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Little Steele was an intelligent robot with powerful functions.

It was sometimes more useful than a hundred human subordinates.

Although Little Steele was very small, it contained a massive database.

As Jordan had saved the US many times and had a close relationship with the elite Black Ops Team, he could obtain the database of all the relevant departments in an instant.

For example, fingerprint, identity information, surveillance and investigative rights everywhere.

Meanwhile, in a mansion in the capital.

A couple in their 60s were enjoying their old age in a luxurious villa.

The two of them sat on the sofa with someone massaging them.

A young lady in a uniform knelt in front of them.


The middle-aged woman slapped the young lady in uniform.

The woman said, “You little b*tch, you ignored me at the mall today.

You thought that I cant afford your clothes, right Look at the luxurious house I live in! Let me tell you, my son is a very capable person.

He can do whatever he wants in the US.

If it werent for your leader who pleaded to let you come over and apologize to me, I would have gotten my son to kill your entire family tomorrow!”

The man at the side also smiled.

“Child, dont think that the two of us are just trying to scare you.

My son has killed many people.

He has the right to determine who lives or dies in the US.

He has the protection of the most powerful people.

No one dares to arrest him.

If you dont believe me, you can call the police.


The uniformed girl knelt on the ground and cried.

“I dont dare to.

I wont call the police.

Please let me off this time.”


The middle-aged woman kicked the uniformed girl to the ground.

“Get lost! Dont ever go to that mall anymore.

Im annoyed to see such a snobbish saleswoman like you.”

It turned out that this couple was the parents of “Black Mamba” Chester Jennings.

As the older woman came from a poor family, she did not pay much attention to her dressing.

Therefore, when she walked into a high-end mall, she would sometimes be ignored.

The earlier scene was a result of that.

At this moment, a group of people suddenly broke through the window and barged in holding guns.

“Oh my god, who are these people!”

Chesters parents were shocked.

Chesters mother said, “Dont mess around.

Do you know who my son is My son kills without batting an eyelid.

He has a nickname…”

“Black Mamba, right We have the right people then.

Take them!”

It was none other than Salvatore!

After Jordan obtained the location of Black Mambas parents, Salvatore immediately volunteered to bring his men to capture them.

After a short period of time.

Knock! Knock!

Jordan came to Chesters door again.

Chester opened the door and only saw Jordan.

Chester smiled.

“Jordan, what are you doing here again Have you come to send me more women”

Jordan glared at Chester.

“You said earlier that the lives of ordinary people are not worth much.

That they can be executed by the Mutant Tribe at will”

Chester was a little annoyed.

“F*ck, youre here because of that Is there no end to your whining I only killed a few ordinary people.

Anyway, they are just prostitutes.

Yes, the lives of ordinary people are worthless.

Mutants can kill them whenever they want to! They are all despicable creatures.

Mutants are the masters of the world! Ordinary humans deserve to die!”

Jordan did not attack Chester.

Instead, he snapped his fingers.

Soon, Salvatore and Tim walked over with Chesters parents.

“Dad, Mom”

Chester was shocked.

He never expected Jordan to bring his parents here.

Jordan said, “Chester, Ive tested them.

Your parents are ordinary people.”

With that, Jordan grabbed Chesters fathers neck.

With a twist, Chesters father died on the spot!


Chester roared.

Jordan had killed his father in front of him!

And this was not the end!

Jordan reached out to Chesters mother!

“Youre asking for it!”

Chester immediately spun around and flew towards Jordan, preparing to stop him.

However, Chester underestimated Jordans ability.

Before knocking on the door, Jordan had already expected Chester to do this.

Little Steele suddenly moved and electrocuted Chester on the spot.


As the space was too narrow, Chester couldnt get enough momentum in his spinning move.

While his body was still suspended in the air, he was electrocuted and instantly fell.

In the meantime, Jordan strangled Chesters mother to death.


Chester roared again.

Chesters face turned red as he glared at Jordan.

“You killed my parents!”

Jordan replied coldly, “Your parents are ordinary people and Im a mutant.

Whats wrong with mutants killing ordinary people Didnt you say that the lives of ordinary people are cheap Why Does your heart ache Have you ever thought about how the families of the four women you killed just now would feel!”

Chester was Jordans Uncles subordinate.

Jordan couldnt attack him directly, but he could use this method to teach Chester a lesson.

Moreover, although Chesters parents were now dead, with Jordans current medical standards, he could still resuscitate them.

But as for whether he would save them or not, that would depend on Chesters attitude.

If he had a good attitude and learned from his mistake, Jordan would revive his parents.

If he still didnt know what was good for him, then he would let him experience the pain of losing his family!

Chester looked at his parents corpses and was extremely angry.

He slowly got up and looked at Jordan.

“Ill fight you to the death!”

In an instant, Salvatore and the others aimed more than 10 guns at Chesters head!

Salvatore said, “F*ck you.

Do it.

Move and Ill blow your head off!”

Chester was completely controlled.

In this small space, a top-notch assassin like him was useless.

With so many guns pointed at him, he would definitely die if he attacked!

“Damn it!”

Chesters veins bulged.

At this moment, Randall suddenly walked out of the room and asked, “What happened”

The other mutants were also on this floor.

Salvatore felt a little threatened.

These people were all mutants with superpowers.

Although Salvatore had many men on his side, each mutant could easily fight several normal humans at once.

If Randall really wanted to attack, Jordan probably wouldnt be able to withstand it.

However, Salvatore guessed that Jordan had already expected this outcome.

When Chester saw Randall, he cried for help.

“Randall! Jordan killed my parents!”

Jordan also looked at Randall expressionlessly.

He did not deny nor plead for leniency.

“I did kill his parents.”

Tim explained, “Your subordinate murdered some people first.

He asked us to find women for him, and we did, but he killed them all after playing with them.

He even said that the lives of ordinary humans are worthless.

Thats why Mr.

Jordan had to teach him a lesson.”

Randall glanced at Chesters parents corpses before looking at Jordan.

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