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At this moment, Victoria felt like she had been reborn!

In the past, she was just an accessory to Jordan.

In the eyes of many people, especially the secret families, she was not worthy of Jordan at all.

In fact, in Haileys opinion, Victoria was only able to get Jordan because her marriage to Jordan deteriorated.

Victoria took advantage of Jordan when he was in a vulnerable state.

If it was any other time, with Victorias age and family background, she would never be Jordans girlfriend.

And now, Victoria was finally worthy of anyone.

She was a powerful mutant who could easily control a persons mind to do whatever she wanted.

That meant she could dominate everyone in the entire world! And the person who gave her the chance to become so extraordinary was Randall.

Victoria already admired Randall to begin with.

Coupled with the fact that she had been molded by him, she couldnt help but confess her love to him in public and kiss him passionately!

Anyway, they were all members of the Mutant Tribe.

In Victorias eyes, they were family.

There was nothing to hide.

However, Lauren also witnessed it and she was dumbfounded.

She covered her mouth in disbelief at the scene before her.

“Victoria and Randall… How could this be Randall is Jordans uncle! Besides, didnt Victoria just break up with Jordan How did it happen so quickly…”

Lauren knew that Randall was a very outstanding man.

No, it could be said that he was one of the most outstanding people in the world.

Whether it was looks, physique, family background, ability, world status, or wealth, his qualities were all top-notch.

It was normal for Victoria to fall for Randall.

However, Lauren didnt expect them to progress so quickly.

Little did she know that Victoria and Randall had already slept together the night Victoria and Jordan broke up!

To this couple, this chaste kiss was nothing.

Seeing this, Lauren walked out.

Walking out of the barrier was not as troublesome as entering.

There was basically no resistance and one could pass through quickly.

After coming out, Lauren found a quiet spot and called Jordan.

Jordan immediately answered the call, his voice filled with urgency.

“Lauren, how is it Hows Victoria Did she jump into Immortal Lake Is she alright Tell me about her!”

It was obvious that Jordan cared a lot about Victoria.

He didnt treat her as a stranger just because he broke up with her.

Jordans concern and love for Victoria had not diminished at all.

After all, the reason why he had broken up with Victoria was that after that strange night, he could no longer sleep with her.

If he erased the memories of that night when he transformed into William, Jordan would still be together with Victoria.

“Victoria succeeded.

She successfully obtained her ability.

The entire Mutant Tribe is cheering for her.”

Jordan was not too concerned about whether Victoria had succeeded or if she had any superpowers.

This was because Jordan did not need Victorias abilities nor did he need her to do anything for him.

He only cared about Victorias safety and state of mind!

Jordan asked, “Is she alright Is she injured”

Lauren said, “No, shes fine and still very beautiful.

Her figure and face are not affected at all.

Moreover, her physique has become stronger than before.”

Jordan continued to ask, “What about her state of mind She just broke up with me.

Is she still… very upset”

Lauren sighed.

When she thought of how Victoria had happily taken the initiative to kiss Randall, she hesitated and didnt know how to tell Jordan.

If she told Jordan about this, he would definitely be very angry.

So Lauren decided not to talk about this for the time being and said, “No, Victoria is very excited and happy.

She was smiling a lot.”

Jordan said, “Thats good.

Im relieved that shes happy.

Now that she has gained her superpower, shes no longer an ordinary person… By the way, what kind of ability does she have”

Jordan only asked about Victorias superpower after confirming that she was safe and sound.

If it were anyone else, they would definitely ask about this first.

Lauren said, “I was too far off, so I am not really sure.

But I saw that she could use her hands to control a person who wanted to attack her, she could make them change their actions.”

“Moreover, your Uncle Randall vomited blood because of Victoria.”

When Jordan heard this, he immediately panicked.

“What Victoria attacked my uncle She cant possibly be blaming my uncle for our break-up, right”

Lauren said, “No, no.

Its probably because Victoria just obtained her ability and cant control it well yet.

Dont worry, Victoria treats your uncle… very well.

She definitely doesnt hold a grudge against him.”

Lauren thought to herself that currently, no one in the world would treat Randall as well as Victoria did.

Jordan said, “Okay, come back then.

Lets meet and talk.

Lets meet in the capital.”

Lauren replied, “Alright.”

Before long, Jordan and Lota welcomed Lauren in the courtyard of their capital villa.



When Lauren and Lota met, they hugged each other happily.

“Lauren, its been hard on you,” Jordan said to Lauren.

Lauren smiled.

“Im fine.

It was like a holiday.”

The three of them returned to the living room and drank tea.

Jordan asked, “Lauren, I didnt ask too much on the phone previously.

Tell me more about how Victoria entered the Immortal Lake.”

Jordan did not personally accompany Victoria to Immortal Lake.

He did not participate in the significant moment when Victoria turned from an ordinary person to a mutant.

As Victorias man for the past two years, Jordan felt that it was a pity.

Lauren took a sip of tea and said, “Yes, I saw them outside the barrier first.

They walked in slowly.”


Lauren explained.

“Yes, walk.

Theres no other way.

It turns out that the barrier can only be entered if you move very slowly and exert very little strength.

You cant use too much force.

The more force you try to exert, the greater the backlash.”

Jordan was enlightened.

“I see.

No wonder none of the cannons could blast open the barrier.” My uncle is indeed an elite defender.

He knows all the tactics and thoughts of the attacker very well.

Actually, it was my uncle who taught me chess and Go.

He once taught me many combat principles through chess, and I benefited greatly from it.”

An elite defender!

Hearing Jordans high evaluation of his uncle, Lauren felt a little uneasy.

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