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Park Sora was very unhappy.

She remembered that Yumi had once told her that Jamie might be Randalls son.

She said, “Jamie, I realize that you look a lot like our Chief.

Your eyes, nose, eyebrows and personality are all similar.”

Her words made Randall and Rowan feel awkward.

Their expressions were solemn.

Yumi quickly pulled Park Sora back, gesturing for her to keep quiet.

Park Sora could tell that Randall didnt seem too happy.

She hurriedly said, “I… I was joking.”

Everyone took their seats.

During dinner, Jesse found Yumi.

“Yumi, Ive missed you so much.

Lets remarry.

My life is really boring without you.”

Jesses attitude became humble.

In the past, he was the eldest son of the Steele family, and Yumi listened to everything he said.

She was a very obedient wife.

However, their positions had changed.

Yumi replied coldly, “Jesse, were not suitable for each other.

Im a mutant and youre an ordinary person.

To be honest, youre not worthy of me.

Among the three of you, only one can be my husband.

Its your third brother, Jordan.”

Jesse felt very upset.

The person he had been so intimate with was now a stranger to him.

He ended up drowning his sorrows in drink.

As for the others, they didnt drink much, including Randall and Rowan, who hadnt seen each other for more than a decade.

This was because they still had to attend Jordans wedding tomorrow, so they only drank a little.

Later that night, Salvatore brought the Mutant Tribe to their hotel.

Although Salvatore didnt like these people from the Mutant Tribe, Jordan had made the arrangements.

These people had come all the way to attend Jordans wedding, so he had to be polite.

When Black Mamba entered his room, he instructed Salvatore, “Salvatore, get two women for me.”


Black Mamba said, “I said, get two women for me to play with.

I ate too much and have to exercise before sleeping.”

Salvatore was a man, so he didnt find this request too strange.

He was a hooligan to begin with.

He and his subordinates would usually get women to have fun in hotels.

Since Jordan had instructed him to take good care of these guests, Salvatore had to try his best to satisfy their requests.

“Alright, wait in the room.

Ill get you a couple of women.”

Salvatore instructed someone to get two girls from a nearby massage parlor.

With his ability, he could find more expensive, high-end and beautiful women for Black Mamba, such as young models and internet celebrities.

He could even get him some B-list actresses.

However, Salvatore hated the people from the Mutant Tribe.

He felt that they were overbearing and looked down on him, so he deliberately got ordinary women for Black Mamba.

Tim brought two women in their late 30s to the level where Black Mambas room was.

He met up with Salvatore.

Tim said, “Salvatore, will these two do He might not like them.”

Tim had no confidence in these two women.

Their figures were alright, but they were too old.

They were nearly 40 years old, and their faces were ordinary.

People from the Mutant Tribe were all super talented.

In addition, Black Mamba was Randalls favorite and a top-notch assassin.

Logically speaking, only an 18-year-old school belle would be worthy of Black Mamba.

Salvatore replied, “Too bad if he doesnt like them.

He can go look for other women himself.

Since he asked me to do this, this is what Ill give him.

F*ck, Im already pissed that the Mutant Tribe is sharing half of the Rong family assets.

How dare this b*stard attack Lee Su-ji in front of Master Im not going to find top-grade women for him!”

Tim smiled.

“Youre right!”

Soon, Salvatore knocked on Black Mambas door with the two women.

After knocking several times, Black Mamba finally opened the door.

Salvatore said, “Ive found these women for you.”

Salvatore and Tim didnt dare to look at Black Mamba, afraid that he would despise the women for being old and not beautiful.

Unexpectedly, Black Mamba wasnt angry, nor did he refuse.

“Okay, come in.”

The two women entered Black Mambas room.

After closing the door, Salvatore and Tim couldnt help laughing.

Tim said, “Haha, this fellow is really not picky.

He can actually accept such women”

Salvatore said, “Top assassin Im speechless at his lousy taste.

But with his looks, its not wrong for him to be paired with such women!”

After half an hour.

Black Mamba opened the door and called Salvatore over.

Salvatore and Tim went over and asked, “Whats wrong”

Black Mamba threw the corpses of the two women out of the room.

Salvatore and Tim were shocked.

“Theyre dead How did they die”

Black Mamba smiled faintly.

“Oh, I was having too much fun and accidentally killed them.

I havent had enough fun yet.

Find me two more women.”

Salvatore was instantly furious.

“F*ck you, do you know what youre doing This is the capital! You killed someone, do you know that!”

Black Mamba smiled faintly.

“Whats wrong with killing people Theyre just ordinary people.

Im a mutant.

Ive killed at least a thousand ordinary people.

Whats the big deal”

Black Mamba had always killed people like flies and did not take it seriously.

Salvatore felt that this fellow was frightening.

“Im warning you.

My master is getting married tomorrow.

Dont cause trouble here.

Ill deal with these two women for the time being.

Dont ask me for more women.

If you want them, go find them yourself!

“Tim, move the bodies!”

With that, Salvatore and Tim quickly dealt with the corpse.

Salvatore called Jordan and reported this matter.

Jordan was shocked.

“What You said that Black Mamba found two women and killed them”

Salvatore said, “Yes, they were both ordinary women.

Foreigners who came to the capital to work.

I called them over to accompany Black Mamba.

I didnt know he would kill them.


Jordan was also very unhappy.

Black Mamba had blatantly disregarded the lives of those two women!

Were prostitutes not human too!

He could pay them for pleasure, but what right did he have to kill them!

Killing people in the capital.

Black Mamba was simply lawless! However, Black Mamba was Randalls man, so Jordan couldnt do anything to him for the time being.

Jordan said, “Deal with the bodies of the two women first.

Dont let anyone else know about this.

Also, find the families of those two women and give them $10 million each.”

Given that Jordan had too much money to spend now, he tried his best to compensate whatever he could.

Jordan thought that this matter was over.

Unexpectedly, 40 minutes later, Salvatore called again.

“Master, bad news.

Black Mamba killed two more women!”

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