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As Jordan walked towards Chester step by step, his expression was solemn and filled with killing intent.

Jordan said, “You stinky bug, I clearly warned you not to come to the capital again, but you ignored me.

In less than a day, you came back to the capital and killed so many people! You are courting death!”

Chester was already livid at Jordan for killing his parents.

Without Randall around, he wouldnt be polite to Jordan anymore.

“Who the hell do you think you are! Are you in charge of the capital Do you have the final say in the US Are you the master of the world Why cant I come to the capital Why should I listen to you! Get this straight.

I am only under the jurisdiction of our Chief! Other than the Chief, no one has the right to order me around!”

Jordan said coldly, “Chester, Im not here to order you around.

Im here to kill you! I gave you a chance on account of Uncle, but you killed so many people today.

I must make you pay with your life!”

Chester laughed arrogantly.

“Hahahahaha… you want to kill me Do you have the ability!”

Chester was very disdainful of Jordan!

This little sh*t was just a pipsqueak who could predict the future.

What kind of offensive superpower did he have

Jordan didnt waste any more time.

“No wonder you kept provoking me.

You thought that I couldnt kill you on my own! When I went against the Rong family and Shaun, you were still hiding in the sewers! I was able to kill them all.

Killing you will be as easy as flipping my hand!”

In Jordans eyes, Chester could not compare to the Rongs and Shaun!

In Jordans opinion, they were his strongest opponents!

Chester was furious.

“Alright, then come at me! Life and death are determined by fate.

Today is the day you die.

I want to avenge my parents!”


Chester immediately spun around and flew towards Jordan.

Jordan went on high alert and controlled the armor to fly up.

Chester kept chasing after Jordan, who kept dodging and not fighting him head-on.

This was Jordans strategy.

Chesters spinning flight consumed a lot of stamina because he was releasing attacks as he spun.

Everywhere they flew, chaos reigned.

If Jordan came into contact with Chesters spinning, even though he was wearing armor, he would probably have a body part cut off.

This was why Chester was so confident.

Even though Jordan had been injected with the Mirakuru serum and his body was stronger than ordinary people, Chester was confident that he could kill Jordan.

After all, he was still made of flesh and blood.

As for Jordan, he relied completely on the Iron Man armor to fly.

He relied on technology to fly and did not exert any physical energy.

Therefore, Chester soon got tired.

With his speed, he could not catch up to Jordan at all.

Panting, Chester stopped.

“Jordan, you coward.

Dont run if you have the guts.

Arent you here to kill me Why are you running”

Jordan floated in the air and said, “What You cant take it anymore Arent you quite good at flying Is that all the stamina an elite-level assassin has”

For the first time, Chester felt helpless.

He could not touch Jordan at all.

Even if he could keep up with Jordans speed, Jordan could still predict Chesters attacks.

No matter what tactic Chester used, Jordan would be able to escape danger.

Just like that, more than half an hour passed.

Chester had already expended a lot of energy and was feeling a little dizzy.

“Hmph, after spinning for so long, I dont believe you wont feel dizzy!”

No ones body would be able to withstand spinning like this for a long time.

Mutants were flesh and blood too.

Chester was already showing signs of vomiting…


Jordan smiled.

“Why have you stopped again Arent you going to avenge your parents Dont you have any perseverance Your parents would be sad to see your attitude.”

Chester said angrily, “Damn Jordan, what kind of man are you to fight me in your armor! Take off your armor if you dare! You piece of trash who only knows how to rely on technology!”

Jordan said coldly, “If I dont use my armor, am I supposed to stand here and wait for you to spin around and kill me”

Chester said, “Take off your armor.

I wont use my superpower.

Ill stand here and fight you one-on-one.

Lets compete in combat skills.

How about that!”

In the corner, the 19-year-old girl shouted, “Dont believe him, Mr.

Iron Man!”

Jordan glanced at the young girl, but he did not listen to her.

Instead, Jordan took off his Iron Man armor, revealing his flesh and blood body.

He consequently lost the protection of his armor and his ability to fly.

If Chester continued to spin like before, Jordan would be at a disadvantage.

Jordan said, “Alright, lets fight!”

Meanwhile, the hostages shouted loudly.

“Oh no, the hero fell for it! Why did he have to take off his armor This murderer will never keep his word!”

“Oh no, oh no.

It wasnt easy for a hero to appear.

I was so stupid.

I thought he could save me.

Doesnt he have brains Why is he talking about fairness with such a murderous demon!”

Many people felt that Jordan was stupid for taking off his flying armor.

At this moment, Chester revealed a wicked smile.

“Hehe, I kill without batting an eyelid.

Why would I keep my word This idiot…”

Chester immediately decided to spin his body and finish Jordan off as quickly as possible!

As for explaining to Randall afterward, he would say that Jordan insisted on killing him while he had no choice but to defend himself.

Chester believed that Randall wouldnt blame him too much.

However, just as Chester was about to activate his body, he saw Jordans confident and slightly amused gaze.

He immediately stopped!

‘Somethings wrong!

Chester suddenly panicked!

‘No! No! Jordan is the new Deity.

He has the ability to predict! He should have predicted that I wouldnt keep my promise and that I would kill him! But he still took off his armor… Dont tell me he is already prepared Is this a trap to lure me over to kill him I would die if I went over

Chester became worried.

Since Jordan could defeat the Rong family and Shaun, it proved that he was definitely not a fool.

The Mutant Tribe had been suppressed by the Rong family for so many years.

As such, Chester stood rooted to the ground for a full five minutes without moving!

The hostages thought that they and Jordan were doomed.

Now, they were surprised.

“Strange, why didnt that murderer spin and kill that handsome boy”

“Thats right.

Hasnt he already taken off his armor He shouldnt be able to fly anymore.

The murderer can instantly take his life!”

“Look, that murderer is sweating non-stop.

He looks so nervous and terrified! He doesnt dare to take a step out.

Hes even more nervous than when he was facing the handsome boy in his armor! I wonder why!”

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