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Charleston sighed and said, Jordan, I actually guessed that something like this would happen when I chose to let you become a live-in husband back then.

A woman is a hurdle that a man must go through in this life, and having experienced betrayal may not necessarily be a bad thing for you.”


“I just didnt expect you to be so deeply in love with Hailey Camden.”


“Actually, she wasnt the one I intended for you to marry back then because I just wanted you to marry an ordinary girl.

However, your second brother insisted on picking a beautiful woman to be your wife because he thinks that its hard enough on you to have to be a live-in husband for three years.”


“Now it seems that your second brothers good intentions have hurt you instead.”


Indeed, all men care about appearance to varying extents.


If Hailey wasnt as pretty and svelte as she was, Jordan wouldnt have adored her as much as he did in the past three years.


At this moment, Jordan realized that some beautiful and materialistic women are like thorny roses that can be appreciated from afar but never be plucked and brought home.


Especially when one isnt powerful enough!


Otherwise, it would only be a matter of time before she cheats!


Because beautiful women tend to have numerous suitors, some might not be able to resist countless temptations, even if they do so once.


The self-control abilities of humans are not to be overestimated!


Seeing that Jordan wasnt saying anything, Charleston asked, “Jordan, what are you going to do Divorce her Anyway, she hasnt inherited our familys assets yet.

With our power, she wont dare to refute if we force her to sign the divorce agreement.”


“But shes pregnant with my child now, and we have to keep the baby! Of course, when the baby is born, we must get a DNA test done!”


Children mattered greatly to the older generation.


In fact, some rich and powerful families would make their sons marry a beautiful wife and then pressure her to give birth to at least two sons within two to three years.


Once the children were born, they would kick their daughters-in-law out of the family immediately because their purpose of childbirth had already been achieved.


Hailey had a stunningly beautiful face and superb talent in music and art, which was what the Steeles looked for in women.


Charleston didnt care about what Haileys character was like.

As long as she was carrying Jordans child, the Steeles had full custody of them.


Jordan also felt that the child was innocent, and he couldnt bear to kill an unborn life!


Hence, he had the same thoughts as Charleston and wanted Hailey to give birth to the baby!


Jordan said, “Grandpa, I cant thrash things out with her and divorce her right away now.

Some time ago, her grandaunt passed away, and I promised her on her deathbed that I will never divorce Hailey unless Hailey takes the initiative to divorce me.”


So what do you mean” Charleston began to feel puzzled.


Jordan answered, “Hailey is a materialistic and vain woman.

Once I become penniless, Im 100% certain that she will take the initiative to divorce me.”


“So, Grandpa, I hope that youll kick me out of the family!”


Jordans words caught Charleston by surprise.


How could he bear to kick his grandson out of the family!!


Charleston agreed, “Alright, Ill help you put on an act.

Well, the Huxleys happen to be trying to deal with you, right I wont help you maintain the stock price of Ace Corporation anymore so that you can pretend to be defeated by the Huxleys.”




That was actually a good excuse that wouldnt arouse Haileys suspicions.


Actually, Jordan was somewhat thankful for Caydens decision to go against him.

Otherwise, he would have to rack his brains to find an excuse to get rid of the shameless woman, Hailey!


After hanging up, Jordan immediately freshened up.

While brushing his teeth, the unbearable sounds of Haileys moaning seemed to still be ringing in his ears!


Jordan was so furious that his gums started bleeding because of how hard he was brushing his teeth!


Jordan spat out the water in his mouth that was mixed with blood and toothpaste and said while facing the mirror, “Hailey Camden, I trusted you so much, but you intentionally hid it from me and lied to me for such a long time!”


In fact, what happened between Hailey and Tyler wasnt an unforgivable sin, but Jordan loathed the fact that she had lied to him!


After washing up, Jordan returned to the bedroom, ready to get dressed and go to the office where he would spend the entire day, away from her.

When Jordan looked at Hailey now, he would feel a strong urge to question her and even hit her!


“Hubby, why are you up so early”


During this period, Hailey had been getting out of bed earlier than usual to spend more time with Cayden alone.


Hence, she woke up when she heard the movement in the room.


Hailey rubbed her eyes and looked at Jordan.


Jordan said to himself,I mustnt look like Im already aware of the truth or else, I wont be able to divorce her!


Jordan assented without looking at her.


After looking at the time, Hailey said, “Its time for me to get out of bed too.

Hubby, make me a cup of honey water.”


Since they reconciled, their past habits and daily routines resumed.


Every morning, Jordan would personally make Hailey a cup of honey water that she could drink to enhance her beauty.


However, that was the last thing Jordan wanted to do now!


‘I make you a cup of honey water every morning and buy you the best beauty masks from Valmont.

I didnt help you maintain your beauty just so you can go out and seduce other men!


Jordan was full of indignation.


However, Hailey did not realize Jordans psychological changes and said impatiently, “What are you waiting for Hurry up.

Im thirsty.”


Forcing himself to contain his anger, Jordan agreed, “Okay.”


Jordan headed outside to the hall and made Hailey a warm glass of honey water using water with 60 degrees Celsius.

He then brought it to the room to serve it to Hailey.


Hailey did not get out of bed and drank the honey water while still lying on the bed.


After taking two steps, Hailey said gleefully, “Im so blissful.

I get to drink honey water made by my husband every day!”


‘Hmph, of course, youre blissful.

You have a man at home and another man outside.

With two men putting you on a pedestal and serving you like youre a princess, how can you not be blissful!!


Jordan was full of disdain.


“Something cropped up at the office.

I have to get going.” Jordan was getting ready to leave.


After they reconciled, Jordan and Hailey had a new habit of giving each other a morning kiss after waking up every day.


Most girls liked sharing morning kisses with their significant other every day.


At the thought of Haileys betrayal, Jordan couldnt bring himself to kiss her!


However, to keep Hailey from suspecting, he had no choice but to do it.


“Ill get going now.

I might be home late tonight.”


After giving her a hasty morning kiss, Jordan walked out of the bedroom on the third floor and headed to the bathroom on the first floor instead of leaving the villa immediately.


He brushed his teeth again!


Kissing Hailey made him feel sick and repulsed!


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