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Shaun looked at her in disdain.

“You little b*tch, are you being cheeky now that youre here Tell me, where is Uehara Yumi”

Yumi gazed toward the front.

“In the innermost area.”

At the moment, Yumi was being held by Shauns men.

Her hands were cuffed as she led the way.

Shaun and the others followed behind.

The natural scenery in Cloud Lake Town was unbelievably beautiful.

It was difficult to imagine that in the era of the internet, there would be such a wonderful paradise that no one knew about.

It seemed like Uehara Yumi had used some methods to prevent outsiders from approaching the town, much less taking photos and uploading them online.

Otherwise, such a beautiful place would have long become an Instagram hotspot for those online influencers.

However, Shaun was very nervous as he looked at the beautiful plants and trees.

“What a deserted place.

Its so big, but theres no one here.”

Shaun had an ominous feeling.

Before long, Yumi brought Shaun to a wooden house and said, “My mother lives here.”

Shaun glanced around.

Although it was a wooden house, it was very exquisite.

The exterior and interior were made of expensive wood that looked very finely textured.

Outside the door were nine pots of chrysanthemums.

“Ask your mother to come out.”

Yumi said, “My mother hasnt left this house in 10 years.”

Shaun was shocked.

“Do you think Im a three-year-old child Would I believe your nonsense Ill torture you a little.

I dont believe she wont come out!”



Shaun immediately started beating up Yumi at the door.

Yumi cried out in pain.

However, no matter how Yumi screamed, there was no reaction from inside.

Shaun shouted.

“Uehara Yumi, if you dont come out, Ill rape your precious daughter before killing her!”

But Shauns actions were in vain.

“Damn it, looks like this woman really doesnt dare to come out.”

Shaun instructed Lee Su-ji, “Bring your men and go in with me.

You must be careful at all times.

Uehara Yumi is very powerful.

Shes not an ordinary person.

Protect me.”

Lee Su-ji nodded.


Shaun and his men escorted Yumi in.

Shaun became increasingly nervous.

Uehara Yumis spells were so powerful that even Shauns father and uncle could not withstand them.

And Shauns strength was inferior to his uncles.

In a one-on-one battle, Shaun was no match for Uehara Yumi.

However, Shaun did not come alone today.

He brought the top technology and elite troops of the Rong family.

He could easily kill a hundred Uehara Yumis!

Moving forward, Shaun approached the innermost room step by step.

Suddenly, he saw a white-haired, disheveled woman sitting on a futon.

“Uehara Yumi!”

Although he could only see a third of her face, Shaun was certain that she was Uehara Yumi!

Seeing the other partys terrifying appearance, Shauns heart pounded in fear.

He believed even more that Uehara Yumi was the culprit behind the Immortal Lake barrier.

She looked like a master of immortal techniques now.


When Yumi saw Uehara Yumi, her heart ached.

Uehara Yumis eyes remained closed, and one could barely detect her breathing.

This mysterious situation made Shaun feel that she was even more unfathomable.

Shaun smiled sinisterly.

“Uehara Yumi, can you guess who I am”

Uehara Yumi still did not open her eyes, but she slowly said, “I feel a familiar aura from you…”

In 1978, Uehara Yumis English was not very good.

But now, she spoke the language fluently.

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