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Franks words made both Hailey and Victoria overwhelmed with astonishment!


Of course, Jordan looked shocked too, but he was just pretending.


“Kicked out of the family”


Hailey was even more concerned about this than Jordan.


She asked Frank, “Butler Frank, are you mistaken How can Jordan possibly be kicked out of the family”


“Is Grandpa upset that Jordan spent too much money last week Can you please tell Grandpa that we wont spend money recklessly and wont save the Ace Corporation anymore”


Frank sighed and said, “Miss Camden, Im not mistaken.


Steele Senior has indeed kicked Jordan out of the family, and money is, of course, not the reason.”



Steele Senior found out the day before yesterday that the DNA test report for Jordan and his father was fake.

Jordan is not related to the Steeles by blood at all!”

Both of them were even more astonished to hear that.


‘Jordan isnt his fathers biological son


‘Could it be…


“You mean, my mom…”


Jordan couldnt bring himself to continue what he wanted to say.

He would definitely be killed by his mother if he made up a story to accuse his mother of having an affair to deceive Hailey.


Frank nodded tacitly without stating things too explicitly.


After all, Jordans mother was also his superior, whom he respected very much and didnt have the cheek to accuse.


Hailey felt like her mind was getting blurry, and she couldnt think straight.

She exclaimed, “How can that be Although I havent met Jordans mother in person, Ive seen photos of her before.

Shes gorgeous, and she seems to be very pure and kind hearted.

She wont be unfaithful to Jordans father!”


“Also, how can you be sure that Jordan is not his fathers biological son It seems to be too much of an arbitrary decision to rely solely on a DNA test report to determine the truth!”


After Hailey officially remarried Jordan, she also learned of prestigious families “unspoken rules” like Jordans.


One of them was that soon after the birth of a child, a DNA paternity test would have to be conducted to prove that the child was legitimately a biological offspring of the family.


That was also the reason that Hailey was so determined and committed to bearing a child for Jordan.


Rachel had even once suggested that Hailey try getting pregnant with another mans child and pass it off as Jordans, should she fail to conceive with Jordan.


However, Hailey opposed that idea vehemently.


Frank answered, “Ive secretly used Jordans hair to get another DNA test done, and the results show that he is indeed not a descendant of the Steele family.”


“Regarding your first question, Miss Camden, I cannot answer you as to why a seemingly pure and kindhearted woman would have an extramarital affair.

Miss Camden, youre a woman yourself, so you should know more about the mindsets of women better than men do.”


Hailey immediately froze when she heard Franks words.


She was reminded of herself!


She was precisely a pretty and ethereal-looking woman who seemed pure and kind hearted on the surface.


But who would have thought that she had been unfaithful to her husband, Jordan


At the thought of this, Hailey bit her lip as she no longer dared to vouch for Jordans mother.


Frank said, “Jordan, Mr.

Steele Senior wants you to resign as president of Ace Corporation immediately.

I will take over your and Hailey Camdens shares of the company, and your villa in Rose Garden Villas, as well as your Maybach and other vehicles, will also be confiscated.


“No, dont do that…”


When Hailey heard that the villa she was currently living in and the expensive cars would be taken away, she immediately burst into tears.


Jordan pretended to be sad too.

He said, “Everything I have in Orlando is given to me by Grandpa.

Since he wants to take them all back, Ill return everything to him, including the companys shares.

Ill step down as president of Ace Corporation too.”


“Before I do, Id like to have Victoria Clarke assume the position of CEO.

Is that alright”


Victoria was filled with complicated emotions after hearing his words because she didnt expect Jordan to recommend her to serve as the companys president.


After taking a glance at Victoria, Frank said, “Alright.

Ive long heard about how brave and resourceful Miss Clarke is.

Since Im not familiar with the operations in Ace Corporation either, Victoria Clarke shall be the president of the Ace Corporation from now on!”


“Mr… Mr.

Reyes.” Victorias speech had become somewhat incoherent.


She had dreamed of that position for ages!


She had always thought that the deputy president of a listed company was the pinnacle of what she could achieve in her career for the rest of her life!


Frank could tell how excited Victoria was, and he said with a smile, “Miss Clarke, dont rejoice too soon.

Its not necessarily a good thing to become the president of the Ace Corporation now because Ace Corporation is still being targeted by the Huxleys.”


“Hopefully, after Jordan steps down, the Huxleys will give up on attacking the Ace Corporation.

Otherwise, if he insists on making Ace Corporation go bankrupt, youll only be able to be the president for a few days.”


Victoria was aware of the current situation, but no matter what, she still wanted to clinch the position of president of the corporation!


Victoria bowed to Frank respectfully and then once more to Jordan.


“Thank you, Mr.

Reyes and Mr.


No matter what, Ill definitely stand by Ace Corporation and brave through all storms!”


Frank and Jordan both looked at Victoria with a heartened smile.


At this moment, Jordan said to Victoria in his head,Victoria, after we part this time, we may never get to be colleagues or meet again in this life.

The position of president of Ace Corporation is my last gift to you.

Thank you forever for having had a crush on me!


Jordan was not a fool, so he obviously knew that Victoria, the goddess of the business industry in Orlando, had a crush on him!


However, Jordan had been caught up with Hailey and never thought of getting into a relationship with Victoria.


Now that Jordan had given up on the business trial of his own accord, he would leave Ace Corporation and sever all ties with Victoria.


He had let her down after all!


Butler Frank left without saying anything.


After Frank and Pablo left, only Jordan, Hailey, and Victoria were left in the office.


On the computer screen, the stock price of Ace Corporation was still plummeting continuously, and there was nothing but red.


Victoria looked at Jordan with mixed feelings and said, “Mr.

Steele… maybe your grandfather is just muddled up.

Dont be too sad.”


Jordan smiled and said, “Im not the president of Ace Corporation any more.

You are.

I hope you can lead Ace Corporation to greater heights after I leave.

I might come back and apply for a job when I can no longer make a living in the future.

When that time comes, you must take me in.”





When Victoria heard her words, she felt a sudden soreness in her nose, and she teared up right away.


That was a rare sight.


Victoria had been portraying the image of a strong, independent career woman for numerous years.


She could make the domineering presidents kneel down in front of her.


She could throw a grown man over her shoulder and beat him up into a pulp.


She had never shown such a gentle and vulnerable side of herself before.


This was the first time in her life that she cried in front of her own boss.


She was grateful to have met Jordan, and working for him during this period was the happiest days of her life.


Jordan patted Victorias shoulder and said, “Miss Clarke, please hold a press conference for me.

I want to announce my resignation.”


Half an hour later.


Jordans announcement of his resignation as the president of Ace Corporation hit the headlines of the major financial channels!


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