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Seeing how unusually sensitive Hailey was to his words, so much so that she had overreacted, Jordan asked, “Whats the matter Do you know Cayden Huxley”


Hailey frantically shook her head and said, “No… I dont.

Ive just heard Tyler mentioning him before…”


Afterward, she asked, “Hubby, will the corporation be okay now that the Huxleys have deliberately attacked us”


Jordan analyzed, “Based on that 43-page short-selling report, the Huxleys are trying to make the Ace Corporation go bankrupt and wind up.

Given their power, it is indeed quite easy for them to make a smaller corporation like ours collapse.”


“Unfortunately, Im the president of Ace Corporation, and this is my training ground.

I will not let anyone make the Ace Corporation shut down.”


Seeing how worried Hailey was, Jordan smiled and touched her face.

“Why Are you afraid that Ill be beaten into poverty by them Dont worry.

Your husband isnt that weak.”


“You dont have to worry about the matters in Ace Corporation.

Just focus on nursing your pregnancy and take care of the matters at Hailey Residences.

You dont have to keep coming to the office.

Ignore all calls from any reporters.”


Hailey smiled and said, “Yes, I have faith in you, Hubby.

Im going to the washroom.

You go ahead.”


When Hailey arrived in the washroom, she secretly called Cayden.


“Darling, weve only parted for a while.

Do you miss me already”


Cayden said to Hailey affectionately over the phone.


Hailey whispered, “Cut it out! Let me ask you, did you falsely accuse my husbands company, Ace Corporation”


Cayden said smugly, “Yes, I was the one who did it.

The stock price of Ace Corporation has plummeted by 23% today, and so has your husbands net worth.

This is just the first day, and the stock price of Ace Corporation will continue to slump further.

He will soon become penniless!”


Slightly angered, Hailey snapped, “Why did you do that!! Is it because of your aunt Ive told you, my husband is not into women much older than him, and Im the only one he loves.

Nothing could have happened between him and your aunt!”


Cayden roared, “Its not because of my aunt, but for you!”


“For me” Hailey was stunned.


Cayden said, “I love you, Hailey! Over the past few days, Ive fallen madly in love with you, and I want to snatch you from Jordan Steele!”


“So, Im going to go to war with him in business and defeat him before taking you away!”


Hailey did not expect Cayden to become so impulsive and extreme!


The past few days were initially delightful for Hailey!


At home, she was showered with Jordans love and affection.

When working at the site of Hailey Residences, she would relish the feeling of being coaxed by her suitor, Cayden.


She liked the feeling of having two men at the same time!


She even hoped that she could continue having the best of both worlds.


However, she didnt expect that Cayden couldnt wait any longer and didnt want to be her side lover anymore.


Hailey didnt dare to expect a billionaire like him to be willing to be her side lover anyway.


Hence, Haileys attitude became firm.

“Cayden Huxley, stop targeting Ace Corporation and my husband.

I love him very much, and our baby is going to be born soon.

I wont get into a relationship with you! Its time to stop your wishful thinking!”


After saying that, Hailey hung up.


She then quickly called Rachel.


Hailey said anxiously in a moment of panic, “Rachel, something terrible has happened! Have you seen the news Ace Corporations stock price has plunged by more than 23%, and it was Caydens doing! He said he did it for me.

What do you think I should do”


Rachel said, “Honey, why are you panicking You should be happy that two men are fighting over you.

Just let Cayden and Jordan fight each other by themselves, be it in business or the stock market.

You can just leave with the winner.”


“Seriously How can that work!! Im pregnant with Jordans child.

Of course, I want to be with Jordan.

Ive already told Cayden just now that I wont leave Jordan for him and asked him to stop doing this for me,” Hailey said.


Rachel hurriedly said, “My dear, you shouldnt have been so quick to make a decision.

If Cayden defeats Jordan and he ends up going bankrupt, will you still stay with Jordan”


Hailey said worriedly, “I doubt that will happen, right Jordan seems to be very composed.

Besides, his grandfather wont sit back and do nothing.

An incredibly wealthy family like theirs wont be defeated so easily.”


Rachel continued trying to brainwash Hailey.

“Have you met Jordans grandfather Do you know the exact situation of the Steeles Youre not even certain if the Steeles are really that wealthy, are you They might not be as rich as they claim to be.”


“But the Huxleys, on the other hand, are genuinely a top-tier family that everyone in this country is aware of.

Youd better text Cayden to apologize and give yourself a backup plan.

After all, Cayden is doing this for your sake.

Do you know how much money he had to spend to make the stock price of Ace Corporation plunge by more than 30% Cayden has spent a bomb for you!”


Previously, Hailey managed to win Jordan back thanks to Rachels help.


Thus, she still trusted Rachel the most now.


Hence, she sent Cayden a text.


“Cayden, Im sorry for saying those hurtful things to you just now.

Its not that I dont like you.

Its just that Im pregnant with Jordans child, and Im afraid youll mind it.”


Cayden quickly replied, “I told you earlier, I dont mind if you have a child.

Regardless of who the father of your child is, I will treat them as my own.

I must snatch you away from Jordan Steele!”


Hailey did not reply again.


As soon as the stock market opened, there was a steep hike in the stock price of Ace Corporation.


Not only did it successfully recover from yesterdays plunge, it even rose by an additional 5%.


However, during the trading session, Cayden continued to release news that would be unfavorable to Ace Corporation and continued shorting the shares of Ace Corporation to suppress the price.



Steele, Cayden Huxley has made another move.

The companys stock price has dropped again!”


Victoria reported while observing the movement of the stock price.


Jordan chuckled.

“Theyre throwing money at me for no reason.”


Afterward, he called Butler Frank again and asked, “Does Grandpa know about this”


Butler Frank answered, “Yes, Mr.

Steele Senior said that the Ace Corporation is the place for you to complete your test and mission.

You must save it regardless of how much money it takes.


Steele Senior wants you to rest assured, he has already prepared 15 billion dollars to go against the Huxleys.”


“15 billion dollars Thats as much money as the Huxleys can afford to fork out, right” Jordan said with a smile.


Butler Frank said, “Yes, Mr.

Steele Senior said that since the Huxleys want to do this, hell turn them from riches to rags by making them go bankrupt.”


Jordan nodded.

“Alright, lets have some fun with them!”


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