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This time, Victoria didnt reject Randall.

Perhaps it was because she had already broken up with Jordan, or perhaps it was because she had long admired Randall.

When she thought that Jordan had died, Randall had been by her side, comforting her.

He occupied a huge place in her heart.

The two of them kissed in the rain for a few minutes before Randall said with a smile,

“Im not afraid of the rain, but youll fall sick if you continue to be drenched like this.

I cant let the Mutant Tribe Chiefs wife fall sick.”

When Victoria heard the words “Chiefs wife”, a surge of vain pride shot through her heart.

In her opinion, the subordinates of the Mutant Tribe were all elites with superpowers.

It was definitely an honor for her to become the woman of the Chief of the Mutant Tribe.

Even Park Sora from a secret family and Yumi were only Randalls subordinates in the Mutant Tribe.

Randall held Victorias hand and said, “Lets go back.”


Victoria and Randall returned to Randalls room.

After returning, they realized that the room was only separated from Jordans by a single wall.

Returning to the room and seeing Victorias drenched body under the lights, was enough to make ones imagination run wild.

Randall couldnt resist getting intimate with Victoria again.

However, Victoria refused.

She lowered her voice and said, “Jordan is in the room next door.

The soundproofing here… doesnt seem to be too good.”

Randall chuckled.

“Soundproofing is just a small matter.”

Randall took out a special leather from a box and stood beside the wall that connected to Jordans room.

Victoria had never seen this before and asked, “Is this enough”

Randall pulled the “soundproof door” over and placed it between him and Victoria.

Randall shouted but Victoria couldnt hear anything despite being so close.

Victoria couldnt help being surprised.

“Ah, how amazing.

How did you come up with this”

Randall pushed the “soundproof door” onto the wall and smiled.

“Victoria, the Rong family and Jordan are not the only ones who have a scientific research team.

Although the members of our Mutant Tribe are all mutants with superpowers, Im also developing our technological prowess at the same time.

The things that our Mutant Tribe has invented are not inferior to those invented by the secret families.”

Victoria looked at him in admiration.

“Youre really an outstanding leader.

Youve developed the Mutant Tribe so much.”

Randall caressed her pretty face.

“Victoria, be my woman and lead the Mutant Tribe with me.”

Victoria and Randall kissed passionately again.

In the room next door, although Jordan went to bed early that night, he was very uneasy and had all sorts of nightmares.

Jordan dreamed of himself fighting against the Rong family and killing Shaun.

Sometimes, he would even hear Victorias cries.

However, the most important dream was that Jordan appeared in Immortal Lake.

He jumped into the lake and created huge waves.

The entire lake surged and turned golden.

Soon, the night passed.

When Jordan woke up, the rain had stopped.

This rain came and went quickly.

“I wonder if Victoria is alright.

Its raining so heavily.

What if she caught a cold”

Jordan was still very worried about Victoria.

After all, they were once in love.

Although they had officially broken up, he didnt want Victoria to be too sad.

Meanwhile, Randall and Victoria had already woken up and were preparing to go for breakfast.

“Randall, dont let Jordan know about our relationship for the time being, okay After all, we just broke up.

Last night, you and I…”

Victoria felt very embarrassed.

She and Randall did not sleep the entire night.

People said that the physical prowess of men above the age of 40 would be on the decline.

However, this phenomenon did not apply to Randall at all.

Randall smiled.

“Alright, I wont tell him for now.

However, sooner or later, I must let the world know that youre my woman.”

Victoria smiled happily and nodded.

10 minutes later.

When Jordan walked out, he was surprised to find Victoria having breakfast with Randall.

When Randall saw Jordan, he took the initiative to greet him.

“Jordan, youre up.

Come, Ive prepared breakfast.

Lets eat together.”

Jordan walked forward and looked at Victoria.

“Victoria, youre still here”

Victoria didnt know how to answer.

Sensing her predicament, Randall jumped in.

“It was raining so heavily.

How could she leave I saw her go out last night, so I called her back.”

Jordan looked at Randall.

“Thank you, Uncle.

I was worried about Victoria because of what happened yesterday.”

Jordan sat beside her and said softly, “Victoria, believe me, its really not because of that…”

Victoria said, “Its not important anymore.

I dont want to be a burden to you forever.

Now, I have a new goal.”

“A new goal”

Jordan did not understand what she meant.

He thought that Victoria would be very sad after he broke up with her and wouldnt be able to recover for a long time.

However, Jordan realized that Victoria looked fine now.

Moreover, she sounded a little excited when talking about her new goal.

Victoria looked at Randall and said, “Let your uncle explain.”

Jordan also looked at Randall curiously.

He didnt know what they had discussed in private to make Victoria so happy.

Randall smiled and said, “Ive decided to take Victoria to the Immortal Lake and let her awaken her superpowers.

She has already joined our Mutant Tribe and is now a member.


Jordan was shocked.

“Go to the Immortal Lake to awaken her superpowers”

No wonder Victoria was so excited.

It turned out that she was going to Immortal Lake to awaken her superpowers.

Thereafter, she would have superpowers like Yumi and the others.

This was definitely something that would make ordinary people extremely excited!

Moreover, Victoria was an ambitious woman.

She hoped to have her own capabilities and not always be dependent on Jordan.

By being Randalls subordinate, Victoria would be able to prove her worth and gain a sense of satisfaction and glory!

Actually, when Jordan woke up today, he already planned to talk to Randall about Immortal Lake.

In his dream last night, he had jumped into the Immortal Lake.

The lake waters had turned golden and the entire surface of the lake boiled and surged as if the end of the world had arrived.

It was a very grand sight.

He wasnt sure if this was a prophecy or just a dream.

If he dreamed repeatedly about it, it meant that it was a prophecy and would happen in the future.

Jordan asked, “Uncle, how can you be sure that Victoria will definitely be recognized by Immortal Lake”

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