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A sinister smile appeared on Uehara Yumis face.

She was able to torment Shauns father and uncle in the past, and she could do the same to Shaun now!

In fact, in 1978, Uehara Yumi did not completely back down after being defeated by Jordan.

Instead, she disguised herself and found another chance to return to the US.

She also investigated Jordan thoroughly.

Unexpectedly, she ended up getting to know Randall.

It was purely a chance encounter.

With Randalls help, Uehara Yumi finally knew the source of the Handley familys spells.

It came from Immortal Lake.

After that, Uehara Yumi became a member of the Mutant Tribe.

She could be considered a founding member of the Mutant Tribe.

Shaun gradually felt like he couldnt breathe as he fell to the ground.

Uehara Yumi believed that she could kill Shaun on her own.

However, she had underestimated Shaun.

Shaun had witnessed Uehara Yumis ability in 1978.

He had long expected what would happen if he fell into her hands.

Therefore, he had already prepared all his defenses.

Shaun suffocated only for a short period of time before his breathing returned to normal.


Uehara Yumi was confused.

After Shauns breathing returned to normal, he jumped up and charged at Uehara Yumi, brandishing the laser knife in his hand.


Uehara Yumi cried out in pain as one of her arms was cut off by Shaun!

Shaun laughed loudly.

“You want to kill me Youre not qualified!”

When Randall saw this, he hurriedly supported Uehara Yumi.

Uehara Yumi looked at Randall in shame.

How had she failed in her attack

However, Randall knew what had happened.

He comforted her.

“Yumi, Shaun has the Rong familys emergency system on him.

You cant kill him with your methods.”

Shaun narrowed his eyes.

He didnt expect Randall to know this secret! He thought that he was the only person who had been hiding in the dark all these years, waiting for the right time to take over everything.

He didnt expect there to be someone else quietly hiding behind him!

Shaun was extremely afraid of Randall.

He knew very well about Uehara Yumi and her abilities.

However, he had no idea what Randall had obtained from Immortal Lake.

Shaun had seen Randall jump down from a 10-story building unscathed.

As a result, Shaun felt that he shouldnt waste time attacking Randall.

With his physique, he was definitely invulnerable like Jordan.

He would not be able to kill him within a short period.

Therefore, Shaun turned around and tried to burst open the door.

But Randall had planned everything carefully.

How could he let Shaun escape His figure was like a phantom as he charged toward Shaun.



Shaun waved his laser weapon and fought with Randall.

“Im not that easy to kill!”

However, just as Shaun was focused on Randall…

He did not notice a figure appearing behind him.

The black figure spun and flew toward Shauns lower body.


The black figure spun and cut off Shauns legs!


Shaun cried out in pain.

“Emergency! Emergency! Masters body is injured.

He needs surgery immediately! He needs surgery immediately!”

The emergency system on Shaun issued a danger warning.

Shaun was shocked.

He didnt even see who attacked him just now.

Where did the attacker come from and what weapon did he use

The attacker stopped and revealed an evil smile.

Looking at his hands, he was not holding anything at all.

In other words, he had cut off Shauns legs without using a weapon.

Instead, he relied on spinning his body!

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