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Jordan knew that the people from the Mutant Tribe all had peerless abilities.

No one could be underestimated.

Even Yumi, who was considered a low-level mutant, could easily knock Jordan out.

The Black Mamba and gadget master Lincoln whom Jordan had just met were also very powerful characters.

Their strength was above that of Dragon and his men.

Jordan smiled.


Thank you, Uncle.”

Randall raised his wine glass.

“What are you thanking me for Were family.

Come, lets drink!”

After drinking so many glasses, Jordan was indeed a little drunk.

Lota noticed and she didnt want Jordan to get drunk.

She hurriedly said, “Jordan, dont drink so much.

Dont get drunk.”

Victoria hated Lotas concern for Jordan.

She was right beside Jordan and as his wife, she knew very well how to take care of him.

She didnt need any other woman to give advice!

So Victoria deliberately retorted, “Jordan and Uncle Randall havent seen each other for so many years.

Now that Shaun and Rong Huangde are all dead, doesnt he deserve to have a drink”

Lota said, “But its not time to celebrate yet.

Shaun, Rong Huangde and Rong Bailun are all dead.

No one is in charge of the Rong family now.

The Rong family is so far ahead of the world, surpassing even the other secret families in terms of technological and military strength.

They even have a secret base with a machine that can travel through time and space.

I think we should take over the Rong family immediately and control everything.”

Lotas words made sense.

If they didnt move quickly enough, things might change.

They should immediately take over the Rong family now that Shaun had died.

If they were a step too late, a second “Lee Su-ji” might appear in the Rong family to snatch the fruits of their victory.

Jordan nodded.

“Lota is right.

The Rong family bases and technology have to be taken over immediately.

Otherwise, it might have a huge impact on the entire world.”

Just the appearance of those terrifying weapons alone would cause a huge sensation.

Also, if the outside world knew that they could time-travel, the entire world would swarm over to the Time Gate and it would be chaos.

Since Shaun and the key Rong family members were all dead, the person who took over had the responsibility to continue to protect the world and prevent such chaos from happening.

Jordan called Dragon and Salvatore over.

“Dragon, go to Chongming Island and control the area around the Time Gate.

Dont let anyone near it.

Salvatore, bring some people to Mount Denali and capture all of Shauns subordinates.

Those people are the top scientists of the Rong family.

Remember, dont hurt them.

We can use them.”


Dragon and Salvatore were about to leave.

But Randall suddenly said, “Theres no need, Jordan.

Ive already sent people to do all that.”

Jordan was stunned.


The atmosphere began to shift.

Randall had already assigned people to take over the Rong family assets

Lota was momentarily taken aback before asking, “Uncle Randall, Shaun and Rong Huangde were defeated and killed by Jordan.

Shouldnt he take over the Rong family assets”

Salvatore was a hooligan and had no manners.

He didnt show any tact when he asked Randall, “Randall, what do you mean by that Are you trying to snatch credit from our Master If not for my master, you and your men would have been turned into meat paste by Shauns cannons!”


“How dare you!”

At the door, the sinister-looking Black Mamba and Lincoln suddenly stepped forward.

Lincoln said angrily to Salvatore, “Who do you think you are How dare you be so rude to our Chief! Youre just ordinary trash with no special abilities.

Your master is also a mutant.

Mutants should be under the jurisdiction of our Chief!”

Salvatore retorted.

“What mutant Our Master is a Deity, a Deity! An omnipotent Deity! Youre the ones who are f*cking trash!”

“You dare to look down on me Chaos is my middle name!”



Jordan and Randall scolded them at the same time.

This uncle and nephew had been separated for more than 10 years and had finally reunited.

They didnt expect their subordinates to start fighting.

Jordan hurriedly apologized.

“Im sorry, Uncle.

I didnt discipline my subordinates well.”

Randall smiled.

“My subordinates are in the wrong too.

Mutants are all talented people with unique abilities.

Actually, although they are very respectful to me, I dont usually discipline them.

This is because I respect their talent.

Theres no distinction between high and low in our Mutant Tribe.

Were all above normal humans, the masters of the world.”

Lota couldnt help saying, “Uncle Randall, you keep saying that the mutants are the upper-class people in this world.

What about the rest of us with no superpowers Even if we are from secret families, are we not considered above the others, are we not the rulers of the world”

Without waiting for Randalls answer, Lincoln smiled.

“Of course the secret families are nothing.

Compared to our Mutant Tribe, secret families are just lowly creatures!”

“Hahaha, thats right.”

The group of mutants laughed loudly as they echoed this view.

Although Jordan was also categorized as a “mutant”, he felt very uncomfortable.

At this moment, an idea came to Lotas mind.

She pulled Lee Su-ji over.

Lota pulled Lee Su-ji to the middle of the group and asked, “Su-ji, were discussing taking over the Rong family now.

Youve been in the family for the longest time.

You have the most power and influence now.”

“Who do you want to let take over the Rong family Jordan or Randall, the head of the Mutant Tribe”

Lee Su-ji replied without hesitation, “The Rong family was defeated by Jordan.

I will only accept him as my master! As for those despicable people who have been hiding in the dark for more than a decade and dont dare to show their faces, just waiting for the right moment to reap the benefits.

theyre not worthy to take over our great Rong family!”

A smile appeared on Lotas face.

She knew that Lee Su-ji would rather acknowledge Jordan as her master.

But after hearing Lee Su-ji mock Randall, Black Mamba suddenly turned around and attacked Lee Su-ji!



“Be careful!”

Lee Su-jis slender and beautiful fingers were twisted and broken.

If not for Jordans intervention, Lee Su-ji would have been killed on the spot!

Jordan was furious.

“B*stard! Didnt I say not to hurt Lee Su-ji How dare you disobey my orders!”

Black Mamba smiled.

“Im sorry, I only listen to the Chiefs orders.”

“You have a death wish!”

Jordan was furious.

The anger in his chest burned.

He immediately raised his hand, wanting to teach Black Mamba a lesson!

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