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Chapter 111: Elles Evidence!

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Elle had earned herself millions of fans on TikTok with her beautiful figure.

Her elegant dress made her look a refined, demure lady, utterly devoid of her usual arrogance.

Elle was wearing exquisite makeup on her face, tomato-colored lipstick, and nail varnish of the same shade.


Elle softly called out to Jordan, her eyes full of immense adoration and affection.

Jordan knew that Elle was interested in him, but he usually kept a distance from her and wasnt willing to have much to do with her.


Due to the fact that her brother, Drew, often sent her private photos to Jordan, Jordan could no longer look Elle in the eye.

However, Elle showed up at the office out of the blue today and asked to see him..

Jordan felt that this matter was likely to have something to do with Hailey!

“Oh, youre here.

Come in.”

Jordan let Elle into the office and instructed Ashley again, “Remember, dont disturb me regardless of who shows up.”

“Yes, I wont dare to do so again.”

Ashley hastily assured in fear.

Jordan then closed the door of the office tightly.

The windows had long been shut so no one outside could see or hear what was happening inside.

Elle had gone inside the office before Jordan.

After closing the door, he turned around and saw Elles back, which made him distracted and dazed.

Elle really had a gorgeous back that was even more alluring than Haileys!

Hailey had a pretty face and a great figure.

However, although Elle was young, her appearance was already at a higher level.

Jordan didnt dare to imagine how many men Elle would charm when she reached her mid-twenties or even her thirties!

“Elle, what do you want to see me for” Jordan asked, shifting his gaze upwards.

Elle turned around and asked, “Jordan, have you already started to suspect that Hailey is having an affair”

Jordan was furious for a moment.

He couldnt casually tell someone about such a humiliating matter!

Jordan questioned Elle in exasperation, “Did Drew tell you that That bastard must be itching for a beating again!”

Drew was the only one who knew of the matter, and Jordan thought that he would keep it a secret for him!

Elle hurriedly said, “No, simmer down.

He didnt say anything to me.

He just asked me a question, and I made some wild guesses on my own.”

Jordan felt that Drew wouldnt lie to him, but he also doubted Elles words.

“Drew just asked a random question, and you could guess that Im suspecting that Hailey is having an extramarital affair Elle, Ive known you for three years.

I know very well how high your IQ is.”

Jordan was implying that Elle was a bimbo who couldnt have been so smart.

Elle said, “Jordan, I really guessed it myself.

Drew didnt say anything to me.

When I asked him about it, he even lashed out at me and told me not to ask so much.”

“Is that so” Jordan remained apprehensive.

“Tell me then, why are you suspecting Hailey”

Elle humphed coldly and said, “I knew long ago that Hailey Camden has done something to let you down!”

“What did you say!!”

Jordan was surprised to hear that Elle had learned of it earlier than he did.

Elle said, “Some time ago, I was driving a classmate of mine to the movies and happened to see a limited-edition Aston Martin.

My classmate went boy-crazy and insisted on asking for the number of the driver of that car, so I tailed it.”

“Who knew, that car drove to Hailey Residences! Later, I found out that the man was the new architect that Hailey had hired.”

“I saw the man driving the car.

Hes about my age and probably hasnt graduated from college yet.

How could he be an architect Who is he trying to fool”

“So, I secretly followed Hailey the next morning, and guess what I saw”

Jordan clenched his fists and asked, “What did you see!!”

Elle said, “You know that there is a red maple leaf forest in Hailey Residences, right Hailey set up a mobile home there, and I saw that man hugging Hailey from the moment they were outside the forest all the way into the mobile home.

They stayed there for an hour!”

“Youre lying!”

Jordan was unwilling to accept that fact.

In a moment of exasperation, he grabbed Elles fair neck and choked her!

“Ahem, ahem…”

Jordan had strong hands, and especially since he had just heard such news, he could barely control his strength, thus making Elle feel suffocated.

“I… Im not lying, I… I have evidence.”

Elle raised her cell phone in one hand.

Jordan immediately let go of her.

Elle gasped for fresh air and panted heavily while her chest heaved up and down.

After a while, Elle regained her composure.

She unlocked her cell phone to show Jordan the photos that she had secretly taken.

Jordan took her cell phone, only to see a photo of Hailey.

Although the resolution of the photo wasnt too high, Jordan could tell that it was Hailey.

In the photo, Hailey was clad in a short skirt and grinning widely while being held in the arms of a tall, young man.

Elles cell phone had an excellent camera zooming function so she could take photos from a great distance away.

However, after Jordan saw the photo, he smashed Elles cell phone onto the ground furiously.


The cell phone was instantly smashed into bits!

‘Why Why did Hailey Camden do this!! I can understand why she cheated on me with Tyler Collins when I was poor back then.

Well, shes pretty, and its understandable that shed have high self-esteem and think that she deserves a better life!

‘But now, she is already the wife of the president of Ace Corporation and the director of Hailey Residences.

Why does she still want to act like this

Jordan was heartbroken, and he placed his hands on the desk feebly.

Elle knew that this was an excellent opportunity for her and thus took Jordans hand before saying, “Jordan, Hailey has really let you down.

Not only is she not content with a husband like you, she even hooked up with other men out there.

Why dont you divorce her and marry me”

“Hmph, marry you”


Jordan glanced at Elle with disdain.

‘The Camdens are all the same.

Elle is just a replica of Hailey, and shes probably even more ruthless!

Elle said, “Yeah, I should have been the one marrying you back then.

If it wasnt for my fathers silly mistake of turning down my grandfathers arrangements, we would have been married now!”

“Jordan, I really like you, and since the first time we met, Ive already fallen in love with you, and Ive been secretly carrying a torch for you for three years.

Will you give me a chance”

Jordan looked at the beautiful Elle and recalled the photos of her that Drew had sent him.

He then thought about Haileys betrayal again.

He decided not to care about anything else and gave Elle a kiss!



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