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Randall was Jordans uncle and they had not seen each other for so many years.

It was rather strange that he would display such an expression during their reunion.

Nevertheless, Randall quickly replaced that expression with a smile and walked toward Jordan.


Randall called out to him happily.

When Jordan saw Randall walking toward him, he was extremely excited.

More than 10 years had passed.

He had grown from a child to an adult, but his uncle didnt seem to have changed much.


Jordan jogged forward and hugged him tightly.

“Hahaha, well done! I told you long ago that you would be the most promising child in the Steele family.

You didnt disappoint me!”

Randall patted Jordans shoulder and kept praising him.

As Jordan looked at Randall, he was so excited that he almost cried.

“Uncle, I thought you were dead all these years.

Why didnt you come to see us”

Instead of responding, Randall interjected, “Victoria and I thought you were dead these past few days.

It looks like we both have a lot of twists in our stories! Dont worry.

We have plenty of time from now on!”


Jordan nodded.

He knew that the two of them had much to say to each other, but now was not the right time.

When Shauns subordinates and the Rong family men saw that Shaun was dead, many of them fled and were captured.

Dragon and Shaun escorted Lee Su-ji and the others over.

They came in front of Jordan and said, “Master, Lee Su-ji is Shaun and Rong Bailuns right-hand man.

She has been in the Rong Bailun family for many years.

How should we deal with her”

Jordan glanced at the delicate-looking Lee Su-ji.

Perhaps it was because she and Park Anya were both women from South Korea, and Jordan felt that he owed Park Anya.

Therefore, he didnt really want to kill this woman.

When Lee Su-ji saw Jordan, she knelt down.

“Thank you Deity Jordan, for killing Shaun and avenging me and Master Rong! Im willing to submit to Deity Jordan and serve him!”

Lee Su-ji was very familiar with the Rong family.

Jordan urgently needed someone familiar with the family to take over.

However, Randalls eyes were ferocious.

“Kill her.

We cant let Shauns subordinates live!”

Just as Randall spoke, a short, dark-skinned man behind him wanted to attack Lee Su-ji.

“Dont kill her! Dont kill Su-ji!”

Lota ran over and stood in front of Lee Su-ji.

“She isnt Shauns subordinate.

She was raped by him.

She wanted to find an opportunity to take revenge on him, so she pretended to submit to her.”

Hearing Lotas words, Jordan said to Randall, “Uncle, Ive interacted with Lee Su-ji before.

She and Shaun are not on the same side.

Moreover, shes very familiar with the Rong family.

Why dont we keep her for now She might be useful.”

After some consideration, Randall said, “Alright, we wont kill her then.”

Hearing Randalls words, the dark-skinned man took a few steps back indignantly.

He looked annoyed and glared at Jordan.

In this world, not many dared to look at Jordan so fiercely.

Jordan asked, “Uncle, whos the person beside you”

Randall smiled.

“Oh, hes the chief assassin of our Mutant Tribe.

His nickname is Black Mamba.

Hes not good at socializing and doesnt like to talk much.

You dont have to pay too much attention to him.”

Jordan nodded.

He knew that Black Mamba was most probably the person who cut off Shauns legs in Uehara Yumis house.

Randall then introduced another man behind him.

“This is Lincoln, the gadget master of our Mutant Tribe.”

Contrary to Black Mamba, Lincoln was very friendly and had a smile on his face.

However, Jordan felt that his smile revealed an unfathomable darkness.

Lincoln reached out his hand.

“Deity Jordan, Ive heard many great things about you.”

Jordan shook the other partys hand.

“Youre too kind.

Just now, I saw four doors appearing in the room where Shaun was in, blocking his escape route.

They were your masterpiece, right I wonder how you did it”

Lincoln smiled as he held out both hands.

Randall explained, “Lincoln can control many objects.”

Only then did Jordan realize why he was called a gadget master.

And it seemed like Lincoln had more moves than the earlier one.

If he was an opponent, he would definitely be a very troublesome character.

Randall continued to introduce the others.

“Yumi and Park Sora, you already know them.

Theyre also from our Mutant Tribe.

Oh, right.

Yumi, wheres your mother”

Yumi replied, “She wasnt feeling well and left with the doctor.”

Randall nodded.

He and Jordan both knew that Shaun wasnt the only reason why Uehara Yumi was feeling unwell.

The main reason was that she did not dare to see Jordan.

Randall said, “There are too many people in the Mutant Tribe, so I wont introduce them to you one by one.

Jordan, we havent seen each other for so many years.

Do you want to have a drink and chat When I left, it was more than a decade ago.

You were still a little child and couldnt drink.

Now, I am sure you can drink with me, right”

Jordan smiled.

“I want to drink 500 glasses with you!”

The two of them came to a house in Cloud Lake Town that had not been destroyed.

They poured white wine in the courtyard while Yumi personally prepared some dishes for them.

Randall, Victoria, Jordan and Lota sat at the dining table.

The others stood by the side or outside the courtyard.

Randall and Jordan didnt say much at first.

They each drank five glasses in a row.

Their bodies were far superior to ordinary people, and their alcohol tolerance was also much higher than usual.

If they wanted to get high on alcohol, they had to drink a lot.

After five glasses, Randall said, “Jordan, I heard from Shaun that he killed you.

How did you come back to life”

Victoria was sitting very close to Jordan.

She was even holding one of his hands as if she was afraid that he would disappear again in the next second.

Victoria also asked, “Thats right, Jordan.

What happened Uncle Randall said that Shaun has always been cautious.

He would never make such a claim if he wasnt completely confident that it was true.

We all believed Shauns words and thought that you were dead.

We even held a funeral for you.”


Jordan was puzzled.

He seemed to recall Yumi reporting to Randall that he wasnt dead.

Why did Randall still hold a funeral for him

Could it be that the funeral was held before Yumis report

Lota was also dumbfounded.

“Victoria, why didnt you invite me to Jordans funeral”

Victoria didnt have a good impression of Lota.

She knew that Lota wanted to be Jordans woman and she couldnt accept it.

Last time, it was because Lota came to the capital that triggered a series of events that ended up with Victoria attempting suicide.

Randall smiled.

“Its all my fault.

I trusted Shauns words too much.

When I found out about your death, I held a simple memorial for you.

That night after the funeral, Victoria cried for the entire night and fainted.

Jordan, Victoria really loves you.

You must treat her well in the future.

Dont let her down, do you hear me”

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