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At that time, Lota had just been born, so she didnt know the exact situation.

She only knew that the demon Shaun controlled their family.

She didnt realize that as a secret family, it was impossible for someone like Shaun to get close to the Schmids.

Shaun would need someone from another secret family to introduce him to them so that he could gain their trust.

Unexpectedly, this person was Jordans uncle Randall!

Jordan could tell that Lota was very angry.

Anyone would be very angry about this.

However, Jordan didnt want Lota and Randall to become enemies.

After all, they were his family.

So Jordan comforted Lota.

“Lota, I believe Uncle didnt know Shauns motive at that time.

He was coerced by Shaun.

Moreover, you know how devious Shaun is.

Even without my uncle, he would just find someone else to infiltrate your family.”

Randall also spoke up.

“Jordan is right.

I wasnt the only one he knew.

He was also friends with the second generation of the Haus family.”

Lota kept silent for a moment before saying, “Alright, since Jordan has spoken up for you, I wont blame you.”

Randall nodded at Lota.

“Thank you.”

He then continued.

“After that, I was no longer useful to Shaun.

Therefore, he asked his wife, Clara, to kill me.

Fortunately, I was always on guard against Shaun and his wife.

I had a friend who was always secretly protecting me.

After Clara thought that she had killed me and left, my friend appeared in time and saved me from the gates of hell.

“From then on, I went into hiding.

I was disheartened and no longer had any ambition.

I left the family matters to my elder brother.

I didnt want to do anything.

I just want to be a hermit in the mountains and spend the rest of my life there…”

Hearing this, Jordans heart ached for Randall.

Jordan said, “Uncle, my father told me himself that his heart ached when he found out that you were dead.

He also said that he regretted fighting with you.

He said that he couldnt compare to you and that you would have definitely managed the family better than he did.

You really should have returned to the family back then.

Were family, after all.”

Jordan had experienced fighting with Jesse for the position of head of the family.

He knew very well that even brothers would fight to the death for status.

However, this did not mean that one of them was a bad person or that they did not care about their relationship.

Randall was touched.

“He… really said that”

Jordan nodded sincerely.

Randall sighed and drank a glass of wine.

He continued.

“Perhaps this is fate! If I had returned to the family back then, I wouldnt have discovered the secret of the Immortal Lake! I wouldnt have established the powerful Mutant Tribe today! Jordan, do you still remember that I brought you to the Immortal Lake at Mount Denali when you were very young”

Jordan nodded.

“I remember.”

Randall smiled.

“You are a Deity now and have the ability to predict the future because I brought you to the Immortal Lake back then! Jordan, youre also a member of our Mutant Tribe!”

Jordan was stunned.

Randall attributed his Deity ability to the Immortal Lake

Actually, this was a good explanation.

Otherwise, how could an ordinary person like Jordan predict the future

However, he went to Immortal Lake more than 10 years ago.

Why did Jordan not have the ability to predict the future over the past ten years

Moreover, Jordan did not recall entering the lake at all.

When Victoria heard this, she was extremely excited.

“Jordan, so its all thanks to your uncle that you are a Deity Jordan.

You have to toast him and thank him properly!”

Jordan had major doubts about this.

He was unwilling to believe that his ability came from Immortal Lake.

Firstly, the timing didnt match.

Secondly, he was so young back then and didnt enter the Immortal Lake.

Thirdly, Jordans current status was a “Deity”! To become a “mutant”, a human with mutant abilities…

This drop in status was too great.

Jordan toasted Randall and said, “If my ability came from the Immortal Lake, why did I only develop it two years ago”

Randall smiled.

“Ive always felt that youre different from ordinary people since you were a young boy.

You did develop your abilities a little late in life.

However, no one can figure out the secret of Immortal Lake.

Its possible that yours is a special situation.”

Lota listened quietly.

Actually, she didnt quite understand.

“Jordan, you were a Deity and the most respected superpower in the world.

But now, youve become a mutant, and Uncle Randall is the leader of the Mutant Tribe.

Does this mean that you will be under his control in the future”

Randall and Jordan felt very awkward.

Indeed, Jordan used to be a Deity.

He was above everyone in the world.

Even Rong Huangde admired him.

But now, Jordan had become an ordinary “mutant”.

Moreover, he was being included in an organization that had been established by someone else.

Victoria said, “Uncle Randall is Jordans elder.

Moreover, he has established the Mutant Tribe for many years and is surrounded by other superhumans like Jordan.

Its reasonable for Jordan to be under Uncle Randalls control.

Lota, dont speak if you dont understand what is going on.”

Lota lowered her head after being reprimanded by Victoria.

At this moment, Randall looked at Jordan.

“Jordan, youre also a member of our Mutant Tribe.

I personally brought you to the Immortal Lake back then which bestowed this ability upon you.

Youre also my favorite nephew.

I value you more than my own son.

In the future, Ill leave everything to you.

Join our Mutant Tribe.

Ill give you the position of Vice-Chief.

How about that”

Join Randalls Mutant Tribe

Jordan felt a little strange.

Jordan had always been an autocratic person.

He had always been the boss and led a group of capable people by his side.

Especially in the advanced technology domain, he had the ability to rule.

Not to mention the Mutant Tribe, even the Rong family would be completely defeated by Jordan in 20 years.

Jordan did not need to join any organization or inherit Randalls Mutant Tribe.

With this in mind, Jordan rejected him.

“Uncle, Ive always liked to be unrestrained.

Moreover, your Mutant Tribe should be passed onto your son.”

Randall nodded.

“Alright, I wont force you if you dont want to join.

However, whether you join or not, youre still a member of our Mutant Tribe.

We, mutants, are the true top existences in this world.

Only we are qualified to rule the world.

“Dont worry.

If you need any help in the future, feel free to look for members of the Mutant Tribe.

No need to be shy!”

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