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Chapter 114: Jordan Gets Kicked Out!

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Cayden dumped his cigarette against the ground and hollered at Tyler furiously.

“Screw you! Stop trying to spite me again with Hailey and your **! Do you think I dont want to take revenge on Jordan Steele I need money to do that! My grandfather doesnt want to give me any more money.

How can I continue fighting with him!!”

Cayden had been rather cowardly the past two days.

He fled back to New York and didnt dare to meet Hailey again.

In fact, he didnt even dare to text her back!

Two days ago, he swore that he would snatch Hailey back from Jordan.

Now, he can no longer go against Jordan.

Tyler did not want the battle between the Steeles and the Huxleys to end just like that.

He continued to persuade Cayden, “If Grandpa doesnt give you money, you can ask your parents to or borrow some money from Shane..

He has at least a billion dollars.”

“If spending another billion dollars can make the Ace Corporation go bankrupt, I would have borrowed money to do so! Right after Jordans company was in trouble, so many bigwigs in the business industry rushed to help him.

This is a damned bottomless pit!”

Through this business war against Jordan, Cayden realized that the power of the Steeles was not to be underestimated.

Many people said that the Steeles had lost power in the country since they had relocated overseas.

That was simply a lie!

At this juncture, Cayden and Tyler both received a notification on their respective cell phones.

It was a notification from a financial app that they had been paying close attention to.

Both of them unlocked their cell phones together and were instantly dumbstruck.

The notification was titled “Breaking! Mr.

Walton denies Black Friday Sales cooperation with Ace Corporation!”

They tapped it to see that it was a video interview with Mr.


In the video, Mr.

Walton alleged that while Ace Corporation had approached him to talk about cooperation, there was a delay in the funds transfer.

Hence, Mr.

Walton suspected that there was a major problem with Ace Corporations finances.

Thus, he terminated the cooperation with Ace Corporation.

Cayden was astonished after reading the news.

“Didnt you say that Mr.

Walton holds great respect for Jordans grandfather Hes clearly harming Jordan by saying those words!”

Tyler laughed out loud and said, “Something must have happened.

Thats why Mr.

Walton has decided to abandon Jordan Steele.

Jordan Steele must be in trouble!”

Caydens eyes also lit up.

The stock market hadnt opened yet, so he still had a chance to make a choice!

He had to decide if he should continue fighting with Jordan or obey his grandfather and stop!

The moment he thought of Haileys tender, delicate body and her beautiful face, Cayden couldnt resist the most primitive desire from within his body, especially since he was only in his early twenties.

He quickly called Shane Huxley, “Shane, lend me 150 million dollars!”

An hour ago.

Jordan took the opportunity to call Mr.

Walton while going to the washroom.


Walton, I need a favor from you,” Jordan said while seated on the toilet with his cell phone in hand.”


Walton smiled and said, “Help you hold the market No problem, our companys listed too anyway.

Dont worry, with me around, your companys stock price wont plunge!”


Waltons company was listed in the stock market more than a decade ago.

It had become the largest IPO in the history of the U.S.

stock market.

It could be said that Mr.

Walton had a great significance in the stock market.

With Mr.

Waltons support, Jordan basically wouldnt face many problems.

However, Jordan said, “No, Mr.

Walton, I would like to ask you to terminate the cooperation with the Ace Corporation and attack us.”

The stock market officially opened at 9:30 AM!

Ace Corporation.

Jordan, Victoria, and Hailey were all seated in Jordans office and paying full attention to the stock price of Ace Corporation that was displayed on the large LED screen.

The stock price plummeted right after the market opened!

All the other sectors that were related to the Ace Corporation had plummeted in price too!

Hailey began to panic, and she started swinging Jordans arm as she asked, “Hubby, whats going on Why is our stock price falling I dont like red.

Quick, ask your grandfather to help.”

Green indicates the stock is trading higher than the previous days close, while red suggests falling stock prices.

Jordan sneered and thought,Hah, you dont like this Do you think I like this Well, its your fault for making me a cuckold twice!

In order to get rid of Hailey and cut her out of his life without breaking his promise to Grandaunt Lily, Jordan had no choice but to curb his anger.

Jordan patted Haileys hand and said calmly, “Its fine.

Ill call my grandfather and ask him to give me another two billion dollars to mitigate the decline.”

“Yes, yes! After that, let me speak to Grandpa too.

Id like to say good morning to him.

Oh, no, its the afternoon where he is.

Ill say good afternoon to him!”

Hailey was as happy as a lark and behaving just like a child.

The tall and slender Victoria was leaning her lithe waist against the expensive desk in the office.

She thought to herself emotionally,Wow, this is a fight between whales.

The money that both the Steeles and Huxleys have thrown in combined is several times the value of the Ace Corporation!

Victoria was naturally overjoyed.

Ace Corporation became the focus of the domestic business industry while Victoria rose to fame in the entire country, too, as opposed to being well-known only in Orlando before this.

Many people in DC and New York were now familiar with her name.

If she wanted to jump ship to another firm in the future, it would be much easier.

Jordan took out his cell phone and called his grandfather, but the number wasnt in use at the moment.

“I cant get through to him,” Jordan said with a frown.

Hailey said, “Is Grandpa taking a nap Call Butler Frank instead.”


Jordan was just about to call Butler Frank, but Ashley suddenly knocked on the door and entered, to his surprise.

She then said, “Mr.

Steele, Mr.

Reyes is here to see you.”

It turned out that Butler Frank and Pablo had already arrived at the office.

When Hailey saw the two of them, she frantically walked over to greet them candidly, “Butler Frank, Mr.

Dalton, youre here.

Jordan was just about to call you.”

Surprisingly, the two of them were very different from their usual, subservient selves when facing Jordan.

Pablo yelled at Hailey, “Who are you calling Butler Frank Call him Mr.


Hailey was stunned for a moment as she couldnt understand why Pablo said that.

Both Jordan and Hailey had been addressing Butler Frank that way in the past.

Pablo wasnt an amicable person, so Hailey didnt dare to argue with him.

Jordan walked over and said, “Butler Frank, as you can see, the stock price of Ace Corporation is plunging.

I just tried to call Grandpa, but I couldnt get through to him.

Lend me 200 million dollars.”

Butler Frank put his hands behind his back and was no longer as subservient.

He said austerely in an overbearing manner, “Mr.

Jordan Steele, Mr.

Steele Senior has specially sent me to inform you that hes very upset with the fact that youve wasted two billion dollars of the familys assets in the past week!”

“He will not give you another cent, and Jordan Steele, youve been kicked out of the family.

You are no longer the heir to the Steele family!”


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