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Although Cayden made Haileys heart race, she didnt show it.


Hailey nudged Rachel and chided, “What nonsense are you spouting Im not the same as you, married yet still eying young hunks.

Ill never betray my husband.


In Haileys eyes, Jordan was now the perfect man for her as he fulfilled all her fantasies about her dream guy.


Rachel continued, “I know you and Jordan love each other, but a little fun wont hurt, seriously.

Ill let you in on a secret, Caydens family is worth billions too.

Hes just as wealthy as your husband!”




Haileys jaw dropped.

‘Why have I never met a billionaire scion in the past but now that Im married, even a random person I meet is a billionaire.


Since she was being threatened by Cayden, Rachel had no choice but to continue to put in a good word for him.

She said, “Hailey, your husband might find out about you and Tyler one day.

Besides, you used to treat him so terribly in the past three years.

He might just divorce you someday.”


“I think you should find a backup boyfriend.

Cayden is very smitten with you, and hes quite a good catch.

You should consider giving him a shot.”


After saying that, Rachel left.


“Miss Camden, do you have time now I can tell you more about the source of inspiration for my design and the future plans for this private residential project.”


Cayden was pretentiously acting like he was working seriously.


“Sure.” Hailey ruffled her long, beautiful tresses and answered smilingly.



Three days later.


It was drizzling at 9 pm.


Jordan was still working in the office.

He knew that Hailey would be supervising the progress of Hailey Residences for the time being and was much more worried about her than usual because she was pregnant.

Hence, he gave her a call.


“Honey, are you still at the construction site of Hailey Residences You didnt drive today, did you Do you want me to go over and pick you up” Jordan asked.


Hailey answered, “Its alright, Hubby, continue with your work.

I called a taxi, and Im already home!”


“Oh, okay, Ill be home soon.

Go to bed if youre tired.”


“Alright, love you.”


After hanging up, Hailey touched the cars glass window while admiring the raindrops that were trickling down the window, feeling extremely at ease.


At this moment, she was sitting in the passenger seat of Caydens $3.5-million sports car.


Cayden had just driven her to Rose Garden Villa.


He pulled over across the road and did not drive-in.


“Thank you for sending me home, Cayden.” Hailey smiled and thanked him.


Cayden teased, “Sending a goddess home is something mortals like me would die for.

I should be thanking you instead.”


Cayden had a glib tongue, and he had utterly put Hailey on a pedestal with his sweet nothings.

For the past few days, Hailey worked with Cayden and grew fonder and fonder of her.


Hailey patted Cayden gently and said, “Youre so good at sweet-talking and coaxing girls.

God knows how many girls youve fooled.”


Cayden defended himself innocently, “Im so wronged.

Miss Camden, youre the only one Ive ever complimented in this life! Other women cant catch my eye at all.”


“Psht, as if Id believe you.

Youre such a dreamboat.

There must be plenty of girls courting you.”


Hailey couldnt help but glance at Caydens dashing side profile before saying, “Its getting late, and my husband is coming home soon.

It would be bad if he sees us.

I have to get going.

See you at the office tomorrow.”


Hailey was just about to open the car door and alight from the car, but to her surprise, Cayden suddenly grabbed her hand.


“Miss Camden…”


Extremely stunned and at a loss, Hailey asked, “What are you doing”


Cayden had been deliberately trying to get closer to Hailey for the past three days, and he felt that the time was ripe.


Thus, he confessed, “Miss Camden, Ive been in love with you ever since I saw you three days ago.

Youre the most gorgeous woman Ive ever met.

I really adore you!”


Hailey was at a loss for words in response to Caydens confession.


However, a womans sixth sense is very accurate.

She could tell since a long time ago that Cayden was interested in her.


Hailey let go of Caydens hand and said, “Cayden, Im married, and Im expecting now.

Youre such a brilliant man.

Why do you fancy me There are many girls you can choose from.”


Cayden grabbed Haileys hand again and said with a sincere expression, “No woman in this world can compare to you!”


Hailey was feeling extremely conflicted, but a three-day encounter was still no match for a three-year relationship.


Besides, she didnt know Cayden very well yet, so she couldnt say yes to him.


Hailey said, “I dont know much about you yet.”


Hailey also wanted to take the opportunity to find out what exactly Cayden did for a living and why he was so affluent.


At this moment, Cayden decided to come clean with her.

“My family runs a logistic business.

Breezy Express belongs to us.”


Hailey was immediately shocked to hear his words.

“Breezy Express Mr.

Arthur Huxley is your grandfather Are you Tyler Collins cousin”


Cayden nodded.


Hailey was stunned.

Breezy Express was the biggest logistics company in the nation.

If Cayden was Arthur Huxleys grandson, it was no doubt that his family would have billions in assets!


However, Hailey was a little worried at the moment because Jordan had had a feud with Tyler previously, and Tyler had gone to the Huxleys for help.


Hailey once again let go of Caydens hand and asked, “What are you here in Orlando for Surely youre not here to look for trouble with my husband, are you”


Pretending to be unaware of the situation, Cayden asked with a puzzled expression, “Look for trouble with your husband Why would I do that By the way, do you know Tyler too Tyler may be my relative, but the Collins has never been in touch with the Huxleys, and I havent seen Tyler in years.”


Hailey had been “married” to Tyler before, so she had heard from him that the Huxleys, indeed, wouldnt entertain the Collins or even see them when they visited.


Thus, it was perfectly reasonable for Cayden to have not met Tyler before.


Hailey continued to ask, “Didnt Tyler go to New York to look for you guys”


Cayden answered, “I dont know, Ive been abroad for the last few years, and I just came back a few days ago.

As soon as I did, Rachel dragged me here to help you.

I havent gone home yet.

Whats the matter Did something happen”


Hailey waved her hand and said, “No, its nothing.”


Since Cayden didnt know what happened between Jordan and Rosie Huxley, she decided not to tell him.


Jordan had explained to Hailey that nothing happened between him and Rosie Huxley that night .

He merely asked her to sing for the entire night.


Hailey knew what kind of a person Jordan was, and she trusted him too.


Hailey asked, “Cayden, how is your relationship with your aunt”


Cayden asked, “You mean Rosie Huxley Shes not my aunt.

The Huxleys disowned her a long time ago.”


Hailey felt relieved.

She thought that since the Huxleys had disowned Rosie, they wouldnt take revenge on Jordan for her.


Cayden grabbed Haileys hand again and asked, “Goddess, are you deliberately changing the subject Ive just confessed my love to you.

How exactly do you feel about me”


Hailey suddenly felt shy and was at a complete loss for words.


However, this time, Hailey didnt shake his handoff.


Instead, she allowed him to interlock his fingers tightly with hers, as lovers would!


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