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Looking at Yumis aggrieved tears, Shaun felt extremely smug.

“Ive finally avenged my uncle.

Yumi, do you know how much your vicious mother tortured my uncle Compared to your mothers viciousness, what I did to you is nothing!”

Yumi looked at him with tears in her eyes and asked, “Shaun, why… why didnt you kiss me Am I… really that unattractive”

Hearing this question, Shaun was momentarily stunned before laughing out loud.

“Hahaha, Yumi, I didnt expect you to want me to kiss you.

Looks like youve been completely conquered by me.

Hahaha, I am indeed powerful! However, Yumi, you came at the wrong time today.

Although youre not a great beauty, youre still soft and lovely.

“Its a pity that my bride, Lota, has just been kidnapped.

I just wanted to vent the frustration in my heart.

My mind is filled with thoughts of Lota.

Im not interested in your face! Haha, Im sorry.

I hope it didnt hurt your pride.

However, if youre not satisfied with your face, I can introduce a doctor to you.”

Yumi put on her clothes and glared at Shaun.

“No need!”

When Yumi stood up, Shaun grabbed her arm and said, “Yumi, can you tell me now where your mother is You should know me.

I can do anything.

Raping you is just the appetizer.

If you dont tell me, I can torture you in a hundred ways and make you wish you were dead!”

Yumi looked at him fiercely and said, “You want to see my mother You want to break through the barrier of Immortal Lake Ill bring you there!”

Shaun was overjoyed.

“Not bad, this is a smart woman! Tell me, where is your mother!”

Yumi coldly said, “Cloud Lake Town.”

At this moment, in a hotel dozens of kilometers away from the castle.

Jordan and Lota were also spying on the conversation between Yumi and Shaun.

Before Jordan left with Lota, he had specially placed a listening device in the room to monitor Shauns arrival.

He believed that Shaun would give orders to his subordinates in this room after he discovered that Lota had been kidnapped.

Jordans original intention was to eavesdrop on Shauns orders.

He didnt expect to have an unexpected gain.

Yumi actually found Shaun.

Moreover, she had such a ridiculous incident with Shaun.

In the end, she even revealed a new location: Cloud Lake Town.

Jordans eyes lit up.

He immediately called Dragon and asked him to prepare a plane and weapons to go to Cloud Lake Town.

Meanwhile, Lota had been clinging onto Jordans arm ever since she became his “wife”.

She looked like she couldnt bear to leave him.

Lota looked a little sad.

“Yumi is so pitiful.

She was actually raped by Shaun.

That demon deserves to die! How many women has he raped! Jordan, if you hadnt saved me twice, I would definitely have had the same fate as Yumi and Lee Su-ji… Im really a blessed woman.”

Jordan patted Lota and said, “Yumi is not a fool.

She has superpowers.

Her kiss will make people dizzy.

Im guessing that she took the initiative to go near the castle because she wanted Shaun to capture her.

She also went to that special room because she wanted to have intimate contact with him.

“Once Shaun kisses her, he will faint.

Perhaps with his abilities, he wont be unconscious for long.

However, even if he loses consciousness for only a minute, its enough for their organization to take action.

Its a pity that Shaun wasnt that interested in Yumi.

He only raped her and didnt kiss her.”

Lota listened carefully and said, “Are you saying that Yumis teammates are outside the castle Once Shaun faints, her teammates will barge in and kill him”

Jordan nodded.

“That must be it.”

Jordan surmised that his uncle, Randall, had come up with this plan.

Lota continued to ask, “Yumi finally revealed her mothers location.

Did she really yield to Shaun Was she lying Is her mother really in Cloud Lake Town”

Jordan said, “Since Yumi revealed this location so quickly, I guess that it is part of her plan.

Since I was a young boy, my uncle taught me that no matter what I do, I have to have Plan B.

If the first plan doesnt work, I have to proceed with Plan B immediately.

This should be their Plan B.

Lure Shaun to Cloud Lake Town and ambush him there to kill him!”

Lota became excited.

“Jordan, are we going to help too”

Jordan nodded.

“Of course.

This will be the best opportunity to kill Shaun.

My uncle has a group of capable people under him.

In addition, he has already set up an ambush.

He will definitely be able to defeat or even kill Shaun! I want to personally go over and kill Shaun to avenge Victoria!”

At this moment, at the foot of the snow mountain in Switzerland, Randall suddenly held Victorias hand and said, “Victoria, lets set off for Cloud Lake Town.

I want to personally kill Shaun to avenge you!”

Victoria nodded gratefully.

“Yes, thank you, Uncle Randall! However, Shaun said that Lota was kidnapped.

Did you send someone to do it”

Randall knew very well that it was Jordan who had abducted Lota.

“It should be one of my subordinates.

Theres no time to lose.

Lets not bother about such details for now.

Lets set off quickly.”


10 hours later.

Cloud Lake Town.

This place had very magnificent natural scenery and should have been very popular with sightseeing tourists.

However, Cloud Lake Town was located in a steep area.

Also, many accidents had happened in recent years, so no one dared to enter.

Shaun had just brought Yumi to Cloud Lake Town.

He had also brought the Rong familys elite troops with him.

Not only were there many soldiers, but there were also many weapons and various scientific experts.

Although Uehara Yumi was alone, Shaun had seen how powerful she was and did not dare to be careless.

He wanted to gather the power of the entire Rong family to deal with Uehara Yumi.

After landing, looking at the large number of people and planes, Yumi said to Shaun in disdain, “Shaun, youre really a coward.

My mother is the only person in the entire town.

But you actually brought so many people! Youre really not a man!”

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