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Shaun suddenly realized that he might have fallen into Yumi Kaners trap!

Turning around, Shaun looked at Yumi Kaner and realized that she was taking the initiative to kiss one of the men guarding her.

That man seemed to have taken a liking to Yumi and did not reject her.

However, just as he kissed her, the mans eyes suddenly rolled back and his head spun.

He fell to the ground.

Flipping over, Yumi jumped into a secret door in the room, escaping Shauns control.

Although she still had the handcuffs that Shaun had put on her, it was just a matter of time for the people from the Nine Chrysanthemum Faction to get rid of them.

“Damn it! This little b*tch actually has such a strange ability! Thank god, I didnt kiss her in the room previously!”

Shaun felt a lingering fear.

He didnt expect Yumi to be able to make someone faint after kissing him.

If Shaun had kissed Yumi when he raped her, perhaps he would have been killed by her now!

When he thought about how Yumi had taken the initiative to come near the castle to be captured and how she was dressed so sexily, Shaun realized that she had definitely planned this!

Shaun was anxious and angry.

“Yumi Kaner! You b*tch! You ran away and dont care about your mother Alright, Ill kill your mother now!”

With that, Shaun immediately picked up his pistol and aimed it at Uehara Yumi.


A ball of flames suddenly burned at the muzzle of Shauns gun.

Under intense fire, the pistol exploded!

Uehara Yumi said, “Who told you that Im not as good as before”

Shaun gulped in fear at the thought that his father and uncle had been dominated by Uehara Yumi!

Uehara Yumi was alone and she would definitely die if all his subordinates worked together to attack her.

However, Shauns only thought now was not to kill Uehara Yumi or find Yumi Kaner.

It was to escape!

Escape this place as soon as possible!

The situation here was different from what he had expected.

Whenever Shaun encountered a situation beyond his control, his caution would prompt him to escape to a safe place.

“Everyone, retreat immediately!”

Shaun wanted to flee from Cloud Lake Town first before using a cannonball to blast this beautiful paradise into ashes.

Be it humans or animals, flowers or grass, not a single one would be spared!

However, just as he was about to leave the room…


With a loud bang, a thick steel door suddenly blocked their path!

Shaun tried to push it away but to no avail.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Lee Su-ji also used her gun and laser knife to attack it, but she couldnt penetrate it.

There was only some superficial damage.

“The other side!”

Since the door on this side was blocking their way, Shaun decided to jump out of the window on the other side.

Even if there was no window and the other side was a wall, unless it was specially reinforced, Shauns men could easily blast it open.





Three more thick doors flew over and blocked all the exits.

“Oh no, Yumi Kaner lured me here.

It was indeed premeditated! Who is it Who is the person who conspired with Yumi Kaner!”

Shaun became nervous.

Meanwhile, Jordan, Lota, Dragon, Salvatore and the rest had already arrived.

However, they remained stationed outside Cloud Lake Town and did not enter.

Before Shaun arrived, they had already found out where Uehara Yumi lived and installed surveillance cameras and listening devices inside.

Therefore, Jordan and the others could clearly see what was happening with Shaun.

Lota was overjoyed.

“Shaun is trapped! Many of his people are outside and cant help him! Your uncle should be here soon, right”

Jordan nodded.

“Yes, hell appear soon.”

Dragon said, “Master, should we go over and help Fight against Shauns subordinates”

Jordan reached out to stop him.

“Dont make any moves first.

My uncle will be talking to Shaun.

I want to hear their conversation.”


No one dared to speak again.

Meanwhile, in the room where Shaun was trapped.

A figure suddenly appeared behind Uehara Yumi.

It was not Yumi Kaner, but a man wearing a hat.

Shaun recognized this mans outfit.

“Youre the man who saved Victoria! You planned all of this Who are you If youre a real man, youll reveal your face!”

The man took off his hat and smiled confidently.

“Randall Steele!”

Shaun took a step back in fear.

“How is that possible… you… youre not dead!”

Shaun clearly remembered getting his wife to kill Randall.

Randall had a smile on his face.

“Shaun, its been a long time.

I didnt expect you to become Chinese the next time we met.

However, even though youre in a different body, your movements and tone of voice are still familiar to me.

You must be very surprised, right You got your wife to kill me.

Unfortunately, I was saved by my friend.

“Ive been in hiding for the past 10 years.

Shaun, youve caused me a lot of trouble!”

Shaun became extremely nervous.

When he first saw Randall in the capital, he already felt that gaze was extremely familiar.

He never expected it to be Randall, who he believed had been dead for more than 10 years!

“Randall, since youve been hiding for so long, why did you appear in the capital that day and take the risk to save Victoria from me”

Randall said, “Victoria is the wife of my dearest nephew, Jordan.

Shes my niece-in-law.

Of course I have to save her.

How can I watch my niece-in-law be humiliated by a scumbag like you”

Hearing this, Jordan was extremely touched.

“Uncle is so good to me.”

From Jordans childhood memories, Randall had always treated him very well and taught him many principles in life.

Compared to his fathers stern manner, Jordan preferred to be with his uncle.

Lota was also very happy to have an uncle who would risk his life for Jordan.

“Jordan, its all thanks to your uncle.

Otherwise, if Shaun tainted Victoria again, with her character, she would probably jump off a building and commit suicide.”

Jordan nodded in agreement.

Victoria loved him so much while he had yet to get a chance to break up with her.

Victoria definitely still treated herself as Jordans wife.

As Jordans wife, if she was tainted by another man again, she might really commit suicide!

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