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Victoria was so overjoyed that she seemed to be losing her composure.


She had always felt that it was unfair for Hailey to trample on her by throwing her weight around with her identity as the presidents wife.


Victoria was a seasoned employee who had been working for the company even before Jordan became the president.

She had also contributed a lot to the company.


What had Hailey ever done


Who was she to occupy such an excellent office room


Victoria suddenly had some doubts, and she asked, “Mr.

Steele, everything… is fine between you and Hailey, right”


Of course, Jordan couldnt tell Victoria about the embarrassing truth of his marriage.


Thus, he smiled and said, “Were doing very well, she just got pregnant recently, and we are very in love with each other..

However, I realized that Ive spoiled her too much and ended up neglecting you guys here in the office.

Thats not something a competent president should do.”


Victoria was no longer doubtful.

She said with a smile, “Mr.

Steele, youre setting a good example for all men by being such a loving husband and doting on your wife so much.

We employees wouldnt dare to be jealous.”


Gazing at the svelte Victoria, Jordan couldnt help but be stunned for a few seconds.


After those crazy ten minutes or so that he had spent with Elle just now, Jordan was still in a state of excitement, and his hormones were raging as he couldnt help but be enticed by beautiful women.


Besides, Victoria was also a gorgeous woman, so there was no way Jordan didnt harbor any thoughts about her.


To be honest, Jordan didnt treat Victoria very well.


Ever since Victoria learned that he was the companys president, she had been taking the initiative to approach him and get closer to him.


However, Jordan had always been really cold to her as he completely treated her as a subordinate.


Now, Jordan regretted his decision as he felt that he would have been better off dating Victoria than Hailey!


At the very least, Victoria wasnt a two-faced person like Hailey, who seemed to be innocent and lovely on the surface, but was actually a promiscuous and unfaithful woman!


Jordan asked, “Victoria, are you free for lunch My treat.”


Overjoyed to hear his offer, Victoria agreed, “Sure, Id like to eat at Chicken and Noodles again.”



At noon, Jordan and Victoria headed to the underground parking lot of the office building, and together, they hopped into his limited edition Maybach.

They then told the chauffeur to send them to downtown Orlando.


In the back seat, Jordan poured Victoria a glass of champagne and handed it to her.


“Lets go get something from downtown before heading to lunch, okay”


Victoria obviously wouldnt dare to oppose as a subordinate, and she had always gone along with Jordans decisions.


Victoria took the champagne and said, “Of course its okay.

But Mr.



“Call me by my name.”


Jordan poured a glass of champagne for himself too.


Victoria asked with a smile, “Jordan, is there a happy occasion that calls for a celebration with champagne today” Victoria asked with a smile


The champagne in the car was prepared by her for Jordan.


The main reason that Jordan had popped champagne was to celebrate the fact that he had finally seen Haileys true colors and obtained the closure he needed to finally let go of this relationship.


However, Jordan said, “To celebrate the fact that Ace Corporation has overcome that recent ordeal.”


Victoria clinked glasses with Jordan and said, “When the stock market opens on Monday, our stock price will definitely soar high again!”


Jordan didnt respond to that.

Little did Victoria know that the stock price of Ace Corporation would definitely plummet again when the stock market opened on Monday!


At that time, Jordan will be kicked out of the Steele family and stripped of his position as the president of the Acme Corporation!


Jordan and Victorias relationship as colleagues would end after the weekend!


Hence, Jordan wanted to treat Victoria to a meal and give her a gift as a token of appreciation for her help at work.


Upon arriving in downtown Orlando, Jordan headed straight to the Chanel store because Victoria liked Chanel purses.


When he entered the store, the sales assistant recognized at a glance that Jordan was the president of the famous Ace Corporation.


Besides, he was accompanied by the rich and beautiful Victoria.

Thus, the sales assistant was particularly enthusiastic about greeting them.


Jordan set his sights on a red bag, which he picked up and showed to Victoria.

“Victoria, do you like this bag”


Victoria nodded and said, “I do, but Hailey probably prefers lighter colors.”


Jordan took the bag and handed it to the sales assistant.

“Please wrap this up.”


Victoria was stunned.


The bag cost $10,000.

After paying for it with his credit card, Jordan handed it to Victoria.

“This is for you.”


Victoria was so shocked that she covered her mouth.



Jordan actually gave her a $10,000 Chanel bag!


Jordan patted Victorias shoulder and said, “Take it, youve been so busy with work when our company got attacked recently and you barely got any sleep.

Its been hard on you.

This is your reward.”


Jordan had already paid for it, and the bags design would suit a mature woman better, so it wasnt very suitable for Hailey.


Hence, Victoria didnt decline any further and took the bag.

“Thank you, Mr.



“Lets go for lunch!”


Jordan and Victoria had an enjoyable lunch together.

They laughed and chatted merrily until the late afternoon when they returned to the office at 4 pm.


During those few hours, Victoria had the illusion that she was Jordans girlfriend because he had never been so nice to her before.


Jordan figured it out too.


In the past, he had pampered Hailey to bits, bought her everything she wanted, and gave in to her all the time.


But what happened


All he got in return was betrayal!


In that case, he might as well show that love and concern to someone who deserved it better!


While Victoria and Jordan were having lunch, Hailey had been chatting with Rachel.


Hailey asked, “Have you contacted Cayden yet He seems to have left Orlando.”


Rachel smiled and said, “Yeah, he went back to New York.

I think he fled in haste because he couldnt beat your husband.

Congrats Hailey.

it turns out that the Steeles are more impressive after all.”


Hailey said gleefully, “Really I think so too! The Huxleys are such a powerful family.

They can easily wipe out any other company by doing what they had done to Ace Corporation.”


“But Jordan managed to keep the company standing.

The Steeles hid their assets so well.

Thank God I didnt do anything wrong to let Jordan down!”


In the past few days, Hailey had been spending most of her time with Cayden from morning till night, during which they got to be alone with each other for a few hours.


Besides, Cayden was passionate in his pursuit for Hailey, and she almost couldnt help but cheat on Jordan.


Rachel said, “I really cant wait for Monday to arrive so that I can see how Jordan has crushed Cayden Huxley!”


Rachel had been distraught with Cayden because he had been threatening her previously.


Seeing that the Steeles had gained the upper hand during the battle against the Huxleys, Rachel was overjoyed too.


Just like that, time passed quickly, and soon, it was Monday.


The stock market was going to open on Monday, and Jordan would go against Cayden again!


Many people in the industry analyzed that the stock price of Ace Corporation this morning will be the deciding factor of victory!


In Jade Villa, New York.


Cayden was camping in front of his computer and smoking a cigarette anxiously while Tyler was right beside him, similarly looking extremely worried.


“Cayden, you cant close your position! Keep fighting with Jordan! Dont you want to sleep with Hailey Camden anymore Go listen to that recording again!”


Tyler snapped angrily.


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