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At the same time, Lionel and Martin, who were at Jordans wedding, heard the news from their subordinates about the robbery at Credit One Bank.

Lionel walked toward Jordan in a panic.


Jordan, theres something urgent that I have to settle immediately.

I cant stay for your wedding.

Please forgive me!”

Jordan immediately stopped Lionel.

He knew that Lionels identity was very special.

Usually, if anything happened in the capital, the relevant departments would settle it.

He would only take action if it involved a very high-level problem.

Jordan asked curiously, “What happened”

Lionel took out his phone and showed Jordan the video his subordinate had sent him.


Jordan, please take a look.

Credit One Bank was suddenly sealed off.

Someone spun into the bank.

I heard that many people have already died inside the bank.

The police cant rush in now either as the barrier is too strong.

We just managed to remove one pole, and another one flew in to replace it.

We have to use a large-scale weapon to blast it open.

But the men dont dare to use something like that in the city without receiving instructions from the higher-ups.”

Jordan looked at the surveillance video and saw the person spinning into the bank.

“Smelly Bug Chester!”

Jordan recognized him at a glance.

As for the poles around the bank, they were naturally the work of Gadget Master Lincoln!

“Damn Chester.

I clearly warned him not to come to the capital again, but he dared to return and kill innocent people again!”

Jordan was furious.

The previous events already had Jordan thoroughly furious at Chester for killing several women in the capital.

If not for the fact that he was his uncles subordinate, Jordan would definitely not let him off.

Jordan had clearly given him a chance, but Chester didnt know what was good for him!

“Lionel, let me handle this!”

Lionel was shocked.


Jordan, today is your wedding day.

Why dont I handle it Hes just one man.

It wont be difficult.”

But Jordan insisted.

“No, I have to clean up that smelly bug myself!”

Jordan walked toward Lota and said, “Honey, I have to leave for a while.”

Lota asked, “What are you going to do”

“Kill someone.”

Lota covered her mouth in shock.

She then learned that Randalls subordinate, Chester, was killing people in a bank.

Now that Lota was already Jordans wife, she would always put his interests first.

“Jordan, that baddie is your uncles subordinate.

If you really kill him, it will be the same as going against your uncle…” Lota reminded Jordan.

“I cant tolerate such an audacious person who kills the innocent in America.

Not even my uncles men!”

Lota smiled.

She admired Jordans character and principles!

Lota said, “Okay, I support you.

Go ahead.

Such a terrible person should be punished! Darling, be careful!”

Jordan kissed Lota before going to Salvatore.

He instructed, “Bring me my Iron Man armor!”

Jordan had just watched the video of the crime scene.

The bank was surrounded by a special gadget.

It would probably be more difficult and a waste of time to try and enter from the sides.

He knew that Lincolns gadget did not cover the top, so he was prepared to enter from above the bank.

In the lobby of Credit One Bank.

At this moment, there were already many corpses in the hall.

Initially, no one dared to scream.

Now, these girls couldnt help wailing again.

This was because they realized that no matter what they did, this demon would kill them.


“Dont kill me!”

The women kept wailing.

Chester had just raped and killed a beautiful female bank employee.

He then walked towards the group of women cowering in the corner and smiled.

“Its useless, little b*tches.

Do you think anyone can save you The police cars are already outside but do you think they can rush in Even if they manage to break a pole, my brother Lincoln will instantly install another one.

How long will it take for help to finally arrive Hehe!”

Chester chose a tall and beautiful 19-year-old girl from the group and grabbed her.

“No, please let me go…”

The girl immediately cried and begged for mercy.

At this moment, a middle-aged woman stopped crying.

She knew that she was destined to die.

She shouted at Chester.

“You demon! Why do you have to kill us! Well cooperate with whatever you want.

Why do you have to kill us!”

The girl also cried and begged Chester.

“Do whatever you want to me, I wont resist.

I just beg you not to kill me.

Im only 19 years old.

I dont want to die.


Chester laughed out loud.

“Why Because you lowly b*tches dont deserve to live! I dont mind telling you that you will become slaves to our Mutant Tribe sooner or later.

I know that you are all very proud and dont want to be humiliated.

So why dont you let me save you from the humiliation and send you off to hell early Hehe!”

With that, Chester immediately attacked the 19-year-old girl again.

The girl closed her eyes and resigned herself to fate.

Just then…


Chester and the others suddenly felt a roar above their heads.

Even the floor trembled.

“What happened Was there an earthquake”


There was another loud boom.

Chester immediately realized that someone was bombarding the roof of the bank!

“Oh sh*t, there is no barrier up there.”

Chester was about to tell Lincoln to turn on the gadget to cover the top, but it was already too late.

By now, Jordan had already created a hole.

He descended from the sky in his Iron Man armor!

“Iron Man!”

When the girl saw Jordan in his Iron Man armor, she immediately felt hope!

Girls her age all liked to watch Marvel movies.

They naturally believed that Iron Man was a hero who would save them!

“Were saved! Were finally saved!”

Countless people cheered.

Chester was pissed off at the disruption.

He pointed at the other party and said, “Who the hell are you How dare you poke your nose into other peoples business and court death”

Jordan opened Iron Mans visor, revealing his face.

When Chester saw this, he was shocked.

He never expected Jordan to come personally.

But Chester soon gave a faint smile.

“Hehe, so its Deity Jordan.

Shouldnt you be marrying your second wife now Why are you here Could it be that your beautiful bride ran away Oh no, could she have come here What a shame.

I just killed several women.

I wonder if she was among them.”

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