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Chapter 112: Elles Dream of Becoming The Presidents Wife!

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Elle wasnt a good woman either!

Before Jordan revealed his identity as the president of Ace Corporation, she was even more harsh and callous with her words of mockery and insults compared to Hailey!

Her claim about having been secretly in love with Jordan for three years was nothing but a lie!

If Jordan was really poor, Hailey would at least be willing to treat him as a second option or a backup lover, but Elle wouldnt even look him in the eye!

Jordan had decided to be relentless at this juncture.

‘Since you think you and I should be together instead, and youve even dolled yourself up to confess your love to me, Ill fulfill you!

Haileys betrayal made Jordan irrational.

At this moment, all he wanted to do was to take revenge on Hailey and the Camdens!

However, after ten minutes, Jordan pushed Elle away.

He did not allow his irrational and impulsive behavior to continue and stopped himself from taking things with Elle too far to an irreparable point.

Jordan sat on the ground and smacked his forehead with both hands.

Deep down inside him, a voice was telling him that he wasnt doing the right thing..

“Whats the matter” Elle asked softly.

Jordan said, “I cant betray my marriage.”

Elle said, “But Hailey betrayed you.”

Jordan shook his head and said, “I can get a divorce, but I cant do the same thing as she did, just to get back at her.

If I do that, what will set me apart from her Ill become an adulterer who has betrayed my marriage, just like her.”

Jordan knew that many married individuals, especially women, would feel an urge to get into an extramarital affair after finding out about their spouses infidelity, all for revenges sake.

However, this is not the right thing to do.

Jordan could choose to get a divorce, but he couldnt make the same mistake as Hailey.

Jordans twenty-odd years of good upbringing would not allow him to do such a thing that goes against his principles!

Elle was extremely disappointed.

She pulled her elegant dress up and straightened the creases of the fabric, which was a little stained.

She then squatted in front of Jordan, grabbed his arm, and said, “Jordan, Ill wait for you to get a divorce.

Once you do, well be able to be together openly!”

Jordan smiled.

He would naturally divorce Hailey for sure!

However, according to his plan, he would make Hailey initiate the divorce.

At that time, Jordan would have also been “kicked out” of the family and become an ordinary citizen.

Jordan laughed and said, “Im afraid when the time comes, you may not want to be with me anymore.”

Elle said, “How is that possible Ive carried a torch for you for three years.

If you divorce Hailey now, Id definitely snatch you up immediately!”

Jordan didnt dwell on this issue nor continue to argue with her about it.

Instead, he asked, “Elle, who else did you tell about what happened between Hailey and me Why didnt you tell me”

Elle replied truthfully, “I didnt tell anyone about it, not my brother, not my dad, and not even Grandma.”

“I planned to find some time to tell you about it first, but your company faced an attack recently, so I thought that you must be busy and decided to tell you after the saga blows over.”

“Oh.” Jordan nodded and said, “Dont tell anyone about this, for now, especially Hailey.

Dont let her know that Ive already found out about her affair.”

Elle answered obediently, “Alright, I wont tell anyone about this.

Rest assured.”

Jordan nodded and said, “You may leave now.

Ill call you again if theres anything.

Im so sorry about what happened just now…”

Elle said with happiness written all over her face, “What are you apologizing for Im more than happy, that was my first kiss!

Jordan had spent the past three years living with the Camdens, so he knew that Herman had always been very strict with his children and forbade Elle from having a boyfriend.

Her words were indeed believable.

It was indeed somewhat ironic because Jordan didnt get Haileys first kiss, but he had stolen her cousin Elles first kiss.

Elle strutted out of the office gleefully in her stilettos.

On the other hand, Jordan was in a much better mood than before.

Perhaps, what happened between him and Elle in the past ten minutes had made Jordan feel a little guilty towards Hailey.

After stepping out of the office, Elle went to the washroom to put on some makeup because her lipstick had already been smudged from the kiss.

When she was applying lipstick in the washroom, she ran into Victoria.

“Hey, Victoria.”

Elle was overjoyed to see Victoria because she was Jordans favorite right-hand man who had even slapped Hailey before.

The enemy of an enemy is a friend.

Victoria took a look at Elle and wondered why her dress was stained with dirt.

She looked as if she had fought with someone in the mud.

She had always known Elle to be a girl who loved being clean and would never dare to wear such dirty clothes.

However, she decided not to point it out because she didnt want to hurt Elles self-esteem.

“Oh, hello, Miss Camden.”

Victoria answered.

Elle said, “Victoria, you dont have to be so formal with me.

Just call me Victoria.”

“By the way, why did you move out of your office”

Victoria answered coldly, “Its all thanks to your cousin.

My office is now Hailey Camdens.”

Elle said, “Hailey shouldnt have vied with you for your office.

She doesnt come to work often anyway.”

“Its okay, Victoria, dont worry.

Ill talk to Jordan later and ask him to return your office to you.”

Victoria was surprised to hear her words, and she suddenly paused in her actions when she was washing her hands.

Elle was making it sound as if she was very chummy with Jordan.

‘Will Jordan do her bidding

Elle was now very smug and conceited because Jordan had just kissed her, and Hailey had also cheated on him.

‘Once Jordan divorces Hailey, Ill marry him and become the wife of the president of Ace Corporation!

‘I will then have the right to decide who gets to use the office.

While Victoria was stunned, Elle had already reapplied her lipstick.

She then gave Victoria a pat on her shoulder like a boss would to their subordinate.

“Victoria, just work well with Jordan and reap more benefits for the company.

Jordan wont shortchange you.”

Elle then left suavely.

“What has gotten into Elle Camden”

Victoria was bewildered.

After washing her hands and drying them, she walked towards Jordans office.

However, when she thought about how Jordan had lashed out at Ashley just now and forbade anyone from disturbing him, she stopped and decided to text Jordan first.


Steele, can I go to your office”

Jordan got up from the ground when he saw her text.

Now, he was no longer as angry as he was when he first reached the office.

Thus, he opened the door of the office and said, “Victoria, come in.”

After entering, Victoria said to Jordan, “I dont know whats wrong with Elle Camden, but she just said that she wanted to let me move back to your wifes office.

I just want to explain to you that it wasnt my request at all.

Theres nothing about my new office that Im displeased with.”

While seated on his chair, Jordan said, “Oh, youd better move back to your former office.

Its spacious and has a good location.

Itll help you work better.”

“Well, but your wife…”

Victoria was afraid that Hailey would be unhappy if she found out.

Jordan said, “I will talk to her.

Victoria, remember, you are the vice president of this company, and what you have and will contribute to this company is far beyond what she can.”

“I draw a very distinct line between work and private matters.

In order to avoid letting her put you down with her shares again, Ive decided to give you 2% of the companys shares and make you the second-largest shareholder of the corporation!”


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