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The raindrops continued to fall on the car windows.

The area where Cayden pulled over was pitch dark.


Besides, the windows of Caydens Aston Martin car were heavily tinted.

The situation inside the car could not be seen from outside at all.


At this moment, Cayden even switched off the headlights of the car.


It was as if they were hiding in a well-concealed darkroom which was extremely safe and would quickly go unnoticed.


Hailey felt extremely “safe” in such an environment.


The reason being, no one outside would be able to see anything even if she did something in the car with Cayden.


Hailey and Cayden were holding hands tightly like a couple would.


She said, “Cayden, I actually feel pretty good about you too.

Youre so dashing, and you come from a wealthy family too.

Which girl wouldnt like you”


“However, weve only known each other for a short period after all, and my husband is treating me very well now, so Im sorry, but I have to turn you down.”


Hearing Haileys answer, Cayden understood what she meant.


“Will you consider giving me a shot if we spend more time together and your husband starts mistreating you”


This time, Hailey hesitated to answer instead of decisively refuting again.


She reminded Hailey that it would be best to keep Cayden on the hook as a backup lover in case things dont work out with Jordan or if she doesnt inherit the Steeles assets.

She would then fall back upon Cayden, the young and insensible scion of a wealthy family.


Hailey said, “If and when that really happens, youd probably already have a girlfriend.”


To her surprise, Cayden said devotedly, “No, I wont get a girlfriend.

Ill keep waiting for you.

Im willing to wait until youre ready, be it three years, five years, or even ten! I wont mind it even if you have a child!”


Feeling rather touched, Hailey looked at Cayden.

‘A multibillionaire like him is willing to be a backup lover


A month ago, Hailey asked Jordan to be her backup lover and to wait three years until Tyler divorced.

She had a share of the assets before getting together with her.


However, Jordan refused on the spot!


They were both multibillionaires, but unlike Jordan, Cayden was willing to wait for her and be her backup lover!


“Hmph, Jordan should really listen to what Cayden has just said.

They have about the same net worth.

Why is Cayden willing to wait for me, but Jordan isnt!!”


At this moment, Hailey even blamed Jordan a little!


Hence, she took the initiative to hold his hand even more tightly.

“Cayden, youre so silly.”


Of course, Cayden wasnt really silly because he had merely made up that speech of infatuation and devotion to deceive Hailey.


How could a multibillionaire be willing to be someone elses backup lover!


Hailey was the foolish one!


She thought that all men in the world would be willing to be her slave just because she was gorgeous!


Cayden continued with deep emotion, “I feel really blissful to be able to become silly for a woman.”


As he said that, Cayden tried to take the opportunity to kiss Hailey, but she declined.


“No, I cant let my husband down.”


Haileys words were harsh, and it was as if she was warning Cayden that holding hands was fine but not kissing.


Hailey wasnt as promiscuous as Rachel and had her bottom line.


“Alright.” Cayden didnt force it and kept acting like a gentleman.


“Im leaving.” Hailey let go of Caydens hand.


It was still raining outside, and Cayden hurriedly opened the car door to alight.

He then scurried to the passenger seat and opened the door for Hailey while holding an umbrella in hand.


He then handed the umbrella to Hailey.




“Bye, see you tomorrow.

Ill be at the site of Hailey Residences at five in the morning!


Hailey smiled and didnt say anything else.

Instead, she just walked across the road.


Looking at Haileys beautiful back, Cayden was highly anxious.


“Damn it, when can I teach this woman a lesson! However, Ive made some progress.

At the very least, Hailey is willing to hold hands with me.”


“Hmph, Jordan Steele, I will definitely make you pay for humiliating the Huxleys!”



At 5:30 am the following day, Jordan had just woken up.

He turned to the side and wanted to hug Hailey.


However, when he turned around, he discovered that Hailey wasnt on the bed.


Jordan got out of bed and found that Hailey was putting on her makeup outside.

She had also already dolled herself up.


Jordan found it rather strange because Hailey usually woke up at only 9 am or 10 am.


‘Why is Hailey up so early today


“Honey, why are you up so early” Jordan asked.


When Hailey saw Jordan, she put down the Saint Laurent lipstick she was holding and walked towards him affectionately.


“Hubby, youre awake.

I couldnt sleep anymore, so I thought Id go to the site of Hailey Residences to take a look.”


Jordan took a look at the weather outside the window and found that it was still drizzling out there.


Jordan intimately pinched Haileys nose and asked, “Why do you like working so much these days Youve been leaving home early and coming home late every day.

Now that youre expecting, you should pay attention to your health.

Besides, the construction of Hailey Residences has already begun.

Im very worried.”


Hailey said, “Ah, Im only a month pregnant, and I dont do strenuous exercise, so Ill be fine.

Im really bored at home when you go to work every day.

I might as well go to the site and supervise.

Id like to see Hailey Residences getting built before my baby arrives.


Jordan felt that Hailey needed companionship because he had been busy working and neglecting her.


However, the business trial that his family assigned him to had requirements for the revenue.

Jordan had no choice but to spend all his time and effort working.

Otherwise, it would be difficult to pass this trial within a year or two.


“How about I take a day off today and stay home with you” Jordan asked.


If Jordan had said that three days ago, Hailey would have been overjoyed to hear it.


However, now, she had met Cayden, who was inferior to Lucas in terms of looks, maturity, and talent.


Hailey had seen Jordans face for three years after all, and she was getting sick of it.


On the other hand, Cayden gave her a sense of novelty, and he knew how to coax her better than Jordan did.


At the thought of Cayden waiting for her at the Hailey Residences construction site, Hailey Residences said, “Dont do that.

Hubby, you should get going to the office.

I want you to pass this business trial as soon as possible so that Grandpa will be impressed with you!”


After saying that, Hailey pushed Jordan into the bedroom and said, “Hubby, be good and catch some more sleep.

Dont bother about me.

Call me if you miss me, alright”


Jordan continued sleeping without saying anything else.



Half an hour later, at Hailey Residences.


The air was fresh, and it was drizzling.


There was a mobile cabin in a maple leaf forest.


The sounds of joyous laughter and a happy conversation between a man and a woman kept spreading from the cabin.


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