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Jordan said, “Oh, Uncle came over earlier and gave us a wedding gift.

Its the lake water he refined from the Immortal Lake at Mount Denali.

He said it has many uses.

Jamie took a sip and his injury is much better.

I washed my face today and my vision is much clearer.

Its indeed very useful.

Moreover, it seems to have a nourishing effect on mental strength.”

Lota was amazed.

“Wow, thats wonderful.

Actually, in terms of medical technology, I dont think Uncle Randalls side can compare to our secret families.

If you control that Immortal Lake, perhaps the miracle water you produce will have even more uses.”

Jordan did not deny this because he had already proven this in the past.

Be it medicine or weather weapons, as long as Jordan was given a team of talents, he would definitely achieve better results than his predecessors.

Lota said, “Since you and Uncle Randall split half of the Rong familys assets, can you and him also split the Immortal Lake equally”

Jordan smiled.

“Dont be silly.

Uncle has always controlled Immortal Lake.

I have no right to ask him for it.”

Jamie added.

“Actually, were family.

It doesnt matter who controls it.

If Jordan and I want to visit, Uncle wont stop us, right”

Jordan nodded perfunctorily, but he had doubts in his heart.

‘I wonder if Uncle will be willing if I say that I want to visit the Immortal Lake

Previously, Jordan had wanted to go to the Immortal Lake to try and see if he would get superpowers, but Randall rejected him because he claimed that Jordan already obtained his superpowers.

Although Lauren had already told Jordan how to enter Immortal Lakes barrier, that place was under Randalls jurisdiction.

As such, it didnt seem right to go over without informing his uncle.

Five hours later.

In the capital.

No one could dispute that the wedding of Jordan and Lota was low-key yet luxurious!

Low-key because it was not made known to members of the public, but luxurious in terms of decor, the noble status of the guests and their lavish gifts.

None of the gifts cost less than $2 million.

Most of them could not even be bought with money.

At the wedding venue, Lionel from the Black Ops Team appeared in a suit and leather shoes.

“Captain Lionel.”

Jordan shook Lionels hand.

Lionel gave his blessings happily.


Jordan, I wish you and Ms.

Schmid a happy marriage and eternal happiness! Apart from my blessings, Ive also been instructed by someone to convey his blessings for your wedding.

Hes also in the capital now.

However, as you know, its not appropriate for him to attend such an occasion, so he asked me to tell you.

Although he cannot come personally, he and Madam asked me to bring you a wedding gift.”

Jordan nodded.

“Yes, I understand.

Please thank them for me.

Also, dont worry.

I will continue to maintain friendly relations with the US in the future.

If there are any developments, I will inform you immediately.

In the next few years, America will be in the lead in all kinds of technologies.

We will once again regain our stronghold in every field.”

Lionel excitedly toasted Jordan with a glass of wine.

“Thank you, thank you, Mr.

Jordan! With you around, America is destined to soar!”

Just as the two of them were chatting, an argument seemed to have broken out at the door.

Jordan turned around and saw that Hailey was trying to enter the venue, but was stopped.

“Crazy woman, what is she doing here”

Jordan walked to the door.

Hailey was dressed very beautifully.

In terms of image, she would never lose to anyone.

When Hailey saw Jordan, she waved her hand and said, “Jordan, Im here to attend your wedding with Lota! Im here to give you my blessings!”

Jordan walked over and said, “I dont think I invited you.”

Hailey said, “Exactly! Why didnt you invite me After all, were married.

Dont worry, Ill definitely support you and Ms.


She is so beautiful that even I fantasize about marrying her! Lota is really too beautiful.

When I see her, my mood will become very good.

Men are not the only ones who can appreciate beautiful women, other women can too!

“Jordan, your taste is too good this time.

Lota is much better than Victoria.

Not only is she young and beautiful, but her family background and character are also good.

You were right to ditch Victoria! Whats so good about that old woman, Victoria Shes so domineering and doesnt listen to you at all.

In the past, when she was with you, she bullied you and always scolded me, saying that I cheated on you.

She said that Im not a good woman and hurt your heart.

Shes not much better than me! Didnt she also…”


Jordan shouted at Hailey, not wanting to hear her continue.

“Hailey, you have no right to criticize Victoria.

She is a thousand times better than you.

Even after we broke up, I still love and respect her! I still miss everything that happened between us! Victoria and I are completely different from you and I.

I dont want to recall our past at all.”

Hearing this, Hailey felt very aggrieved.

“Thats not fair…”

Speaking of the word “fair”, Jordan remembered that when he returned to the past, he became the man who slept with Hailey on the day she and Tyler supposedly slept together.

In terms of fairness, this matter was indeed unfair to Hailey.

After all, Hailey had not betrayed Jordan, but she was being labeled as such.

‘She can never know about that.

Otherwise, she will definitely pester me even more.

Jordan thought to himself.

At this moment, Laurens grandfather, Martin Howard, arrived at the wedding venue.



Jordan was very surprised that Martin would come.

This made Jordan feel a little awkward.

After all, Jordan and Lauren were husband and wife.

Marrying a second wife in the Howard familys territory in the capital seemed a little disrespectful to the Howard family.

However, with Jordans current status, the Howard family could not compare to him at all.

As such, Martin had no right to get angry at Jordan.

Moreover, Lauren was the one who suggested this marriage and had agreed on her own accord.

Jordan did not bully her into this.

Martin walked over with a smile.

“Jordan, congratulations.”

Jordan replied, “I didnt expect you to come.

I didnt tell you about my marriage to Lota yet as I didnt know how you would react.”

Martin smiled.

“Im from the older generation.

Its normal for people in ancient times to have multiple wives.

Youre the most capable person in the world, perhaps the only one.

No matter how many wives you marry, the Howard family wont dare to complain.”

Jordan smiled.


Howard, dont worry.

Im not that kind of person.

Lauren is still my beloved wife.

My love for her wont decrease at all.”

The smile never left Martins face.

“Alright, Im relieved.”

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