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Looking at Shauns evil smile, Randall knew that this was definitely his doing.

“Treacherous b*stard!”

Randall was about to beat Shaun to death when a violent wind suddenly blew into the room!

He had previously ordered people to seal this place with four doors to prevent Shaun from leaving.

But while humans could not enter or leave, the wind could.

The strong wind blew mercilessly through the cracks, sweeping everyone into the air!



Everyone shouted in panic as they were blown into the sky!

Only Shaun laughed smugly.

“Hahaha, Randall, you had such a comprehensive scheme, but in the end, you were still one move short! You sealed off all exits and thought that I wouldnt be able to escape from you.

You didnt expect me to fly out from above, right Hahaha! Youre far inferior to your nephew, Deity Jordan! Only he has the right to kill me in this world.

Only he can predict all my escape routes.

Unfortunately, Jordan is already dead.

Im an invincible existence in this world!”

After everyone was swept into the sky, Shaun did not spin in the air like them.

Instead, he was quickly blown to safety by the whirlwind and landed.

This wind was not a tornado formed under natural conditions.

It was a weapon that was controlled by humans.

As such, the weapon could let Shaun survive while killing the others.

Shauns legs had been cut off at the calves.

Sitting on the ground, he was furious.

“Backup team, come over immediately with the most powerful laser cannon.

I want to blast Randall and his group of b*stards to death!”

Randall and the others were spinning in the air in a cluster.

With a single blast, at least a few people would die.

Even if Randall was invulnerable, he would definitely not be able to withstand such a powerful laser cannon.

“Oh no, Uncle is in trouble!”

Lota was very worried.

Jordans expression was cold as he nodded.

“Its my turn!”

He had thought that his uncle could kill Shaun on his own.

He didnt expect Shaun to be so cunning and so difficult to deal with.

It seemed like the only person in the world who could kill Shaun was Jordan!


A cannonball blasted into the sky.

This was a sign of a weather weapon being activated.

This time, it was not Shaun who activated the weather weapon, but Jordan!

The Steele family was no longer inferior to the Rong family in terms of research on weather weapons.

Shaun also noticed the blast, but he didnt pay much attention.

He thought that it was fired by the Rong family.

“Fire! Use all your weapons.

No one from the Mutant Tribe can be spared.

All of them have to die!” Shaun sat on the ground and shouted.

The others followed Shauns orders and began to attack the mutants.

However, at this moment, Victoria suddenly appeared with a gun!

Victoria had come to Cloud Lake Town with Randall.

However, Randall didnt let her show her face.

Instead, he asked her to hide outside the town.

He had sworn to Victoria that he would kill Shaun and avenge her.

As such, Victoria had also been monitoring the situation.

She never expected Shaun to be so lucky and cunning.

In the end, he managed to escape!

“I will never let this scoundrel who tainted me and killed my husband continue to live in this world.

I will kill him!”

Victoria suddenly appeared and ran towards Shaun.

“Shaun, go to hell!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Victoria fired a few shots at Shaun.

However, her shots missed as she was suddenly swept into the air by a whirlwind.

When Shaun saw this, he laughed out loud.

“Victoria You b*tch, you want to kill me! Put this woman down! This b*tch roped in Randall and caused me to lose my legs.

Nonetheless, Im still a man! Im going to play her to death now to vent the hatred in my heart!”

Shaun was not in a hurry to repair his legs.

He knew the medical standards of the Rong family very well.

He could wait another half an hour before reattaching his legs.

Now, he had to vent his anger first.

Coincidentally, the beautiful Victoria suddenly appeared.

Shaun had always coveted Jordans women.

Now that Jordan was no longer around, he had no qualms.

Hearing Shauns order, his subordinates immediately released Victoria.


Victorias weak body fell heavily to the ground.

The gun in Victorias hand was nowhere to be seen.

She no longer had a weapon to deal with Shaun.


Victoria fell in front of Shaun and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Falling from the height, she was seriously injured.

However, the most terrifying thing was yet to come.

Shaun grabbed Victorias beautiful long hair and said fiercely, “Victoria, you b*tch.

You must have instigated Randall to come here and kill me! Randall is so obedient to you.

Did you sleep with him You b*tch.

Jordan just died and you are already hooking up with his uncle.

Youre such a good wife!”

Victoria didnt care about the pain of her injuries.

She could endure the pain of her hair being grabbed too, but she couldnt allow Shaun to insult her like this!

She lifted her head and glared at Shaun.

“Nonsense! I didnt! Dont talk about me like that! You cant slander my sacred love with Jordan like this!”

Shaun laughed loudly.

“Hahahaha, sacred love Victoria, dont flatter yourself! To tell you the truth, Jordan has wanted to break up with you for a long time! Unfortunately, he died before he could do so.

If he comes back alive, the first thing he will do is break up with you!”


The sky suddenly became extremely gloomy.

There was a faint sound of thunder, and the raindrops began to fall.

Shaun looked up at the sky again and knew that it was caused by a weather weapon.

However, he still thought that it was the work of his subordinates, so he did not panic.

Victoria shouted, “Impossible! Jordan wouldnt break up with me.

He wouldnt abandon me!”

Shaun smiled.

“Victoria, youre really a stupid woman.

After you woke up the previous time, Jordan wasnt even willing to accompany you for a minute.

He immediately traveled back in time with me.

Couldnt you tell that he was giving you the cold shoulder Also, he specially ordered his subordinate to remove the idea that was implanted in your mind.

This already proves that he doesnt love you anymore and wants to get rid of you!”

Victoria considered the two things Shaun had mentioned and felt very sad.

“Is it true… that Jordan really doesnt want me anymore”

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