.

Yumis mother had tortured Shauns uncle and father for a long time.

She tortured Shauns uncle so badly that he ended up in a tragically wretched state.

Shaun looked vengeful as he thought to himself:Uncle, Daddy, Ill take revenge on her daughter for what she did to you! Ill make Yumi Kaner wish she was dead!”

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