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Jordan and Lotas wedding ceremony was very romantic.

Meanwhile, after “Smelly Bug” Chester and “Gadget Master” Lincoln were brought out of the capital by Randall, the two of them started drinking together.

The two of them were mutants and could hold their liquor better than ordinary people.

However, they were still inferior to Jordan and Randall.

Chester gulped down his drink and his face quickly turned red.

Lincoln comforted him.

“Forget it, Black Mamba.

I know youre sad that your parents are dead, but the person who killed them is the Chiefs nephew.

What can you do”

Chester crushed his wine glass.

“If Jordan wasnt the Chiefs nephew, I would have killed him long ago! Jordan is definitely not my match!”

Lincoln smiled.

“I would definitely bet on you.

He only knows how to predict.

Its the most useless ability.

Our abilities are very practical.

Skills that can cause real damage to our opponents.”

Chester snorted.

“Jordan is just outrageous.

As a mutant, he refused to join the Mutant Tribe and submit to the Chief.

He wants to sit on the same level as our Chief just because he is from a secret family What right does he have He killed my parents in front of me, Lincoln.

I cant take this lying down!”

Lincoln sighed.

“Forget it.

Your relationship with your parents was only average anyway.

Didnt you say that they often abused you when you were young After you became a mutant, your relationship with them was limited to helping them kill people.”

Chester said angrily, “No matter how bad my parents were, they were still my parents.

Jordan killing my parents is a provocation to me! I cant tolerate being provoked by someone weaker than me! Lincoln, how about you help me cause a scene at Jordans wedding Use a gadget to seal off the wedding venue.

Then, Ill spin my body and smash the wedding venue into pieces.

How about that”

Lincoln hurriedly said, “Hey, man, dont drag me into this.

If the Chief finds out, hell punish me.

But if you want revenge, you dont have to cause trouble directly at his wedding.

Although Jordans superpower is rather useless, we have to be careful of his advanced weapons.

Its not safe for us to go over like this.”

Gulping down another sip of wine, Chester asked, “Then what do you think I should do Im f*cking pissed and if I dont vent my anger now, Ill suffocate!”

Lincoln smiled.

“I heard that Jordan values the lives of the people in the capital very much.

He has saved the capital many times before.

Anyway, you kill people often.

Why dont you go to the capital and kill a few more For example, rob a bank or something”

Chesters eyes lit up when he heard that.

“Alright! I was just planning to rob a bank for fun.

Hehe, Jordan, this piece of trash, actually called me a smelly bug.

He even forbade me from stepping into the capital for the rest of my life.

Hmph, so what if I step foot into the capital again Not only am I going back to the capital, but Im also going to kill people there! Lets see what he can do to me!”

Lincoln smiled and nodded as well.

As long as they did not directly cause trouble for Jordan—killing random citizens was not considered directly provoking Jordan.

This was the best way to take revenge on Jordan.

20 minutes later, Chester and Lincoln chose a private bank called Credit One Bank.

They chose this bank not because they did not dare to choose one of the larger and more powerful banks, but because Chester realized that the counter staff inside were all beautiful girls.

They all had long legs clad in black silk stockings.

In the bank lobby, men and women were queuing up to do their business.


A figure spun quickly and broke through the window, killing two security guards.

It was Chester.

After Chester entered, many people were frightened and wanted to run away.

Many poles descended from the sky and pierced the ground, surrounding the bank.

The door and windows were all blocked by heavy poles.

There was no way out.

Everyone at the scene panicked.

The staff and customers started to call the police.

However, Lincolns poles had the ability to block all signals.

No one could call for help.

Faced with the chaos, Chester frowned.

“Its too noisy!”

With that, Chester located the people who were shouting and killed them one by one.

Before long, Chester had killed more than 10 people!

The remaining people did not dare to scream anymore.

They covered their mouths, afraid that they would be killed as well.

Chester nodded in satisfaction.

He was rather drunk.

“Not bad.

Keep quiet and quietly watch my performance before you die.”

Striding forward, Chester went towards the counter.

There was a beautiful staff who was 1.7 meters tall.

The girl was frightened.

She tried to persuade him to stop but to no avail.

To protect herself, the girl said, “Sir, how much do you want Ill give you all of it.

Ill bring you to the vault now.

Please dont kill us.”

Chester walked forward and grabbed the girls wrist.

“Hehe, do you think Im here for the money Im a mutant.

Do I need money”

It could be said that everyone who became a mutant would never lack money in their lives.

With their abilities, they had a hundred different ways to get money.

The girl asked in fear, “Then, what are you here for”

Chester looked at the girl with a wicked smile and pointed at her.

Ripping her clothes off, raped her in front of everyone else!

The other beautiful girls also knew that they would probably be killed by him, and some girls had already started to cry.

“Sob sob sob, what should I do I have a boyfriend.

My boyfriend loves me very much.”

A girl of about 19 years old started crying.

Beside her, a woman in her 40s comforted her.

“Child, dont despair.

Life is the most important.

If you die, theres nothing left.

If that person chooses you later, dont resist.

Listen to me, just bear with it for a while! Anyway, theres no love in this society anymore.

You and your boyfriend might not get married.

Even if you get married, your boyfriend might still cheat on you.

He might not treat you well either.

Ive been through it all.

My life after getting married was hell.

Dont do anything stupid for the sake of a man, understand!”

The girl seemed to be persuaded by the middle-aged woman and nodded.

“Alright, Ill listen to you.

Ill endure it.

After that, Ill go on with my life and pretend that nothing happened!”

The middle-aged woman smiled and nodded.

“Thats the way.”

After raping the beautiful woman, Chester killed her!

Everyone was terrified.

After playing with the girl, he still killed her!

Everyone at the scene, especially the women, screamed in fear.

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