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In Uehara Yumis room, Shaun snorted.

“Hehe, Randall, you sure are nice to your nephew.

However, Im very curious.

You carried Victoria and jumped down from such a high building, but youre still safe and sound.

Are you also injected with the Mirakuru serum”

Jordan had been very curious about this previously, but after knowing that Randall was the Chief, he was no longer surprised.

If Yumi had superpowers, as her superior, it was only right for Randall to be even stronger than her.

Randall said, “The Mirakuru serum developed by Jordan and the Japanese is indeed a must-have in battle.

Its very good.

I plan to get my subordinates to be injected with it as well.

However, I dont need it myself because Ive already obtained this ability from the Immortal Lake.”

Immortal Lake!

Hearing this, Shaun became excited.

“So you are the one who set up the barrier around the Immortal Lake! Randall, what have you been doing all these years! Did you create the Hexagon Organization I remember that you used to like hexagons!”

Randall explained with a smile.

“I didnt expect your memory to be so good after the mind-transplant procedure.

Yes, Ive established an organization, but thats not called the Hexagon Organization.

We are the Mutant Tribe, and I am the leader of the Mutant Tribe.”

“Mutants Youre all mutants with superpowers”

Shaun immediately understood what Randall meant.

Randall nodded.

“Thats right.

Ever since I obtained the recognition of Immortal Lake, Ive been looking for other mutants like me.

Over the past decade, Ive been expanding my influence.

I think that since the heavens bestowed superpowers only to some people while others remained mediocre, those who obtained the favor of the heavens should rule this world.”

Shaun was stunned.

“Rule the world”

Shauns heart skipped a beat.

After not seeing him for more than 10 years, he could feel that the Randall in front of him was no longer the lackey he used to be!

If anything, his domineering aura and ambition far exceeded his own!

Randall smiled at Shaun.

“Do you find this phrase very familiar Do you still remember who planted this dream in my heart Its all thanks to you, my good brother, Shaun!”

Shaun clenched his fists.

He naturally recalled what had happened in the past and knew what Randall was talking about.

He felt both regretful and ashamed.

Randall had been holding these words in his heart for many years.

Now that he started talking, he couldnt stop.

Randall continued.

“Back then, when we met, I wasnt too ambitious.

I just wanted to inherit the Steele family business and improve the status of the Steeles among the secret families so that they wouldnt look down on us.

“You know, Ive always been unwilling to admit defeat.

I didnt think my elder brother was stronger than me, so I wanted to fight with him for the position of family head.

But after getting to know you, you said that I was too short-sighted and was only focused on the position of head of the Steele family.

“Back then, to make use of me, you deliberately ingratiated yourself with me.

You praised me, claiming that I had the appearance of an emperor and that ruling the world should be my ultimate goal! Ever since then, ruling the world has become my ultimate dream! Shaun, its all thanks to you.”

Shauns expression was very grim.

He had indeed tricked Randall like this back then.

To trick someone, one had to say things that would resonate with the target.

Shaun felt that since Randall was ambitious and gullible, he would purposely praise him as the “future ruler of the world”.

But in actual fact, ruling the world was Shauns own dream.

Shaun suddenly laughed out loud and said, “Thats right, Randall.

Now that you mention it, I recall those wonderful times we had.

More than 10 years ago when the two of us drank and talked about life, the grand statements we made!

“Actually, when my wife wanted to kill you, I kept persuading her otherwise, but she still attacked.

After knowing that you were dead, I felt regretful! I was sad for three days and three nights because I lost someone who had the same dream as me! But no matter what, Im responsible.

Even so, you cant blame me for what happened.

“At that time, you were just an ordinary person with no superpowers.

Moreover, it was impossible for you to obtain the right to lead the Steele family.

On the other hand, I inherited the Handley familys spells.

You and I were on completely different levels.

But its different now.

Im the head of the Rong family, and youre the head of the Mutant Tribe! Randall, you and I can rule the world together now!”

Shaun actually invited Randall to rule the world with him!

Lota asked worriedly, “Will Uncle agree”

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