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“What did you say He killed two more women Why did you get more women for him!”

Jordan was furious.

He believed that everyone was equal.

Even prostitutes were not inferior to other people.

In this era where property prices were soaring, everyone was under a lot of pressure.

For the sake of money and their children, many people had no choice.

Especially since he had saved the lives of many people in the capital before, he valued their safety and well-being.

He would not allow someone to kill a life he had sacrificed so much to save.

Salvatore said innocently, “Master, I didnt.

I didnt find them for him.

He found them on his own.

After that b*stard finished playing around, he threw the bodies to me and asked me to deal with them.

Hes such a f*cking b*stard.”

Jordan did not say anything else and hung up.

Tim, who was beside Salvatore, asked, “Salvatore, what did Mr.

Jordan say Do we do anything to Black Mamba”

Salvatore said, “He didnt say.

He hung up.

He probably wont do anything to him.

After all, Black Mamba came to attend Mr.

Jordans wedding and gave him a big gift.

Black Mamba is Mr.

Jordans uncles subordinate.

If we do anything to him, it will be a provocation to Mr.


“Our master has always been respectful to his uncle.

He wont do such a thing and provoke him.”

Tim said in disdain, “But why are we so polite to Randall Although Randall is Mr.

Jordans uncle, I heard that he snatched Ms.

Victoria away.

He even snatched his nephews woman.

Randall isnt a good person either!”

Salvatore said, “Keep your voice down.

Dont let the people from the Mutant Tribe hear you and cause trouble for Mr.


However, Victoria is really disappointing.

Of all the people, she had to follow Mr.

Jordans uncle.

If it were Emily, she would never do this!”

From the beginning, Salvatore believed that Emily was more suitable to be Jordans wife than Victoria.

Now that such a thing had happened, he was even more certain of his opinion.

Due to Victorias bumpy history, it was impossible for her to love someone wholeheartedly.

The more hardships a woman experienced, the less likely she was to invest too much energy into her love life.

But Emily was different.

She was a spoiled girl who had been pampered by Victoria.

She was more innocent.

However, without Victorias sacrifice, Emily would not have grown up so happily.

Salvatore and Tim quickly dealt with the two bodies.

They carried them to the car and had someone drive the bodies away.

A Porsche sped over.

It was Jordan!



Salvatore and Tim were shocked.

They didnt expect Jordan to come personally.

Jordans face was filled with anger.

“Which room is Black Mamba staying in Bring me there immediately!”


Salvatore had been with Jordan for a long time and knew that he was here to fight!

Jordan did not come alone.

He also brought his robot “Little Steele”.

It wasnt that Jordan had to bring Little Steele wherever he went, but Little Steele was like a pet dog or a cat.

It would clamor to follow Jordan when he went out.

In fact, it would sometimes secretly follow Jordan without his permission.

Little Steele followed behind Jordan.

It swayed excitedly from side to side as it entered the elevator with Jordan.

Salvatore brought Jordan to Black Mambas room and knocked on his door.

Knock knock!

Black Mamba did not look out through the peephole.

He was too confident and was not afraid of anything.

Opening the door, he was surprised to find Jordan standing outside.

Black Mamba smiled.

“Oh, so its Deity Jordan.

I thought it was my new girl.”

Jordan was furious.

“Why did you kill them”

Black Mamba shrugged.

“I enjoyed myself too much and accidentally killed them.

They are just ordinary people.

Theres no need to make such a fuss, right”

Jordan said angrily, “Are the lives of ordinary people not valuable Should ordinary people be played to death by you”

Black Mamba was very haughty.

“Thats right.

In my eyes, the lives of ordinary people are not worth much.

They can be executed by our Mutant Tribe at will.

Jordan, youre also a mutant.

You can do what I did.”

Jordan clenched his fists.

Salvatore and Tim were also ready to attack.

As long as Jordan gave the order, even if they couldnt defeat Black Mamba, they would fight to the death.

Black Mamba could also sense Jordans hostility.

He got ready to fight at any moment!

“You only know how to predict.

Youre definitely not my match!”

Black Mamba was very confident.

After a few seconds of stalemate, Jordan did not attack Black Mamba.

Instead, he said, “Fine!”

After that, Jordan walked out of the room.

Black Mamba laughed loudly.

“Hahahaha, what Deity Hes just a good-for-nothing.

I thought he came to teach me a lesson, but he left just like that.

Hmph, brat, its only a matter of time before youre swallowed by our Chief.

When the time comes, Ill see how you can show off in front of me!”

Salvatore and Tim were also puzzled by Jordans actions.

Nevertheless, Tim said, “Mr.

Jordan is doing the right thing.

Theres no need to fight him.

Tomorrow is Mr.

Jordans wedding day.

Its best if nothing goes wrong.”

Salvatore agreed.

“Alright, well let him off for now.”

But Jordan retorted.

“Who said Im letting him off”

When they reached the corridor, Jordan looked at Little Steele and said, “Black Mamba is also an American.

The police must have his identity information.

Little Steele, can you get his personal and family information from the facial scan just now”

Little Steele said, “No problem!”

“Facial recognition in progress…”

Little Steele released a holographic projection so that everyone could see the progress.

On the left side of the screen was the face of Black Mamba.

On the right, it was a flow of words and images as the program searched for information on people who looked like him.

Soon, it locked onto someone.

It was a man named Chester Jennings.

“So this b*stards name is Chester Jennings,” said Salvatore.

After that, his family members appeared on the screen.

He had a mother and a father, and their residence was displayed on their identity cards.

Jordan continued.

“Find out if there was any recent train or flight information related to his parents.”

Although their residence was displayed on their identity cards, Jordan guessed that they werent staying there anymore.

This address was located in a poverty-stricken place.

Their son was so domineering, killing and robbing people whenever he pleased.

He must have plenty of money.

If Chester cared about his parents, he would relocate them to the big city to enjoy life.

Little Steele quickly found the relevant information.

“Three days ago, his parents took a plane from New York to the capital.

Thats their most recent travel information!”

Jordan said, “They came to the capital three days ago.

They should still be in the capital.

Get me the surveillance cameras, and any relevant information from the taxi and ride-hailing services.

I want to determine where his parents live in three minutes!”

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