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Salvatore and the others also held their breaths.

They wondered if Randall would be furious at Jordan because of this.

But Randall didnt flare up.

Instead, he spoke gently to Jordan.

“Jordan, how did you find Black Mambas parents”

Randall found it very strange.

How did Jordan find Black Mambas parents in such a short period of time Had Jordan been secretly investigating his subordinates all this time

Jordan pointed at Little Steele beside his feet.

“Little Steele helped me find them.

It has a very comprehensive database.

Its very easy to find information about a persons entire family.”

Chester added.

“Yes, Chief.

This little robot is very powerful.

It even electrocuted me just now.

Otherwise, I could have saved my mother.”

Randall glanced down at the robot in surprise before he praised it.

“I didnt expect this little thing to be so powerful.

Its really a good helper.”

He had heard from Jordan that when he traveled to the past and faked his death, it was all thanks to Little Steele that he could kill Rong Huangde.

As the leader of the Mutant Tribe, he was very envious of Jordan for having such a thing because he didnt have it himself.

After considering the situation, Randall finally said, “Jordan, Im sorry.

My men created trouble on the night before your wedding.

“Black Mamba, your parents deaths might be fate.

Theres no need to be overly sentimental.

Everyone, lets not stay here anymore.

Come with me.”

Randall wanted to leave with the mutants.

It seemed like he no longer planned to attend Jordan and Lotas wedding tomorrow.

Before he left, Randall looked at Jordan.

“Jordan, I came a day earlier just to congratulate you.

I still have something on tomorrow, so I wont be attending the wedding celebration.”

Jordan did not force him to stay.


After that, Randall prepared to leave the hotel with his subordinates.

Before leaving, Chester glared at Jordan fiercely, his eyes filled with killing intent.

Jordan stopped him.


“Chester, dont think that I owe you just because I killed your parents.

If you werent my uncles subordinate, I would have killed you long ago! I want you to promise me two things.

First, youre not going to be called Black Mamba in the future.

Kobe is my idol.

You dont deserve the same nickname as him.

I recommend you change your name to Smelly Bug.

That suits you better.

“Secondly, you are not allowed to step into the capital again!”

Chester clenched his fists tightly.

As Randall was beside him, he didnt dare to flare up.

So he only replied coldly, “You should be glad that Im your uncles subordinate!”

With that, Chester left angrily.

What Chester meant was that if not for Jordans relationship with Randall, Chester would have taken revenge on Jordan for killing his parents!

Randall didnt say anything else and left with his men.

After the mutants left, Salvatore said, “Master, your uncle seems to be angry.

Hes not even attending your wedding tomorrow.

Didnt they especially come to attend your wedding”

Tim said, “Mr.

Jordan killed the parents of his most capable assassin.

How could Randall not be angry I think this is already very good.

He didnt say anything too harsh to Mr.


Jordan said, “I didnt want Uncle to come to my wedding anyway.

He and Victoria got together without telling me.”

Likewise, Jordan also had some gripes about Randall.

For Victoria, it might be because she really admired Randall, or that she needed the company and comfort of a powerful person after breaking up with Jordan.

But Randall should have rejected her!

She was his niece-in-law!

That was why Jordan killed Chesters parents so decisively.

He didnt care if Randall got mad at him.

In fact, he had hoped that Randall would be enraged.

This way, Jordan could directly ask him why he had snatched his woman!

However, Randall didnt get angry.

He only left quietly, not giving Jordan a chance to vent his frustrations.

Salvatore looked at the time and said, “Master, rest for a while.

You will be going to Switzerland to fetch your bride.”

An ordinary flight from the capital to Switzerland would take about nine hours.

Jordans advanced plane would only take four hours.

They would leave at dawn.

Jordan nodded.

At 9 AM capital time, Jordan brought his team to the Schmid familys castle in Switzerland.

Other people used cars to fetch their brides but Jordan was using the most advanced plane in the world, and it was a fighter jet.

Jamie came with Jordan as his best man.

Lota was dressed very beautifully.

She looked even more gorgeous in her wedding dress.

Blue eyes, snow-white skin, and a proud figure.

As expected of a Swiss Holy Maiden.

The entire Switzerland was filled with joy.

“Dad! Mom!”

When Jordan arrived at the castle and saw Lotas parents, he changed the way he addressed them.

Tom Schmid was also wearing festive clothes and happily held Jordans hand.

“Deity Jordan, Im very happy and honored to be family with you.

From now on, Ill leave Lota in your care.”

“Dont worry, Ill make her happy for the rest of her life,” replied Jordan.

Jordan then led Jamie and the others to the room where Lota was.

Lota was the most dazzling in her wedding dress.

However, the two bridesmaids beside her were also wearing lovely dresses.

They were also first-class beauties.

Jamie, who was wearing a suit, couldnt stand still when he saw the beautiful bridesmaids.

He immediately approached them.

“Hi, beautiful ladies.

What are your names I think Ive seen you girls somewhere before.”

Jamie immediately walked over and flirted with the bridesmaids.

While Jordan was exasperated, he decided to ignore his brother.

As long as he didnt look for Park Sora, he could flirt with any other woman.

Anyway, although Jamie was a playboy, he would give his women some financial compensation or something.

Many women were willing to play with him.

Jordan walked towards Lota and held her hand.

He kissed her and said affectionately, “Lota, Im here to marry you.”

Lota was extremely excited.

“My dream has finally come true!”

After that, Jordan boarded the plane with Lota and flew back to the capital for their wedding.

A few minutes after boarding the plane, Jamie brought one of the bridesmaids to a private room on the plane.

About 10 minutes later, Jamie emerged from the private room with the beautiful bridesmaid.

He had a satisfied smile on his face.

Jordan asked curiously, “Everything is in working order now”

Jamie smiled.

“Its definitely not as good as when it was at its peak, but it can still be used.

Hahaha, the miracle water Uncle gave you is really useful.”

Jordan nodded.

“Yes, before I came, I used the miracle water to wash my face.

I also realized that my vision has become much clearer, and my skin has become smoother.”

Lota was very curious.

“What miracle water”

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