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In response to Jordans question, Randall took out a bottle of water.

The water looked like plain mineral water or clear soda.

It was transparent.

Randall explained with a smile.

“This is water that I refined from the Immortal Lake.

Ive always felt that the Immortal Lake is a place where immortals reside.

There must be an immortal there, so I call it theImmortal Water.

For ordinary people, if they dip their fingers or a certain part of their body inside the water, they can test in advance to see if they are mutants and can awaken their superpowers.

“Victoria, stick a finger in and take a look.”

Actually, Randall had already gotten someone to test Victoria previously.

He already knew the results.

Victoria became very nervous.

She didnt know about this process or her results so she was very worried that an older woman like her wouldnt be able to obtain the Immortal Lakes favor.

If she wasnt a mutant, her future would be tragic.

Without Jordan, she would at most be a rich female CEO.

She was not worthy of a powerful person like Randall.

Victoria trembled as she stretched out her slender right index finger.

Jordan was also very excited.

He wanted to know the results of Victorias test! After dipping her finger in, the water did not change at all.

Victoria became anxious and desperate.

But gradually, the water turned purple!

Victoria was very excited.

“It changed color! It turned purple!”

Randall also smiled.

“As I expected, I can tell at a glance that Victoria has the potential to be a mutant.

This purple color represents an extremely high-level ability, second only to gold.

Victoria, your future is limitless! You dont need to rely on anyone.

You alone can be the most powerful person in the world!”

Victoria was thrilled.

She was a strong woman.

She had always wanted to improve her own ability and status!

She liked to dominate everything by herself!

Jordan recalled the scene in his dream where he turned the Immortal Lake water golden.

He asked, “Gold is above purple”

Randall nodded.

“Yes, the colors are categorized into green, silver, black, purple and gold.

Victoria is purple, Yumi is green, and Park Sora is silver.

Shauns father and uncle should be silver or black.”

Jordan recalled Yumis ability.

Although she was just a low-level mutant, she could knock out a Deity like Jordan! If she cooperated with others, she might have killed Jordan.

It was terrifying!

However, her ability had a very big limiting factor.

She had to kiss the other party to knock him out.

Which normal person would kiss their enemy Moreover, once the opponent knew about her ability, it would become utterly useless.

Nevertheless, it could be deduced that Victorias ability would be even more terrifying!

Victoria looked at Randall excitedly and said, “Randall, youre gold, right”

Randall smiled.

“Thats right.

Im the only one at the gold level.

When my superpowers were awakened, the water in the Immortal Lake turned gold.

Even the sky turned gold.”

Victoria looked forward to it.

“Oh my god, what a spectacular scene! Its such a pity that I couldnt witness such a grand scene.”


At this moment, Jordan did not notice the admiration in Victorias eyes as she gazed at Randall.

He was deep in thought, wondering if he was also at the highest gold level.

Jordan looked at Randall and said, “Uncle, can I test what level I am”

Victoria had already pulled her finger out, and the Immortal Water had returned to its transparent color.

However, Randall took the Immortal Water and said, “Theres no need.

Youve already obtained your powers from the Immortal Lake.

Its useless to test yourself again.”

Jordan said, “But even if my Deity ability really did come from the Immortal Lake, I didnt cause the lake to change color back then.

Didnt you say that people who could obtain special abilities would cause the Immortal Lake to change color”

Randall said, “Yes, your situation is indeed a little special.

You didnt cause the color of the immortal lake to change back then, and you didnt immediately awaken your ability.

It only emerged after hiding in your body for more than 10 years.

Its possible that you were too young at that time and your body couldnt take it.

For the rest of us, our abilities were awakened immediately.”

Victoria also said, “Jordan, you have the ability to predict the future.

I think this ability should be black or purple.

Although it cant compare to your uncle, I think its already very high.”

Jordan was a little disappointed.

‘Cant compare to Uncle

For some time, Jordan held a status of top supremacy.

Even Shaun and the Rong family had to respect him as a Deity.

But now, Jordan was a level lower than someone else

Jordan looked at him and asked, “Uncle, what exactly is your ability”

Jordan was very curious.

Since Randall was at the highest gold level, what powerful moves did he have

Previously, Jordan had already witnessed his strong physique when he jumped down from more than 10 stories with Victoria.

He knew that Randall had a terrifying and indestructible body.

However, if he was at the gold level, it should be more than that.

Randall smiled.

“Nephew, my ability isnt something that can be revealed to just anyone.”

Victoria said, “For safetys sake, it is reasonable to keep ones abilities a secret.”

Everyone had their secrets.

If it were Jordan, he might have done the same.

Jordan nodded in understanding.

“Can Lota have a go at the test”

Randall didnt want to let Jordan do the test as he felt that he already obtained his ability, so there was no point in testing him again.

But Jordan really hoped that Lota would have the chance to take this test!

Randall thought for a moment.


Jordan immediately ordered someone to call Lota over.

Lota had specially styled her bangs to look very cute.

“Jordan, Uncle Randall, Victoria.”

Lota greeted the three of them.

Jordan said to Lota, “Lota, put your finger in this bottle of water.”

Lota was confused.

“What Why”

Victoria explained, “This is a test to see if youre a mutant or not.

Not everyone can easily get the chance to be tested.

Do you know how many people have bled just to obtain the secrets of the Immortal Lake If you werent so close to Jordan and his uncle wasnt the person controlling the Immortal Lake, you wouldnt get this chance to take the test.”

When Lota heard this, she hurriedly thanked Randall and stuck her cute little finger in.

A minute passed, but the Immortal Water remained unchanged!

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