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Just like that, another week passed.


After sending Hailey home one night, Cayden drove back to West Lake Hotel, where he was staying and soon received a call from Tyler.


“Hey, how are things going with my ex-wife” Tyler asked with a grin.


At this moment, Tyler was not in Orlando but New York.


Jordans power in Orlando was way too formidable.

Tyler was afraid that Salvatore or Pablo would be beaten to death if he were to run into them in Orlando.


Tyler would not return to Orlando before Cayden defeats Jordan.


Cayden sighed and said, “Ugh, dont even talk about it.

Its been almost half a month since I met her, and we still havent made any progress!”


“Hailey Camden only lets me send her home now, and I bet its because of my $3.5 million sports car.”


“We didnt even have any intimate physical contact, and all we did was hold hands.

Oh, and Hailey let me carry her when she sprained her ankle the last time.”


Tyler laughed out loud.

“The famous scion of the Huxleys from New York actually did not get to kiss the woman he has been courting for half a month”


“Hey, little cousin, Ive at least slept with Hailey Camden before! Youre far inferior to me, do you know that!!”


At this moment, Tyler seemed to have a strong sense of superiority.


Cayden was incredibly furious.

How could he possibly let Tyler surpass him


Cayden said, “Screw you! What the heck are you showing off for What was her husbands situation when you were courting her, and what is his situation now that I am courting her”


“At that time, her husband was still pretending to be a penniless takeout deliveryman! Jordan Steele is now the president of a huge corporation!”


“Tyler, Im not looking down on you, but if you try to woo Hailey Camden now, you can forget about holding her hand.

Given how aloof of a person she is and her strong feelings for Jordan Steele, she wont even take a glance at you!”


Tyler agreed, “I believe so.

Hailey Camden is indeed not as promiscuous and easy as Rachel Quinn.”


It was Tylers idea for Cayden to deliberately try and get close to Rachel at Starbucks the other time.


Tyler said, “Hailey Camden still has a bottom line after all.

Compared to Rachel Quinn, shes considered a good woman, but shes very prideful, materialistic, and mercenary.

If you can make Jordan Steele penniless, I guarantee itd be a piece of cake for you to win her heart!”


Cayden began considering it seriously.


After spending time with the gorgeous Hailey during this period, Cayden had indeed fallen in love with her.


As a scion of a wealthy family, he had dated numerous celebrities whom millions adored and revered.

If he couldnt even win Haileys heart, he would be indignant!


After thinking about it for a while, Cayden said, “Okay, Ill officially declare war on Jordan! Im going to make Ace Corporation go bankrupt!”


Tyler was extremely excited because this is precisely what he had been waiting for!



Three days later, Ace Corporation made the headlines on the front page of two major financial news websites!


Several TV channels had aired exclusive media coverage of Ace Corporation!


The Economic Channel.


The host said, “Today, short-selling firm Bonitas has done a 43-page short-selling report on the listed company, Ace Corporation!”


“In the report, Ace Corporation was accused of inflating their earnings in last years earnings announcement by 125 million dollars.

The management of Ace Corporation is also allegedly corrupt, especially the young president Jordan Steele who lacks leadership competency and wastes money recklessly.

The report claims that the shares of Ace Corporation are worthless!”


“The short-selling report triggered a steep plunge in Ace Corporations stock price by 23%, the largest decline since the company was listed.”


“Ace Corporation has now launched an emergency trading halt and awaiting a public clarification by Mr.



“Victoria Clarke and Hailey Camden, vice presidents of Ace Corporation, told our reporter that the content of the short-selling report does not reflect the companys true situation.

They have also revealed that the corporations board of directors is now in an emergency conference for this matter.”


“Founded in 2003, Ace Corporation operates businesses in fields including national asset management, investment, and development, domestic trade, real estate development…”



At the board meeting of Ace Corporation.


Jordan, Victoria, and the companys top executives were present in the conference room while Hailey Residences was frantically making her way to the office from the construction site of Hailey Residences.


Victoria answered the phone and said, “Mr.

Steele, we have discovered that the 43-page short-selling report was written by Cayden Huxley, the grandson of Arthur Huxley, Chairman of Breezy Express.”


“It was done by a Huxley”


“I knew it.

It didnt make sense for us to be suddenly targeted by Bonitas for no rhyme nor reason.


Steele, this must be a form of revenge being exacted on you over a personal feud, isnt it”


“Could it be because of the previous incident between Mr.

Steele and Rosie Huxley”


The shareholders at the board meeting were discussing and whispering among themselves.


Jordan smiled and said extremely calmly, “So it was a Huxley.

Seems like Tyler Collins is finally getting some help from the Huxleys.”


Jordan wasnt bothered by the Huxleys attack at all!


Back then, when Jordan made the Collins go bankrupt, Victoria reminded Jordan that Tylers mother was from a top-tier family in New York.


Jordan didnt care about it at that time.


Likewise, he didnt give a hoot about them now.


‘Whats the big deal about the Huxleys


‘So what if theyre on the list of the countrys richest families


‘So what if they are worth billions


‘They have no idea how powerful the Steeles really are!


Although the Steeles were said to have hundreds of billions of dollars in assets, even Jordan wasnt sure of how much money the Steeles really had!


The Huxleys were not on the same level as the Steeles at all!


Jordan knocked on the long conference table and told everyone to quieten down before saying, “Everyone, you dont have to panic.

This matter arose because of some personal affairs of mine.

Ill definitely handle it properly and give all shareholders an explanation after I take care of it.”


“I guarantee that we wont lose a single cent because of this matter.”


Everyone knew that Jordan must have a mysterious background and hidden capabilities since he could become the chairman as soon as he joined the corporation.



Steele is right.

Its just a third-generation heir of the Huxleys provoking Mr.


Arthur Huxley hasnt declared his stand yet, so we should all trust Mr.



“Even if Arthur Huxley joins his grandson, I believe he wont be a match for Mr.



“Yes, yes!”


Jordan looked at Victoria and instructed, “Victoria, prepare a clarification report immediately and send it to the media agencies.”




Jordan called Mr.

Walton and said, “Mr.

Walton, the Black Friday sales event is still a few months away, but Id like to sign some extensive cooperation contracts with you in advance.


Walton, I know that youve retired and no longer manage the majority of your companys affairs.

Please rest assured, Ill definitely offer you a price thats satisfactory to everyone on the board of your company.”


On the other end of the line, Mr.

Walton chuckled and said, “Others may not know, but Im well aware of how loaded your family is! Mr.

Steele, thank you for your generosity.

Ill accept your offer on behalf of the board of directors.

You may contact them directly in half an hour!”


“Thank you.”


Afterward, Jordan made a few consecutive calls to several bigwigs.

With their help and the financial support of the Steeles, the stock price of Ace Corporation would definitely soar tomorrow!


Soon after the meeting was adjourned, Hailey arrived in Jordans office in a hurry.

She frantically asked, “Hubby, what happened I heard that Ace Corporation was maliciously targeted by someone.

Did you find out who it was”


Jordan answered, “Cayden Huxley from New York.”


Hailey immediately shuddered.


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