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The content of the audio file in the email lingered in Jordans head for a long time.


The more he tried to forget it, the clearer it was in his memory.


Jordan was initially relieved that it was just an audio file without any graphic, visual content.


However, words and sounds are sometimes more unbearable than explicit videos and images!


Reason being, words and sounds without any visual images leave more to the imagination!


Video can only be presented in one way, but there are endless possibilities when it comes to the imagination!


“That beast, Tyler Collins!”


Jordan hit the sink forcefully.

He had already decided that he must take revenge!


Hailey, Tyler, and even Rachel!


Jordan would not spare anyone who was involved in that matter!


A question suddenly emerged in Jordans mind.

‘Why has Hailey been going to work so early in the morning and coming home at such a late hour every night


‘Hailey is pregnant, so she should be taking care of her health and getting more rest now.


Jordan initially thought that Hailey was just worried about theHailey Residences project and thus, made it a point to supervise the construction every day.


However, Jordan now felt that the matter definitely wasnt that simple!


“Could it be that Tyler Collins is back”


Jordan suspected that Hailey had been leaving home early and returning late every single day!


He even began to wonder if he was really the father of the baby Hailey was carrying!


Jordan could no longer stay calm, but he had to put on a good act to get to the bottom of the truth.


Firstly, Jordan pretended to drive to the company, but along the journey, he called Salvatore and exchanged cars with him.


Afterward, Jordan drove an inconspicuous Toyota Prius back to Rose Garden Villa.


Shortly after, Jordan discovered that Hailey had walked out from the entrance of the villa.


“Thats strange.

Why isnt Hailey driving to work”


There were many luxury cars in Jordans garage, which Hailey could drive as she pleased.


If she didnt want to drive herself, she could always ask the chauffeur to ferry her.


However, Hailey called a taxi with her cell phone.


Of course, the “taxi” she called wasnt an ordinary one but a luxurious Jaguar.


Jordan now treated all men around Hailey as his enemy, and when he saw the Jaguar, he even felt that the driver of that car had a thing going on with Hailey!


However, Hailey was sitting in the backseat of the car, and she even confirmed something with the driver before getting in.

Hence, she didnt seem to have known the driver personally.


Jordan drove the Prius along the road, quietly tailing the Jaguar that Hailey was seated in.


When they stopped at the traffic light junction, Jordan accidentally let the engine of the car stall because he hadnt driven a car with manual transmission for a long time and thus, was a little rusty.


Jordan almost didnt catch up with the Jaguar.

Still, fortunately, he knew that Hailey was headed to the construction site of Hailey Residences, so he didnt lose track of them.


The Jaguar left after Hailey alighted upon arriving at Hailey Residences.


“It looks like Hailey did charter a private-hire cab, but why didnt she ask the chauffeur to send her instead”


With Jordans power in Orlando, it wouldnt be an issue for him to prepare a hundred chauffeurs for Hailey, which would be even safer too.


After arriving at Hailey Residences, Jordan discovered that Hailey seemed to be looking for someone but to no avail.

She then pulled out her cell phone and made a call to someone.


However, she didnt get through to him.


“Is she calling Tyler Collins Great, you guys didnt have enough fun back in that hotel, did you Now you want to rekindle the passion with your old flame, huh!!”


Seeing how frustrated Hailey looked after failing to reach the person she tried to call.

How eager she seemed to be about seeing her old flame, Jordan felt a strong urge to drive over and run her over with the car in a fit of anger!


However, as soon as he stepped on the pedal, the engine stalled again.


“Ugh! This damned manual transmission!”


‘Perhaps, this is Gods will!


Overwhelmed with exasperation, Jordan called Drew immediately.


Drew seemed to have not woken up completely yet as he asked sleepily, “Whats the matter, Jordan”


Jordan said, “I want to ask you something, and I want to hear an honest answer from you.

And, dont tell anyone else that Ive asked you this question! If you cant do it, you know what the consequences are!”


Jordan was now going to stage an act to make Hailey initiate a divorce with her.


Hence, he couldnt let Hailey know that he was already checking up on her.

On the other hand, Drew was now completely subservient towards Jordan after being beaten up into a pulp by him previously.

Thus, Drew was the most reliable candidate.


Drew said, “Jordan, Ive yet to fully recover from the wounds I sustained after you beat me up.

Im not sick of living.

I wouldnt dare to defy you.”


Jordan asked, “Has Tyler Collins returned to Orlando Did he meet Hailey at the site of Hailey Residences”


Drew quickly answered, “Jordan, I really have no idea.

Ever since you reconciled your marriage with Hailey and she became the deputy director of the project, she kicked me out and forbids my father and I from going to the site.”


“Jordan, do you suspect that Hailey is hooking up with Tyler again No way, the Collins have gone bankrupt.

Why would Hailey continue seeing him”


Drews words gave Jordan a reminder.


A husband would know his wife the best.

Jordan knew that Hailey was a vain and materialistic woman who wouldnt be attracted to a poor man.


Given the terrible state that Tyler was in, Hailey wouldnt get involved with him again, even if she had had an affair with him in the past.


“Could it be that its not Tyler Collins shes seeing”


‘If its not Tyler Collins, that just means that theres another man apart from Tyler Collins!


That was even more unacceptable and intolerable!


It was somewhat understandable that Hailey would cheat on Jordan with Tyler because Jordan was still poor at that time.


However, now that Jordan was already the corporations president, Hailey still got romantically involved with another man!


“Hmph, Hailey Camden, so much for saying that youre different from Rachel Quinn all the time.

What makes you different from her!! Youre actually far worse! At least, she knows to wait for her husband to go on a business trip before looking for her boy toy! Yet, you cheated on me at the site of a project that I had personally invested in for you!”


The anger within Jordan intensified!


Drew suddenly asked, “Uh, Jordan, I think its unlikely that its Tyler.

Could it be the new architectural designer recruited by Haileys best friend”


“I heard Elle mention that she came across a limited edition Aston Martin sports car on the road two days ago, and she followed it all the way here to get the drivers number, but to her surprise, she ended up at Hailey Residences.”


“After asking around, she found out that the driver was the newly hired architectural designer.”


Jordan asked, “Does she remember the license plate number”


Drew said, “I have to ask Elle about this.”


Jordan instructed, “Okay, go ask her and text me when you get an answer.”


Soon after hanging up, Jordan received a text containing the license plate number of that car.


Jordan casually forwarded the license plate number to Butler Frank and asked him to check the owner of this license plate number.


Afterward, Butler Frank replied with a persons name.

“Cayden Huxley.”


At this moment, Jordan understood everything.


Tyler had gone to New York to seek help from the Huxleys, and since then, Cayden had not only attacked him on the stock market, he even seduced his wife!


Jordan actually didnt guard against it or prepare himself for that!


Fortunately, Cayden was considered a decent gentleman.

If he was a perverse scoundrel, Hailey would have long been violated by him!


“Tyler Collins! Cayden Huxley! Anyone who has gotten involved with my wife must die!”


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