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Ace Corporation itself was just a tiny corporation that was worth almost a billion dollars.

Yet, the Huxleys were willing to use dozens of billions worth of assets to go against them.


Since the Huxleys wanted to destroy the Ace Corporation, the Steeles would try and make Ace Corporation survive.


In the next two days, both families invested plenty of money in the Ace Corporations industries to go against each other in the stock market.


Each family invested a few hundred million dollars!


However, when the market closed on Friday, the stock price of Ace Corporation remained firm in its place!


On the same day, Cayden received a call from his grandfather, Arthur Huxley.




When Cayden picked up the call, he didnt dare to speak loudly at all.

So far, he had already spent close to a billion dollars of his familys assets to go against Jordan.


Arthur rebuked on the other end of the line, “Come back to New York! Stop contending with Jordan Steele! The Ace Corporation is worth just a few hundred million but youve already spent close to a billion dollars trying to make it close down! Youre such a fool!”


“Grandpa, I…” Cayden really wanted to explain.


Arthur said firmly, “You dont have to go on! As soon as the market opens on Monday, close all your trades and let go of all the stocks you have! I said I do not want to go against the Steeles for the time being!”


Cayden hung up the phone and gritted his teeth.




Cayden smashed his iPhone against the ground in exasperation and yelled, “Why is Jordan Steeles grandfather willing to support him endlessly with unlimited money, but my grandfather isnt!”


The Huxleys arent afraid of them at all!


Cayden felt that if he closed his positions as soon as the market opened on Monday, all his losses would be finalized.

He will never be able to recoup them.


He felt that it would make his efforts go in vain.


However, he couldnt disobey his grandfather.


“Ive lost!”


Cayden knelt on the ground in chagrin, his hair completely unkempt.

At this moment, he looked just like a lunatic and nothing like a scion of a wealthy and prestigious family.


A moment later, Cayden suddenly lifted his head with a menacing gaze in his eyes.


“Jordan Steele, youve insulted my aunt, but I didnt get to snatch your wife away from you.

However, Tyler Collins has once insulted you!”


“Hah, I believe youre still foolishly thinking that Tyler and your wife didnt sleep with each other that day, huh”


Cayden picked up his cell phone from the ground and found a 1GB audio file saved in a private file folder on his phone.


With a wicked smile on his face, Cayden continued, “Okay, I never cared to do such a despicable thing at first, but since I cant defeat you, I cant let you live well either! Ill let you enjoy the pleasant sounds of your wife moaning!”



At four oclock in the following morning.


Jordan slowly opened his eyes as he felt an urge to use the washroom.


He habitually took a glance at his cell phone before getting out of bed, only to see that he had received an email from an anonymous sender.


Jordan was bewildered when he saw the title.


“Hailey Camdens melodious singing!”


Jordan was baffled, but he knew that his wife, Hailey, was a good singer.

After all, she had specially learned music before.


Jordan turned to his side to glance at Hailey, who was sound asleep, and wondered to himself,Did Hailey send this to me


Afraid to wake Hailey up, Jordan decided to put on his earphones to listen to the audio file.


Forty minutes later.


Jordans face was flushed, and he was clenching his fists tightly with his eyes full of menace as he felt a strong urge to kill someone!


The audio file wasnt a recording of Haileys singing at all, but the evidence of her sleeping with Tyler!


‘Hailey Camden! You lied to me!!


Jordan was screaming furiously internally.

Although there wasnt a visual video, he was absolutely sure it was Haileys voice.


Well, because Jordan and Hailey had been getting intimate lately, so he was way too familiar with the pleasant sounds of her moaning!


Jordan gazed at Haileys side profile, which was still as pretty and elegant.


However, at this moment, Jordan wanted to slap her face that swept countless men off their feet and made them fall head-over-heels for her!


However, after he raised his hand, he dropped it again!


He couldnt bring himself to do it!


On the one hand, Jordan still had feelings for Hailey, whom he had always loved and pampered.

He would never hurt her.


The fact that he had never hit any woman in his life was a matter of principle.


On the other hand, Hailey was now pregnant with his child!


Jordan was a martial arts practitioner, and he was afraid that he might lose control of his emotions and continue hitting Hailey further after giving her a slap.


The weak and vulnerable Hailey definitely wouldnt be able to take a beating from Jordan, and she might even suffer a miscarriage!


In fact, there was a more important reason that Jordan decided not to hit Hailey or question why she had lied to him!


‘If I hit Hailey or wake her up now and question her about her decision to lie to me, shell definitely have a million excuses for her actions and definitely beg me on her knees again like she did the last time.


‘But if I choose to be softhearted, I might not be able to bring myself to do it when the time comes!


‘Even if I decide to have a heart of stone, Hailey Camden will definitely not divorce me!


‘Besides, Ive also promised Grandaunt Lily that I will never divorce Hailey unless she initiates a divorce!


Indeed, the reason that Jordan couldnt bring himself to initiate a divorce resolutely previously was because of the promise that he had made to Lily when she was on her deathbed!


Jordan was a man of his word who valued promises greatly.

Since he had given Lily his promise, he wouldnt go back on his word.


However, it was established that Hailey had lied to him and even had an extramarital affair!


Jordan really didnt want a woman like her anymore!


Hence, Jordan had to hold back now and feign ignorance about this matter while finding a way to make Hailey initiate a divorce!


Jordan went to the washroom quietly.


He then called his grandfather.


His grandfather was in England at the moment, and it was about nine in the morning.


“Grandpa, are you awake”


Jordan sounded like he was sobbing.

He was feeling extraordinarily aggrieved, but he couldnt question his wife loudly and ask her why she cheated on him, nor could he vent his anger.


Jordans grandfather was named Charleston Steele, a name that very few had heard of.

The bigwigs of the local business industry who had seen him would all just call him Mr.



Charleston said, “Jordan, you rarely take the initiative to call me.

What happened”


Charleston could tell that Jordan was emotionally unstable at the moment.


Jordan said, “Im sorry, Grandfather, I cant complete the trial of Ace Corporation this time.”


Charleston asked, “Is it because of the Huxleys attack Dont worry about it, my dear grandson.

I may not be in town, but I have many good friends over there.

You dont have to take a mere Huxley family seriously.

They cant make Ace Corporation fold.”


To his surprise, Jordan said, “I dont want to be the president of the Ace Corporation anymore.

I want to give up on the test this time.”


“Why What exactly happened” Charleston asked in bewilderment.


Hence, Jordan told his grandfather everything that had happened with Hailey during this period.


Charleston let out a long sigh after hearing his words!


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