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Jordan was so furious that he couldnt calm down at all.

No man in his place would be able to!


Jordan immediately called Pablo.



Jordan, what are your orders for me”


Pablo asked respectfully.


Jordan said menacingly, “Search the entire Orlando for Tyler Collins and castrate him when you do!”


‘That bastard made me a cuckold when Hailey Camden and I were married and even went to New York to get Cayden Huxley to make me a cuckold once more.


‘He deserves to die!


Pablo asked doubtfully, “Mr.

Jordan, didnt you already make up with the Collins previously Rosie Huxley has slept with you to atone for her sons misdeeds, hasnt she”


Pablo knew that Jordan had always been a man of his word.

Since he had previously agreed with Rosie, he shouldnt have changed his mind and gone back on his promise, as per his normal practice.


Indeed, Jordan would not break his promise to Rosie to let Tyler off the hook.


However, it was on the condition that Tyler had never slept with Hailey!


Rosie was at fault for lying and hiding the truth for her son, so Jordan was not to blame for failing to keep his word!


Jordan barked furiously, “Just do it since I told you to! What are you asking so many questions for”


Pablo hurriedly apologized and said, “Yes, yes, Mr.

Jordan, Ill search for Tyler Collins and castrate him as soon as I find him! But, Rosie Huxley loves her son dearly, and Im afraid that once the news gets out, she will come back to you to beg for mercy again.

Should I send someone to keep an eye on her lest she disturbs you”


Jordan humphed coldly and said, “Hmph, if shes willing to make it up to me with her body, she can come here and do so.

Ill definitely bed her this time!”


Jordan now regretted his decision to let the gorgeous Rosie sing all night the last time she came to his place, instead of sleeping with her like she had offered!


At this juncture, Jordan no longer cared about the fact that Rosie was much older than him and was of an older generation.

All he wanted was to bed her to exact revenge on Tyler!


Jordan continued, “Also if you see an Aston Martin One-77 with a New York license plate, destroy it together with the driver!”


“Yes!” Pablo acknowledged immediately.


Jordan commanded great power in Orlando and originally wanted to live as an ordinary president of a corporation.


However, since someone had a death wish and was brazen enough to provoke Jordan, it wasnt his fault for being ruthless!


With Pablos power in Orlando, Tyler and Cayden would soon find out the consequences they had to bear for seducing his wife!




While Jordan was boiling with fury, his cell phone suddenly rang.


The person who called was actually his wife, Hailey!


“Crap! Has she discovered it”


Jordan had parked the car outside Hailey Residences, so he was apprehensive that Hailey might have seen him.


Jordan hurriedly lowered his head, blocked his face with the steering wheel, and looked at Hailey.


He was at a spot that was rather far from Hailey, and he had actually used a pair of military binoculars to look at her just now.


From where Hailey was, she would most see numerous cars, but she wouldnt be able to see the people inside.


Jordan didnt pick up the call immediately and instead picked up his binoculars to glance at Hailey.


He realized that Hailey wasnt looking at him and instead walked inside while talking on the phone.


“She shouldnt have discovered me, but why is she calling me at this time”


Jordans heart, which had been beating incessantly, gradually calmed down.


Then, Jordan got a grip on his emotions and answered the phone.




“Hello, Hubby.

Have you arrived at the office”


“Yes, Im here, how about you Have you arrived at Hailey Residences”


“Yes, I just arrived too.”


“Oh, why did you call me then…”


“I missed you.”


Hailey began to act all coquettish.


Jordan watched Hailey with the binoculars while despising her.


‘Hmph, miss me I bet you have the time to think of me only because you didnt get to see your lover!


Hailey asked, “Hubby, its the weekend today, and the stock market is closed.

You shouldnt be too busy, right I dont have anything to do here, so Ill be home soon.

Ill ask Mom to cook us a sumptuous spread for lunch.”


Jordan asked, “Arent you usually too busy to go home for lunch You go home late every night.

Why are you so free today There should be works going on at the construction site everyday.”


Of course, Jordan knew the reason!


It was because her lover wasnt there!


Of course, she wouldnt want to stay at the construction site any longer!


Hailey answered, “Oh, there arent any more problems with the design, so I dont have to keep an eye on the construction all the time.

Besides, Im feeling a little uncomfortable, and the air here is rather polluted.

For the sake of our babys health, I may not come here often in the future.”


‘For the sake of our babys health Youve got so many excuses, huh


‘For the sake of our babys health


‘Why didnt you spare a thought for the babys health the other day


However, Jordan could tell from Haileys words that Cayden might have left Orlando for good and would never return in the future.


That made Jordan rather chagrined!


He had to catch Hailey red-handed in bed with another man in order to prove her act of adultery.

He now had evidence against Hailey and Tyler, but what about Cayden


‘What if Hailey refuses to admit it in the future


‘What if she hadnt had the time to sleep with him yet


Jordan asked, “Oh, I see.

I heard that the new designer is quite good, and it just so happens that I have a client who also asked me to recommend an architectural designer to him.

Why dont you introduce him to me”


Through the binoculars, Jordan could see that Hailey was clearly flustered!


Hailey said, “Huh No, hes just an intern who quit after a few days.”


“Oh, I see,” said Jordan, who didnt expose her.


“Yeah, go ahead and get busy, Hubby.

I wont hold you up longer.”


Hailey quickly hung up the phone.


Jordan put down his cell phone and binoculars before hollering in pique, “What a liar! Luckily I found out in time and didnt include you as one of the heirs of the Steeles.

Otherwise, God knows how many more times youll make me a cuckold after you inherit billions of dollars!”


Jordan was absolutely sure that once Hailey had the right to inherit his familys assets and a large portion of his property after the divorce, she would become brazen and unbridled like Rachel!


Jordan did not stay any longer and instead reversed the car to leave for the office.


Upon arriving, Jordan cooped himself up in the presidents office and refused to see anyone.


He was in a foul mood!







It was his secretary, Ashley.


Jordan lost his temper and got up to open the door before yelling at Ashley, “Didnt I tell you not to disturb me Do you want to lose your job!!”


Ashley was astonished.

Jordan had always been very gentle to her, and she had never seen him so furious before.


Ashley said fearfully while shivering, “Miss… Miss Elle Camden is here, and she wants to see you…”


Only then did Jordan realize that Elle was standing behind Ashley.


She was wearing the exact same skin-tight dress that her father made her wear during her last visit to the company.


It was posh, sexy, and accentuated her gorgeous curves seamlessly.


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